Owen Wilson Suicide Attempt: Suicide Reports Depressingly Accurate

Owen Wilson suicide attempt 911 log book kate hudsonThere's still been no official confirmation from the Wilson family that Owen Wilson tried to kill himself by taking an overdose of pills and slashing his wrist on Saturday, but the speculation is starting to look horribly accurate.

The Santa Monica Police Department phone logs show that a 911 call was made on Saturday for what's listed as a suicide attempt, reinforcing rumours that Owen Wilson's current hospital stay is down to an attempt to end his his life. But that hasn't answered the questions about why Owen Wilson – one of the most well-respected comedy actors around – would even attempt suicide in such an unnervingly out of the blue way. Some sources are suggesting that Owen Wilson attempted suicide after a fight with a close friend, while others are blaming the break-up of his relationship with Kate Hudson – but nobody is ruling out the notion that Owen Wilson tried to kill himself out of embarrassment after watching The Haunting again, either.

In a world that's full of celebrity suicide attempts – Britney Spears calling herself the Antichrist or Lindsay Lohan cutting at her wrists or Halle Berry gassing herself in a car or Tom Jones almost jumping in front of a train – news about Owen Wilson's apparent weekend suicide attempt was easily the most shocking. Leaving aside The Royal Tenembaums, the film that Owen Wilson co-wrote that includes one wrist-slashing suicide attempt scene and another scene of Owen Wilson taking too many drugs and crashing his car in a fit of depression, there were literally no signs whatsoever that Owen Wilson had any suicidal tendencies.

But then on Saturday Owen Wilson attempted suicide. At least that's what all the signs are pointing to – reports are rife that Owen Wilson was found by brother Luke Wilson lying with his left wrist slashed and an empty bottle of pills by his side. The world is still waiting for a suicide attempt confirmation from Owen Wilson or his representatives, but in the mean time it looks as if the Santa Monica Police Department 911 log book will suffice, as MTV reports:

The incident on Sunday afternoon that landed actor Owen Wilson in the hospital was called in to police as a suicide attempt, according to Santa Monica Police Department phone logs. According to the records, a call was received at 12:08 p.m. on Saturday for an incident listed as "attempt suicide." Wilson remains in stable condition at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California, according to spokeswoman Cynthia Harding.

So let's assume that the rumours are correct and Owen Wilson really did attempt suicide – the next logical question to ask would be why Owen Wilson tried to kill himself in the first place. Although nothing is even close to being anything but wildly unsubstantiated, some reports have noted that Owen Wilson was in some kind of vicious quarrel with a close friend right before the suicide attempt, while others have focused on the break-up of the relationship between Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson as a factor, not least because pictures of Kate Hudson smooching her new boyfriend were blasted across the media in the days leading up to Owen Wilson trying to take his own life.

We're sure the truth about this genuinely shocking incident will come out in the fullness of time, but it would seem unwise to write off the romantic pictures of Kate Hudson as a possible cause just yet. Not because Kate Hudson broke Owen Wilson's heart – he's never exactly been short of female attention as his premiere boobyflasher will attest – but because just the sight of her probably reminds Owen of You, Me And Dupree; and if that isn't a perfectly valid excuse for a suicide attempt, we don't know what is.

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  1. Ms Roberts says

    This is truly a sad incident and a very serious one! What ever the cause of the accident, we hope the best & speedy Recovery for Owen!!!
    As to the writer of this article, it would have been really nice to see a lot more “tact”!
    It would have been much better reading, without the many punches at Mr. Owen’s career (ie. movie bashing) and
    suggesting that those events could have been the reasoning behind his rumoured suicide attempt.
    This overall, left a “bad taste” and could have been just as informative with more concern for the actor’s life than this.
    Thanks! by: “Concerned Fan”

  2. almost_there says

    I can take or leave the gallows humor but I admit I did the same double-take. “Owen Wilson whaaa…?” “Why?!?” It is very bizarre.
    Some of the same reports mentioned that he had a history of depression; if that’s true, it would be a good explanation, because untreated depression can
    seriously screw with your mind. I do hope he’s okay. I certainly wish him and the Wilson family all the best.

