Paul McCartney: Why I’m A Feeble Vegetarian

Paul McCartney vegetarian PETA advertNow that his divorce from Heather Mills is almost complete, Paul McCartney gets to be just another boring old cakey-faced pensioner who we can forget about again.

But wait! Paul McCartney isn't going down without a fight. Although his personal life has stopped being exciting and his best professional work is light years behind him, Paul McCartney still has one constant to endlessly bang on about.

His vegetarianism. Which is why it's no surprise that Paul McCartney has just done a PETA advert explaining why he doesn't eat meat. At least it's not one of those adverts where he poses naked to protest animal cruelty, though – one glimpse of Paul McCartney's saggy buttocks and we'd have torn through a zoo popping everything in the face with the back of a shovel just to quell the nausea.

Paul McCartney famously once explained his vegetarianism by claiming that he doesn't eat anything with a face, which explains a) why, after his performance at this year's Brits, Paul McCartney was caught cramming handfuls of dirty earthworms into his mouth and nobody batted an eyelid and, b) when Paul McCartney is in Marks & Spencer and sees one of those birthday cakes with a cartoon lion's head iced on the top, he smashes it up with his fist and then rolls around the floor gurgling and farting like a colic-stricken toddler.

It's true. You don't need to check it, but it is true.

Anyway, the vegetables have always been there for Paul McCartney. He was a vegetarian when he made decent albums, he was a vegetarian when he made rubbish albums that mainly get used as coffee coasters. He was a vegetarian when he had a long-term wife he loved very much, he was a vegetarian when he had a shit wife who he might have stabbed in the arm with a wineglass a few times. And now he's revealed why.

Following in the footsteps of washed-up actress Sadie Frost and washed-up actress Alicia Silverstone, Paul McCartney has become the subject of a new PETA advert, where he explains what made him become a vegetarian in the first place. Turns out it was all the fault of a stupid fish. The Press Association reports:

The ex-Beatle, 65, poses next to the words "I Am Paul McCartney, And I Am A Vegetarian" in an advert for animal rights group Peta. He is quoted as saying: "Many years ago, I was fishing, and as I was reeling in the poor fish, I realised, 'I am killing him – all for the passing pleasure it brings me'. Something inside me clicked. I realised as I watched him fight for breath that his life was as important to him as mine is to me."

It sounds like a heartwarming epiphany – young Sir Paul's sudden realisation sending him into a deep spiritual reverie about humanity's cruel slave/master relationship with the animal kingdom, as the fish he caught flip-flaps to death on the ground ignored, as if to say "Throw me back in the fucking water you stupid hippy bastard." Heartwarming indeed.

The PETA advert also reveals Paul McCartney's belief that there would be no more famine if everyone turned vegetarian. And he might have a point – there'd be more cereals to go around if the majority of it didn't become cattle feed – but the ensuing global vegetarian halitosis would probably smash the ozone layer to shreds in about 15 seconds. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't.

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  1. mst3kster says

    It’s rather odd that such a staunch vegan would be singing, “I am the walrus…” while wearing a walrus outfit.

  2. Carnivore says

    Why do vegetarians think they are less cruel to animals? If I eat a lamb chop, only one animal has died, but for someone who eats soy-burgers, bread and pasta, how many smsall creatures have been killed by the huge machines that are used in the farming process?? Many, many more. Is the life of a field mouse worth less than a sheep??
    They should stop being so smug and naive.

  3. mst3kster says

    “Is the life of a field mouse worth less than a sheep??”

    It is to a horny shepherd.

  4. arno says

    Carnivoe says: Why do vegetarians think they are less cruel to animals? If I eat a lamb chop, only one animal has died, but for someone who eats soy-burgers, bread and pasta, how many smsall creatures have been killed by the huge machines that are used in the farming process??

    Arno says: Do you only eat meat? The meat is produced by a cow or pig. They eat about everything that people also could eat, or the grassland could be used for other products. So, by eating meat, other people don’t have enough food, because it has been eaten by animals to give you meat. You can find very much information about that it is not economic to produce vegetables to feed the cows and pigs for your meat instead of vegetables to feed the people.

