Top 100 Leaked Nude Celeb Photos of All Time

Picture of Scarlette Johannsson - leaked celebrity nudesCelebrity nudes = Fame, fortune and filth. Leaked celebrity nude photos inspire instant adoration and fascination from the masses, most of whom are sexually frustrated enough to care. This is the state of today’s celebrities. Especially if you want to get or stay famous.

Can you imagine classy icons like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn posing naked for photographs? They at least had self-respect. However, thanks to the wonderful technological advances of mobile phones and those cameras they’ve got built into them, we are now a planet of people capturing their nether-regions and sending them to other humans.

Celebs are no different… apart from the small fact that people want to hack into their phones and share them with the world. So which leaked celeb photos are the best?

Naked celebrities, leaked or otherwise, are everywhere nowadays. It’s the new norm. The advent of the sex tape has added a whole other element to the voyeuristic nature of watching the lives of famous people.

For the first time, it feels like we can peer behind their bedroom doors and watch them at it. It also humanizes celebrities and brings them down to our level of perversion. We all have tits and dicks. We like to flaunt. It’s normal!

Besides, there’s no better way for celebs to boost their value and get widespread global media attention by dropping some naughty pics. Intentionally leaked photos of naked celebrities are more common then you think, despite their usual accusatory claims and victimized lamentations.

Let’s place some kind of arbitrary importance on these photographs because, lets face it, some people get private images leaked and after we’ve stopped gawping at their flesh, we wonder who the hell they are.

And so, we decided to come with a list of the most ‘important’ or best ever leaked celebrity photos of all time.

Welcome to the Sordid World of Nude Celebrity Pics…

celeb photo leaks

The leaked pictures on this and other pages, span over a decade. This filthy affair of nude celeb pics has been going on for quite a while. Many of the celebs on our list have had their pictures released on the internet at different points in time. However, two notable events have resulted in an avalanche of nudes.

In 2010, a hacker called Chris Chaney hacked his way into the email accounts of many celebs. He was responsible for the Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera and Renee Olstead photo leaks. After that happened, many other photos of several other prominent celebs like Christina Hendricks started trickling online.

After a year, the buzz died down to a slow hum.. until September 2014, when what is now termed ‘The Fappening’ happened. A massive Apple iCloud hack resulted in hundreds of nude pictures being systematically stolen and uploaded online. This involved over 50 celebs, almost all of them women.

This was by far, the most significant nude celeb photo scandal in the history of mankind. Never before were so many images of so many celebrities simultaneously revealed and posted/reposted on every corner of the internet. This changed everything and raised many questions about online privacy.

But enough history for now … let’s get started!

liam neeson picture about celebrity nude pictures

In this list you’ll find some of the usual suspects (we’re looking at you Vanessa Hudgens) and many other celebs ranging from top Hollywood A-listers to who-is-this-she-looks-really-familiar-wait-is-she-in-that-show-shit-i-can’t-remember-now.

Paris Hilton

paris hilton leaked nude photo
Paris Hilton had her phone hacked and pretty much invented the notion of a sleb becoming famous on the back of leaked nude photos… and of course, videos. Paris isn’t higher up on this list because she’s old news and utterly dull; who hasn’t seen her naked yet? If you’re not bored of Paris, here’s a whole gallery full of her nude pictures.


Possibly the first time in history when pictures leaked of a celebrity and everyone actively wished they hadn’t seen them. Ke$ha appeared covered in someone’s love-gravy and everyone felt a little nauseous. This might be one of the most unappealing nude leaks in a while. It gets better from here on out, trust us.

Hayley Williams

There’s something about rappers, RnB and pop singers that make you assume they’re dirty swine. However, delicate emo flowers like Paramore singer Hayley Williams was a little more surprising when she “accidentally tweeted” her boobies to everyone. If you’re into rock and roll girls with an emo/scene edge, check out our sexy Hayley Williams pics.


snooki leaked photos nude
Pictures of the Snooki Monster were unleashed in 2010 on some website claiming to have real nudes of the Snooki creature if you agree to buy them. And then in June 2012, some self-shot camera pictures were taken of the Snooki beast in a hotel room.

