Poor Pamela Anderson Owes a Fortune in Unpaid Taxes

Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson, iconic star of Baywatch and?golden girl of Playboy, owes a colossal amount of money in unpaid taxes to both federal and state goverments. The total combined amount comes to $371,514.65.

It is perplexing to me how someone like Pamela Anderson gets into this kind of a mess. Did she try to calculate?the taxes herself? Seriously, the first step towards regaining her financial footing is?to hire a better accountant. Even for someone with a sizable income … which I assume Pam has … $370,000 is more than a little mix-up.

Let?s be honest. Pam is 45 years old, and while some parts of her still look great, other parts (like her face) are starting to look a little rough. Since her fame and fortune is based on her looks, not so much her startling talent, it would seem wise for her to start saving up. And maybe that?s what she?s doing ? hording away her cash for a nest egg and hoping the nasty old IRS doesn?t notice.

It does seem to me that there a number of very obvious ways that she could solve this dilemma. The hands-down best one would be to re-distribute her one of her sex tapes, preferably the Tommy Lee one. A deluxe Twentieth Anniversary edition will be due in 2015 … with new bonus footage and special features it could make a killing.

Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee

In the meantime, how about exotic dancing? Pam?s not a great dancer, as evidenced on Dancing with the Stars, but she can shake her money-maker(s) when she needs to.?A guest stint at the Bunny Ranch perhaps? She wouldn?t even necessarily have to go all the way ? a hand job from Pam-cakes would definitely bring in a sizable amount. She could work off her tax debt in a few days.

What I?m saying is that the woman has options. Maybe Pam and Lindsay Lohan, who is evidently having some money issues of her own, could help each other out ? some kind of two-woman show, maybe involving mud wrestling ? and go splitsies on the profits.

The extra-sad part is that this isn?t Pam?s first issue with unpaid taxes. A few years ago she had a lien filed against her for $1.7 million, which earned her a coveted spot on California?s list of Top 500 Delinquent Tax Payers.

Hopefully, in the interest of her kids, Pam can salvage the remaining shreds of her dignity and make amends without succumbing to any of my pervy ideas. But the sex tape one would definitely be a big hit.

Pamela Anderson