  5. Brittany says

    I think being a vegetarian is one of the greatest things you could do for your mind, body, and soul. I know it sounds corny but it is what I believe. I love Paul and I am very glad to know he is a vegetarian too.

  6. another bassplayer says

    Yeah, vegetarians are healthier, tell that to Linda. Paul, stick to writing music, you’re the best- but please do not give health advice, especially if you’re going to replace meat with Soy. Meat is necessary (preferably organic)- like it or not- It’s not fair that animals have to die to feed us, but that’s the way it is, you can’t change our nature.

  7. Alexander Hawkeswood says

    It’s been found that vegetarians tend to be healthier & live longer. So how does that make meat necessary for people? Human bodies are very much like herbivorous creatures aswell. We have a long digestive tract for instance. Of course there may be some blips like Linda McCartney who only lived to 56. I think though in her case, it could be the consumption of dairy products what caused her breast cancer. Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) in milk has been linked to this & many vegetarians consume more dairy than carnivores. I’m vegan, so benefit from the exclusion of this food designed for calves to drink. Unlike cows milk, soya milk actually shrinks tumours and also reduces cholesterol. It’s much kinder, in so many ways

  8. Kelly says

    From one bass player to another, to say meat is necessary or natural is utterly ridiculous. If it were necessary it wouldn’t be one of the leading causes of death (heart disease). If it were natural, you’d have blood lust every time you saw road kill or your own dog for that matter.

  9. Kelly says

    Oh and by the way, if this site is “Gossip for Grown Ups”, I’d like to ask why it published the childish piece of rubble that was this article. How did I wind up on this site?

  10. Requiem says

    Carnivore says:
    March 13, 2008 at 7:09 pm

    ”Why do vegetarians think they are less cruel to animals? If I eat a lamb chop, only one animal has died, but for someone who eats soy-burgers, bread and pasta, how many smsall creatures have been killed by the huge machines that are used in the farming process?? Many, many more. Is the life of a field mouse worth less than a sheep??
    They should stop being so smug and naive. ”

    are u a moron ? you re eating meat, so of course you are. well if that mouse life is so important to you than you shouldn’t eat meat either. cuz more mouses will be killed when you eat your meat, than i eat my veg food. ”It takes 16 pounds of grain to make one pound of beef. livestock eat 70% of all the grain we produce.”you re supporting death of the planet.

  11. Smug omnivorous genius says

    Requiem says:
    October 23, 2009 at 8:03 am

    “are u a moron ?you re eating meat, so of course you are. well if that mouse life is so important to you than you shouldn

  12. Radu says

    “…As for the supposed cruelty of eating meat, you realize we eat only the prey animals. Meaning they are less intelligent…” ->
    So the weaker ones are the less intelligent ones? You should look up the word “intelligent” in the dictionary.

    “…Why is it cruel for predator animals to eat these animals, but not humans I might ask…” ->
    The humans are supposed to be intelligent beings, please look up the word “Intelligent” in the dictionary! You are not supposed to act like a lion or a bear…

    “…One of the few surviving vegetarian cultures is in India and they are some of the most unhealthy, frail, stunted, and short lived people on the planet…” ->
    You must be knowing my dear, that more important than how long you live, is WHAT you do in life.

    If you have eyes to see and you breathe air, then you have the duty (at least to try) to respect the beings around you.

    Best regards,
    Radu Stefan, Linguist

  13. April says

    Hi I’m not going to get into a big argument over whether being a vegatarian is right or wrong. I just wanted to say I’m 14 and I watched the video Paul Mccartney made with PETA called glass windows. He turned me vegatarian with that video. I respect you Paul.