  3. L says

    first of all, no single event “causes” someone to commit suicide. there often isn’t an answer as to why someone attempts it. there would be a number of factors; number one of which would be that depression, real chemical depression, had taken hold. it is irresponsible to perpetuate the idea that a suicide is due to any single event. this is what causes people to blame themselves for the suicide of a friend or family member. secondly, this speculation that owen wilson showed no suicidal tendencies sickens me: you media people do not personally know these stars! no one truly knows what happens behind someone’s closed doors at the end of the day. lastly, the “humor” in this article proves to me that the maturity level of the author is lacking; unable to treat such a fresh event with a little tact and compassion.

  4. Melvin says

    Isn’t there any actor or actress in Hollywood that isn’t on drugs, alcohol or both. Lindsay Lohan has been boozing it up for how long and no one goes to jail for providing alcohol , let alone cocaine to a minor. Lindsay gets busted for Cocaine and all she gets is 24 hours in jail which will probably be reduced to 82 minutes like Nichol Ritchie served for driving while smashed.
    The the public gets all slobbery with, “Oh, they need help.” Help my backside, their behinds needs to go to jail like the rest of the unwashed masses. Nobody forced Wilson to inject this stuff into himself.

  5. Blahblah says

    I am not shocked. Comedy is borne from pain. Owen Wilson is a comedic actor and writer. It’s not illogical that the conditions in his life that spawn good comedy are the same ones that could generate great tragedy.

  6. Superpower says

    Isn’t it fascinating that life went on and the world kept spinning long before people were diagnosed with “DEPRESSION” As mentioned above:” Some of the same reports mentioned that he had a history of depression; if that’s true, it would be a good explanation, because untreated depression can seriously screw with your mind. I do hope he’s okay. .” While that’s fine and what-not, allow me to translate; What most of the pill-popping booze hound whore actors and actresses in the world label “Depression” it’s actually REALITY. I know that’s hard to grasp, but your inability to handle REALITY doesn’t mean you can simply label it “Depression” and then run, hide cry and try and kill yourself. Grow up, life’s tough – so dry your eyes and get a little tougher, ok?

  7. Joe says

    There’s good gallows humor and bad gallows humor. The difference is that sometimes the joke is really funny, such that it requires that people appreciate the humor despite the subject. Other times the joke is just bad. When it’s not funny enough to redeem how disgusting it is, it is just perceived as a stupid, insensitive comment by some moron who thinks everyone’s laughing with him. Can you see where your comment falls? The true irony is that you make fun of Owen Wilson’s comedy. Least he’s funny enough to get paid.

  8. Attention says

    If your going to commit suicide, do it right.
    Buy a gun. Place the gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

  9. Anon young fan says

    It is very sad that Owen would do this. I am a respectable fan of his and of a younger age whom looks up to him. Even Though times may get tough (which i know plenty of) why would he chose suicide. THis shows to his younger fans that the easy way out (suicide) is ok and now his fans are going to have even more personal doubt. I pray for his recovery and ask that he would explain to his fans that attemping such a thing is the worst decsion you could ever make and that it is never worth doing. He needs to convince others as well as himself that suicide is a horrible thing. Never throw a life away

  10. cd says

    So if any man is in Christ, he is in a new world: the old things have come to an end; they have truly become new.

    2 Corinthians 5:17

  11. Adam Gade says

    Actually, per a number of hospital reports, shooting yourself in the mouth isn’t a surefire way. Many times, the suicidal in question hits non lethal areas and merely causes a great deal of agony.

  12. Gilbert Wham says

    “If your going to commit suicide, do it right.
    Buy a gun. Place the gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.” And try to ensure that Phil Spector is there when you do it…

  13. JoelB says

    Shit, what “buy a gun”?

