Oprah Without Makeup

For over 20 years now, the two-legged media juggernaut that is Oprah Winfrey has enriched many people’s lives. She has empowered people to help themselves, she has given airtime to sensitive issues, she has given away free cars… and she gave us Dr. Phil.

Another gift that has been given to us is the raw, untamed spectacle of Oprah without makeup. Showing what a difference some kohl and eyeshadow make, I’m quite sure the multi-millionairess wasn’t pointing that index finger of hers at those items in this instance.

If we didn’t live in such an information-rich age, I could be forgiven for seeing this photo and mistaking Oprah for a jolly dance instructor specializing in upper body movements for the aged.

Continuing the theme of sassiness, the second picture of, erm, a fresh-faced Oprah coveys hints of Bobby Brown’s rich array of personable facial expressions, as well as a nod (literally) to his favored attire. Well done, Oprah – never hesitating to put yourself in another person’s shoes.

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