It’s Official, Joan Rivers Has No Shame Whatsoever

Joan-RiversFor somebody who’s entire face is held on by a bulldog clip at the base of her neck, Joan Rivers sure is quick to criticize the way other people look.

Saying you don’t like a woman’s dress is one thing – people usually change their clothes daily, unless they happen to be a cartoon character – but calling an awesome woman like Adele fat when you’ve spent more money on spackling your face than the average small country spends on food, that’s low. Well, we thought it was low at the time. However, in case anyone was under the illusion that Joan might have the smallest ounce of decency hiding away in her somewhere, she’s going after ‘ugly’ North West.?

You know, the seven-month old infant that can’t really help how famous she is? Joan apparently met North when Kim Kardashian bought her into the E! offices where Joan was filming Fashion Police and was so inspired by the visit that she incorporated her into her stand-up show later that night.

“That baby is ugly? I?ve never seen a six-month-old so desperately in need of a waxing.”

Is she looking at the same baby as everyone else? Say what you want about her parents (we usually do), but it’s pretty obvious that little North is a beauty. Have you seen the newest photos of her?

North west

That’s the kind of photo you see as a reaction image on a Buzzfeed post about the joys of macaroni and cheese. She’s definitely not the kind of wolf-baby that Joan would have you believe. Kim and Kanye have kept unusually mum about the fact that some stranger has just insulted their offspring, but then again they probably have more important things to deal with right now. Such as designing diamond-encrusted slippers for North to wear at their wedding, for example.

The joke wasn’t even that original on Joan’s part, seeing as Kim had to defend herself a few months ago after people accused her of waxing her baby’s eyebrows after tweeting this shot:

North west 2

As a professional comedian, when Twitter trolls are capable of more original insults than you are then maybe it’s time to finally retire and let celebrities show off their little sprogs without fear of their facial hair being brought into it.