    In Australia, it takes four weeks of courses run by the Police (not The Band), the purchase of a secure locker and if it’s a handgun, membership of a Gun club.
    Oh yeah, I forgot, you’ll have to shoot yourself at the Pistol Range ’cause you can’t take handguns home.

    Oh, how I wish I was in the US, I could kill myself anytime!

  14. morning girl says

    i wish Owen the best of recovery and he should continue making the world enjoy his humor!God speed Owen!
    morning girl from Vienna

  15. owenfan says

    Best wishes to Owen, he is greatly admired. To the writer of this article – could you possibly be any more mean spirited?

  16. tokonoma says

    I understand that most people found this site by using Google or another search engine. However, the fact that the name of the website is “Heckler Spray” reveals the nature and tone of the site. Owen Wilson’s suicide is a serious issue, but don’t visit a site like this one or TheOnion.com and criticize the use of satire and verbal irony.

  17. Josh says

    im owen wilson fan and i dont appreciate him “trying” to do what he did and not succeding. Please Owen DONT GIVE UP AND RETRY IT SOON!!

  18. Julie says

    Gosh Stuart – you’re all heart. Let’s just kick Owen Wilson when he’s down – such an easy target for you to be snarky. May I say I was not amused by your attempt to be fey on this one. Not the work of any quality journalist. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  19. Guy says

    Ah, the inevitable attempt to pin Depression on character flaws. How circa 1940 of you. Why not claim he was “hysterical’ – oh, he’s not a woman. Maybe an imbalance of the humors, or body thetans?

    The asinine attempt to belittle clinical depression is not helped by certifiable nutjobs like many of the hollywood “elite.” Truth is, Owen is rather classically depressed, and attempts to handle it rather than advertising it. Most truly depressed people are embarrassed to admit it, for the very response as given above. It is depression that drives people to not be able to see the “bright side” and to fill their lives with hopelessness. Logic doesn’t enter into it, and no litany of “self-help” advice will “fix” it either. Recreational drugs and drinking are apparently the only socially sanctioned methods of coping. Funny, if it was Alzheimers he wouldn’t get the blame, would he?

    He’s asking to be left alone. He’s not asking for attention.

  20. bethany says

    I cannot believe the jokes that were made about such a serious matter…..That is disrespectful and should have not been able to be published. I am horrified. My prayers are with Owen and his family.

  21. says

    Gee Vince, now we are bashing and blaming smoking for suicidal ideation, or tendencies. What should we blame suicide on next – the Greenhouse effect or Global warming. AND, just where did you get your statistics. a comic book?
    If what you say is true, it must be because smokers are tired of the God-like complex non-smokers seem to have now because it is the politically correct thing to do. If Owen did try to commit suicide, it was for much more serious reasons than that he smoked. Maybe we need to focus on that; not for the fact he may or may not smoke. I hope he gets the help that he needs and not just a smoking cessation class.

  22. Adam Gade says

    Yes, owenfan, he could be mroe mean spirited, but you’d have to get more famous first.

  23. Greg says

    What an asswhole.Why?We just buried my son 3 weeks KIA Iraq,Poor Owen , Give me a break.Grow up Owen,face the world like a man,

  24. l says

    can u cut deeper next time! u have family, fans, supporters and pussy al la buffet! u are a pathetic ungrate shit! can u just cut deeper next time owen and do us all a favor u pathetic unworthy selfish shit!

  25. says

    To all of you who don’t have anything nice to say:

    Owen is a person….just like the rest of us. How would you like it if someone came in and said insensitive things about your attempted suicide? My prayers are with Owen and I wish him personal and career fulfillment…like we all deserve.
    So if you don’t have anything helpful to add here people…then don’t post your comments…he doesn’t need it right now.

  26. Frank says

    90% of suicides (including attempted) are smokers. 90% of criminals are smokers. Powerful reasons to ban tobacco.

  27. says

    Mr>Frank, i am not a rocket scientist but the comment on 90% of smokers do what you say is retarted!. Also with people with this much money in thier life to try something like this when MOST of us are trying to survive is Stupid!