Orphan Esther Without Makeup

Isabelle Furhman Looking Good

It’s refreshing to see a young actress looking age-appropriate. In this case, it’s 15-year old Isabelle Fuhrman, best known for her roles as the incredibly creepy?Esther in the movie Orphan and Clove in The Hunger Games. Can you believe that cutie nearly killed Katniss?

In order to so believably play those parts, you have to think that she would have a dark side, but it’s hard to believe it when?Isabelle appears so fresh-faced and sweet. As is often the case with teenagers, Orphan Esther without makeup looks even more adorable.

Isabelle Furhman Without Makeup

In the first photo, Isabelle looks lovely. Her freckles are adorable and I love this kid. She isn’t pimply and gross like some teenagers, nor is?she? slutted-up.

In the second photo, Fuhrman was shopping in Beverly Hills. In this lighting, she looks somewhat pale and I wish she would push her hair out of her face. Regardless, I’m somewhat impressed that she’s shopping in Beverly Hills and has resisted the urge to dress like she’s going to the prom, like many young celebrities do.

Isabelle Furhman Without Makeup

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