They showed it wearing a white robe and sitting on a chair, while flashing its surprisingly clean vagina to the camera. Interesting. By the way, there are no uncensored nude topless pictures of Snooki monster online. Yes, they’re all censored. How depressing.

Pete Wenz

pete wentz leaked nude photo
We apologize for the penis. We understand its a penis. We are sorry that you are looking at a penis right now. In 2006, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz had picture of his member posted online on gossip sites. He was devastated and even quit his band temporarily. What a wuss.

Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus nude leak
Miley Cyrus was only of interest to pre-teens, but then, after the leaking of some pictures, she transformed into an actual celebrity. The picture on the left shows Miley naked in a bathtub; word has it that it was a private photo series for Liam Hemsworth, her fiance. The picture on the right is famous on the internet; it supposedly shows Miley taking a nude self-shot while in a Madrid hotel.

There’ no proof that its legit but no way to disprove it either. Believe what you will. Miley then grew up, cut her hair short, went blonde and totally changed her image. She started getting nekkid a lot more. Here’s a collection of all the real Miley Cyrus nude pics we’ve collected over the years.

Adrienne Bailon

adrienne bailon nude picture
Adrienne Bailon starred in some Disney channel musical called The Cheetah Girls and dated Rob Kardashian. She also wore no underwear and flashed her crotch in public on the red carpet. Apart from that, nobody really cares what she does. Oh yes, about the nudes. Leaked in 2008, these photos show Bailon in lingerie and showed her butt in full glory. She’s very proud of it.


trina leaked nude photos

A rapper and model from Miami, Trina’s nude photos were leaked online in March 2010 after some dude ‘hacked’ her cellphone. Rather tame stuff compared to some of the other leaks.

Heather Morris

heather morris leaked photos
Glee actress Heather Morris took a few self-shot cellphone pictures that were leaked online in March 2012. Some of the pictures show her wearing a Britney Spears-style outfit and there were quite a few full frontal nudes of her too. Nice standard vanilla nude leaks. Nothing kinky.

Zoe Kazan

Zoe Kazan nude photos leaked

You might not know who Zoe Kazan is and that’s OK. We didn’t to and had to google her when her lovely nudes were leaked online. She’s an American actress. That’s probably all you need to know for now. Now go see her leaked pics over here.

Kelli Garner

Kelli Garner nude photos leaked

Kelli Garner has an amazing body. She’s like a slimmer Christina Hendricks but with equally large boobies. Now if that isn’t amazing, we don’t know what is. Oh yeah, she’s also an American actress…if that matters. We have her naked pics over here and they are glorious.

Alana Blanchard nude

Alana Blanchard nude photos leaked

The sexiest female surfer of all time is hands-down, Alana Blanchard. She’s always looked amazing in bikinis and cute little Brazil shorts that show off half her booty. Now you’ll get to see her naked. Isn’t life wonderful?

Leven Rambin

Leven Rambin nude photos leaked

A hottie in the Terminator TV series, nude photos of Leven Rambin were leaked online in 2014. They’re just topless mirror selfies but they’re still hot, hot, hot.

Vida Guerra nude

Vida Guerra nudes leaked

There are probably more thong pictures and booty shots of Vida Guerra online then that of any other woman alive. This Cuban-born American glamour model is famous for her butt and her leaked pictures won’t disappoint. She’s totally naked and there’s even a muff shot. Wow.

Shiri Appleby

Shiri Appleby nudes leaked

We’ve been waiting for this for a bloody long time. Known for playing Liz Parker in the Roswell TV series, Shiri Appleby is cute and adorable. Everyone’s been bugging us for her nudes for a long time and REAL pictures of her were finally leaked online in 2014. They’re boring but better than nothing we say!