  14. Alexander Hawkeswood says

    It’s quite easy to get enough vitamin B12 on a vegan diet because many cruelty-free food products are fortified with this nutrient. For instance breakfast cereals, soya milks and yeast extracts. And then you could take a supplement to be extra safe. It might also be worth mentioning that some people who haven’t taken any obvious dietary sources of B12 for many years, have not been found to be deficient. This is because they’re able to re-absorb B12 in their gut. Animals obtain this nutrient from micro-organisms in the soil. If we ate plant based foods which had some soil left on them, we could more easily obtain enough vitamin B12 that way

  15. Alexander Hawkeswood says

    Well I’m only going by what I’ve heard or read. Like on The One Show, it was mentioned some time ago that companies who provide life insurance charge vegetarians less because they tend to live longer. And I read elsewhere that vegetarians live on average 7 years longer. Neither sources of information are biased. You say that veggies tend to be more frail. Try telling that to Pat Reeves, a powerlifting champion. Many years ago she was diagnosed with bone cancer and didn’t have long to live. But that changed when she went vegetarian. She became stronger and her strength increased even more when she ditched dairy. The tribes and that you mentioned probably find it hard to get enough food. In certain eastern countries like China & Japan where they consume more soya, cases of breast and prostate cancer are considerably lower. There was this programme some time ago about places in the world where people live longer than usual. One place was where many people are very vegan and consume lots of tofu. Du Pinhua was a vegetarian nearly all her life and she lived to be 120. Sheryl Crowe and certain other vegetarians probably got their breast cancer from eating dairy products. This goes to show that veganism is the way to go. Many people bond well with rabbits & chickens. The latter have been found to have intelligence higher than young children. Naturally carnivorous creatures use their bodies for culling. Humans aren’t natural carnivores because they use man made tools. More suffering occurs with animals being imprisoned, such as with factory farming. If we would have smaller brains if not for taking up hunting, that would probably be for the best. We wouldn’t have all the environmental threats today like climate change and suicides could be fewer. I believe being vegan makes you gentler. There was this programme about this boy who used to hit his mother. He was put on a very vegan diet and improved tremendously. There was this part where he showed remorse and was apologising and hugging her. I don’t know what you mean by ‘look what vegan diets did to that cute Beatle’. Paul McCartney has never been vegan, so I’ve read. If his bum is a bit saggy, that’s more than likely due to eating dairy products. But anyway, he appears to be a very decent human being and rather good for his years

  16. Alexander Hawkeswood says

    Well put Kelly. For starters our Macca is far from being a feeble vegetarian. He’s a powerful vegetarian who encourages many to become vegetarian and puts across very good reasons why. This Stuart Heritage put ‘It’s true. You don’t need to check it but it is true.’ If it really was true, one would want you to check it! Paul could probably sue him for liable by telling lies like that. And Heather Mills is a very valuable person who has helped many charities and donated cruelty-free food to needy people. And since when has eating grains caused halitosis? Eating meat is much more likely to cause bad breath. I’m not a psychologist but I think maybe writing an irrational article like this could be a sign of covering over feelings of guilt for eating innocent animals when it’s really not necessary

  17. meatfreemonday says

    do you know wat you’re eating by eating hamburgers and all that? it’s not a natural meat! its all the insides of cows and pigs. there is no part of a cow thats labeled “steak”. and don’t get me wrong, I love meat but I went over to meat free monday because of paul mccartney. and eating meat doesn’t just kill one animal, but thousands. and those little baby animals as well. i tried lamb once without knowing what it was, i thought it was good. but thinking about killing a little lamb because its insides are good? no thank you. and don’t try and say that vegetarians are naive because meat eaters are naive too. most people don’t even know what they’re eating when it comes to meat. and its so unhealthy. i barely eat meat. i’d much prefer a salad than a mcdonalds big mac. it’s gross to know that you aren’t eating an actual part of an animal, you’re eating all the parts of a helpless animal.

  18. Mike says

    I have been in slaughter houses and I can tell you what is depicted in that video is rubbish. Slaughter houses in Europe use humane killers not slitting throats. You should not believe everything you see on tv or the internet. Research PETA and you will see what these idiots do with animals they rescue.