Prince Harry

Leakd prince harry photos
Leaked cellphone pictures hit the web in August 2012 showing Prince Harry having some naked fun with some girls in Las Vegas. Apparently they were playing strip billiards or something stupid. Some people think he’s embarrassing but others actually think he should be allowed to have some fun sexy time with multiple groupie babes. Sex is good for a young man! Leave him alone!

Renee Olstead

renee olstead nude leaked photo
You may not have heard of Renee Olstead, but she’s a singer and actress who acted on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, a dull US teen drama. She makes this list because she’s the first celebrity to actually put a little effort into her nudey snaps. Leaked in March 2011 , Olstead went from being a kinda-nobody to a woman who everyone admired, albeit briefly. Want to know why she’s even on this list? Take a look at her nudes right now.

While Renee is a total slut in the picture above, she’s actually an incredibly beautiful redhead with a terrific body. We recommend that you click here to see more sexy photos. No nudes this time but it’s still not safe-for-work due to yummy cleavage and curvy distractions.

Cassie Ventura

cassie ventura nude photos
We don’t know much about this lady except that she’s a R&B singer of some sort in the US. She appeared in some lame movie about street dancing (Step Up 2) and she apparently likes taking pictures of herself nude. In case you’re wondering, she’s half Filipino and half African-American/Mexican.

Dylan Sprouse

dylan sprouse nude

Joining the likes of Kanye West and Chris Brown is Dylan Sprouse – former Disney kid actor who had a couple of frontal nudies leaked by an ex-girlfriend in December 2013. He owned up to the nude selfies tweeting, “Whoops, guess I’m not 14 and fat anymore”.

People are speculating that Sprouse leaked the photos himself to shed his wholesome Disney image..let’s just hope he doesn’t get hooked on cocaine like Zac Efron.

dylan sprouse leaked nude picture

Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch Leaked Nudes

You might be wondering, who is the hell is this lassie? Evanna Lynch is the chick that was in all the Harry Potter movies. She’s young, cute and talented somewhat. That makes us happy to see her naked pics.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Elizabeth Winstead nude photos leaked

Famous for her work in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Final Destination 3, Winstead was pretty pissed off when her nude pics were leaked online. These hipster-ish pics show her naked on a couch while looking totally pensive and cool. They seem a little pretentious but you can’t deny that she’s a hottie.

Lea Michele

Lea Michele nude photos leaked

One of the top girls from Glee, Lea Michele is a singer and all around multi-talented chick. If you’ve ever wanted to see her naked, these leaked pics would probably make your day. The downer is that the actual photos don’t show Michele’s face so they can’t be verified 100% but we’ve heard some reports that they are indeed real.

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder nude photos leaked

It’s freaking Winona time! She’s the undisputed pixie Queen of the 90s, our favorite decade. Nude pictures showing full shots of Winona’s boobs were leaked online by a hacker and you can see all of them here. This is a dream come true if the pictures are verified. At the moment, this is all we have but we’ll update if any more images show up.

Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi nude photos leaked

Persian princess Sarah Shahi evolved from a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader and Maxim magazine favorite into an actress. She’s done pretty well for herself and we love how she looks naked! These leaked selfies show Shahi taking many pictures of herself using a mirror. She seems to think her butt is awesome and we think so too.

Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer nude photos leaked

Aussie actress Teresa Palmer is beautiful. Her leaked pictures show her chilling out naked with an ex-boyfriend. He has a pretty good camera because some of the pictures in the set actually look magazine-quality. It must be awesome to hang out with a beautiful woman like Palmer. We can only dream!

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer nude photos leaked

Keke Palmer is an American actress and singer with a bangin’ body. Her leaked pictures are few in number but completely legit: they show her face and full body with the exact same tattoos on her body. Awesome. See all her nudes over here.

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth nude photos leaked

A completely natural beauty, we love these nudes of Kate Bosworth. They show her without makeup and she looks stunning in every way. The pictures show her lounging around in bed taking selfies and pictures of her butt/crotch. Imagine waking up next to this specimen in bed!

Cat Deeley

cat deeley nude photos leaked

Nude pictures of English TV presenter Cat Deeley were leaked online in Sept 2014. It’s been a long time coming. If you’re a Deeley fan, her leaked photos won’t disappoint. She’s not only talented but beautiful!

Hannah Davis

hannah davis nude photos leaked

Swimsuit model Hannah Davis is a hottie and she knows it. Don’t have an idea who she is? She’s on the cover of the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and she’s also in the DirectTV commercial with a talking horse. Lol. Before you start googling for that, check out her leaked pictures in this gallery.

Erin Heatherton

Erin Heatherton nude photos leaked

Freckle faced Erin Heatherton is cute. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel is super hot and her leaked cellphone nudes show her naked body in all sorts of angles and poses. These are real nudes that show both her body and face. No fake stuff here. You can see all the Heatherton nudes in this gallery.

Emily Browning

Emily Browning nude photos leaked

Remember the lead hottie in Sucker Punch? Yeah, that’s Emily Browning. Like Teresa Palmer, her fellow Australian actress, Emily’s leaked nude photos are pretty nice. They show her naked, sunburnt and relaxed in a hotel room. She’s fresh-faced, make-up free and absolutely beautiful. She looks like a fun chick to hang out with.

Brie Larson

Brie Larson nude photos leaked

We honestly didn’t expect actress Brie Larson to look so good naked. Her nudes completely exceeded our expectations in every way. We know she’s hot. But not so hot. Take a look over here for the full set and see for yourself. Yummy, yum yum.

Briana Evigan

Briana Evigan nude photos leaked

Professional dancer/actress Briana Evigan has a taut, tight hardbody that looks amazing when she dances. You might have seen her in the Step Up movies. Or not. We don’t blame you. See all the Briana Evigan leaked pics here. There ain’t much but it’s well worth the effort.

AnnaLynne Mccord

AnnaLynne Mccord nude photos leaked

Saucy and seductive in every way, AnnaLynne McCord’s leaked nudes are pretty hot. The 90210 actress has a great collection of pictures. Mirror selfies, nude beach shots, booty pics, bathtub selfies….. you name it, she’s got it. There are even spread closeups of her vagoo. Whoa.

Aly Michalka

Aly Michalka nude photos leaked

Aly Michalka is an American actress in shows like Easy A, Hellcats and Phil of the Future. We’ve actually never seen any of them but that didn’t stop us from enjoying her leaked nudes. Intimately done selfies in warm mood lighting are always a pleasure to look at.

Chloe Dykstra

Chloe Dykstra nude photos leaked

Chloe Dykstra is internet famous for being the Queen of geeks. She writes about video games, cosplays and modeling. While she’s a total z-lister, she’s on this list because she’s cute and her nudes are really awesome.

Leelee Sobieski

Leelee Sobieski nude photos leaked

Leelee Sobieski used to be known for looking like Helen Hunt and we still think she looks like Hunt but maybe with a little more Diane Kruger thrown in as she ages. Her nude pictures are sorta funny because they’re really poor quality pics. She must have a bad camera or maybe its some kind of cool hipster filter? See for yourself. Check out Sobieski’s hot body over here.

Jessica Brown-Findlay

Jessica Brown-Findlay

English actress Jessica Brown-Findlay is a Lady in Downton Abbey but she’s more unreserved in person as these leaked images would reveal. We like this woman. And you should too. She has great potential to be a star.

Doutzen Kroes

leaked pic of Doutzen Kroes

You know her as one of the hottest ever Victoria’s Secret Angel. Doutzen Kroes is a Dutch model who’s rich, pretty and actually a really nice person (if you watch her interviews). She’s on our list of favorite imaginary BFFs because she’s so nice. See all her leaked pics over here.