  19. Scarlet says

    Paul McCartney is not boring at all…the one who wrote this article has no idea what he is talking about!!!!Have you been to his concerts lately?Have seen the big crowd coming to see him?I have and I did have the time of my life!So before writing an article get yourself informed about the things you;re planning to write!PEACE!

  20. The Indestructible says

    Lamb chops have crushed up insects in them. So really, both eat about the same, both are naive, and both need to shut up.

    American carnivores actually consume more insects than impoverished countries that eat insects on a daily basis. Our meat is just that dirty. I have no qualms of eating meat, but I won’t eat anything raised in America, unless it’s California, since they’re so organic.

  21. The Indestructible says

    That really depends which slaughter house. My neighbor went vegetarian working for Farmer John (or some other famous company). He said it was utterly disgusting. And the FDA here doesn’t even care. (I live in America.)

  22. Nick Casachia says

    Meat is NOT NECESSARY!! It’s just buttheads like you who think it is. I’ve lived without it for decades, the Hindus have done so for thousands of years. We’d better change our ‘nature’ if the human race is to survive. Eliminating meat would also eliminate incredible suffering-both animal and human, and would stop enourmous environmental devastation.

  23. sunshine says

    wow, the guy who wrote this is a total asshole. “his best professional work is lightyears behind him.” hey, fuck you. memory almost full is amazing. i know this was written a long time ago but HEY, YOU IGNORANT FUCK, PAUL WAS JUST NOMINATED FOR A GRAMMY. suck on that.
    the author is just another stupid hipster who’s decided he’s too cool for paul mccartney, and he needs to shut the fuck up about it. besides, since when is being an advocate for what you believe in such a bad thing? vegetarianism is a great thing. if nothing else, it saves a lot of energy production-wise.

  24. jordan says

    I became a vegetarian when I found out that he (and George Harrison) was one, too! It’s been about four years since then, and I’m still going strong for Paul. ?

  25. diego says

    Do the math again. To produce meat, should you not first produce grains to feed the cattle? And why do you think we cannot avoid hurting small creatures when producing vegetables? Creative minds keep searching solutions for problems. It just happens that there is very few people to care about such thing. And that’s what we vegans want to change. While others just go looking for excuses.

  26. Stefanie Babjak says

    Man, oh, man. You people sure know how write paragraphs online. I eat meat and veggies, grain, soy milk, well, to make it shorter, ” Vegan food “. I like it both. I’m not arguing or anything but I think you should know that meat is an important source of protein which contains all of the amino acids which builds and repairs human cells. Meat also has vitamins and iron. Iron is necessary for formation of red blood cells which carries oxygen throughout the body by way of hemoglobin. No other food source can build and repair cells.
    But also, meat is bad. Look at our teeth. Does it look like there are meant to eat meat? Meat keeps us full because it is hard to digest!! MEAT IS HORRIBLE FOR YOUR BODY!! It does have protein, but its animal protein. We DON”T need that. Animal protein is bad for our body.
    We don’t need meat as a source of protein as much as we do for zinc since we have egg which are great for protein. So, maybe I should be a vegan too, to help animals. Hmm, I think I’ll start being a vegan… right now! Wait. No. But I like meat… I don’t know. I like both foods. So I’m not really sure. I’m only 10.

  27. says

    It’s no use saying (as my sister does) that’s it’s a shame to kill animals and how nice it is to see them in fields… well, they’ve been bred for slaughter, they ar’nt PETS! So without the meat industry you wouldn’t see them! The World economy is set for a MASSIVE change as richer Nations (ie China) can afford meat, the price will rise. There are now serious researches into converting insects into protein as it takes 10+k of grass to get 1k of beef but 1k of grass can make 1k of insect ‘meat’. Check your burgers, folks….

  28. Alexander Hawkeswood says

    If you like the taste of meat why not substitute it for meat analogues? Linda McCartney and the Redwood Co. are brands which offer good alternatives. They are better for you and the environment. But most importantly, you can eat with a clear conscience. No animals had to suffer to produce their tasty vegan products

  29. Alexander Hawkeswood says

    Have you tried meat analogues? They are good replacements for meat. In case you didn’t know, Linda McCartney and the Redwood Co. are brands that produce such foods. They are better for you and the environment. But most importantly, no animals had to suffer to make their tasty vegan products

  30. Alexander Hawkeswood says

    Also, correction. Meat isn’t needed to build and repair cells. Cruelty-free foods can easily do that and vegans tend to look younger, which suggests DNA is better reproduced in new cells. Iron can easily be found in plant-based foods. Good sources are green leafy vegetables like spinach. Vitamin C aids its absorption. There’s no nutrient, including all the essential and non-essential amino acids, which can’t be provided in a well balanced totally vegetarian diet. And we vegans live on average 15 years longer than omnivores

  31. john says

    Meat is not necessary so get your facts right before you start forming an opinion. Whats wrong with trying to save a few animals anyway?. Just shut it and let the man do what’s right.

  32. Pablo says

    @Alexander H. Thank you for taking the time to clarify some concepts. People are so brainwashed…
    Please, wake up!. Do some serious research and try it. Humans are not suppose to eat meat. Look at the animals, there’s no doubt that we are more similar to primates than lions. What do they eat? Aren’t they strong?
    Vegetarians, dairy products are killing you, and you’re not avoiding much suffering since meat is a subsidiary product from milk.
    Fruit, fruit, fruit and vegetables…

  33. Rich Hopley says

    Old comment, and not sure why I am bothering. If you eat a lamb chop, you eat the one animal – plus the enormous amounts of small creatures who were killed in the farming process to feed the larger animals. If you can’t be perfect (ie killing zero animals) that isn’t an excuse to not do anything at all. And not all vegetarians are smug and naive. Comments from meat eaters, like this one, certainly are however.

  34. Sanah says

    Paul mccartney turned me into a vegetarian im only 14 but i already feel healthier, and sort of proud, i dont know how i’ll feel about eating meat in the future but for the time being, i like it. :)

  35. Anita says

    This article was so badly writtern, it’s not funny at all. I have a lot of respect for Paul McCartney. He is open and honest about his veggie beliefs, plus he uses his celebrity to spread the word about the benefits of a veg lifestyle. How cool is that? Haters! Go someplace else.

  36. fiamma says

    well i dont think it’s the same thing. the slaughterhouses are very different from “the small creature been killed by the huge machines”…firsdt, they did not live as slaves in a cruel way from the day they were born to the day of their death . it’s a hell and i’m sorry, this changes everything.
    and second , that kind of meat is dangerous for people, animals are scared to death and that kind of fear produces lots of adrenaline and hormones in your meat, not to talk about the bad food these poor creatures eat all their life.
    well , eating meat is not good for many reasons. just try to think deeper to all these things.
    i have some pics to show you while you eat your meat!, and i’m sure you’d stop to do it . for many reasons : health , stop cruelty and much more… horrible pics of poor animals

  37. fiamma says

    it is NOT our nature . it’s just tradition, and a wrong one.
    intensive livestock farming is NOT in our nature, the kind of food they give to animals, the hormones and antibiotics and cortison, they’re not natural at all.
    this is one of the biggest probl for our planet, it’s time to wake up !

  38. John Mooter says

    Up to 15 pounds of plant protein go to produce 1 pound of cow protein. A vegan uses about a third acre of land yearly for food, while a meat and dairy eater uses over 3 acres. Before making a remark, please so some research, and read some books like “The China Study” by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, or any book by Drs. McDoughall, Esselstyn, Barnard, nutritionist Brenda David, and watch “Earthlings” online. It is free.

  39. John Mooter says

    Good for you. I know vegans in their 80s and they are extremely healthy. Do not believe the hype and anti vegan stuff. Do the research.

  40. Shelley says

    As for the halitosis comment in the main article, it’s a FACT that I used to regularly wake up with ‘morning mouth’ as a meat eater, and since turning vegetarian years and years ago I haven’t had it since. My breath is sweet, thank you!