Bar Refaeli

 nude photo of bar refaeli

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli looks good in just about anything. Lingerie, bikinis, t-shirts and jeans… but she looks better naked. We have her leaked pictures and they’re pretty naughty.

Melissa Benoist

nude pic of melissa benoist

The prettiest of all the Glee actresses (in our opinion), Melissa Benoist is a wonderfully talented person and her nude photos are incredibly hot. She makes almost everyone else on this list look tame in comparison.

Megan Boone

Megan Boone nude photos leaked

Actress Megan Boone stars in a show called The Blacklist. If you haven’t seen it, don’t worry… we haven’t too. But if you want to see her naked, head over this gallery now.

Krysten Ritter

Krysten Ritter nude photos leaked

Krysten Ritter was in Breaking Bad, probably the best TV series every made. Yup, she was Jesse’s girlfriend. The one who overdosed in bed. Ritter’s nudes seem to be real and show her taking pictures of herself. She seems to be particularly fascinated with her well shaven crotch, judging by the sheer amount of pictures of it.

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook nude photos leaked

English glamour model and legendary hottie Kelly Brook has gotten nude many times in magazines so it’s not a surprise to see her leaked cellphone photos online as well. We actually like these nudes better than her magazine stuff because they’re hotter, untouched and more real. Lots and lots of selfies carefully designed to show off her giant boobs, many of them showing Brook with little or no makeup on. Very hot. See them all here!

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff nude photos leaked

We love Hilary Duff. She’s petite, sexy and charming. Southern girls rock. The leaked pics released online don’t show her face; they only show multiple pictures of a untrimmed crotch and some POV boob shots.

Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza nude photos leaked

If you like deadpan sarcastic girls who enjoy insulting you at every turn, you’ll love Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Recreation. There are three leaked pictures of Aubrey Plaza and all of them are from the waist down of her butt and crotch. Still completely fappable. There are rumors of a hot video out there as well..

Hope Solo

Hope Solo nude photos leaked

Scary. Hope Solo’s leaked photos are really aggressive and in-your-face. The US women’s soccer goalkeeper doesn’t beat around the bush and her nudes reflect that. Mirror selfies with legs spread and multiple extreme closeups of her bearded clam? It was too much for us. But you might like it.

Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan nude photos leaked

Quirky, sexy Lizzy Caplan is the Queen of awkward sexiness. She’s like a sexier Zoey Deschanel. Caplan’s leaked photos were pretty awesome too. Lots of selfies, pictures of some dude going down on her and boobs, boobs, boobs. Be grateful you get to see a cool chick like this naked.

Lake Bell

Lake Bell nude photos leaked

Lake Bell probably has one of the best all-natural bodies of all the leaked celebs we’ve seen so far. She’s skinny with large natural mammaries that are perfectly shaped. She’s also incredibly beautiful without makeup on. Her husband is the luckiest man on earth. Who wouldn’t adore this woman? Just take a look at her pics and envy the man who goes to bed with this every night. A goddess!

Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols nude photos leaked

Hot chick Rachel Nichols was the stunning redhead tough girl in the GI Joe movies. Her leaked photos comprises of selfies and mostly cellphone pictures taken by someone else. Someone who got to see her naked in person. How lucky. Here’s the full set of pics so you can start drooling.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian nude photos leaked

We’re actually pretty shocked that there’s only ONE leaked cellphone picture of Kim Kardashian from the iCloud hack. ONE picture. This woman probably takes a thousand selfies in one day so we expected a lot of more. But fear not, we’ve dug around and found a lot more photos. Here’s a gallery showing all the Kim Kardashian nude pics out there.

Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy nude photos leaked

iCarly actress Jennette McCurdy grew up on TV, maturing from a nice kid into a hot woman. Now that she’s turned 18, everyone is looking for her nude pics, because that’s just the natural thing to do in this sick world. We found a set of her leaked photos here. Take a look and have a good day.

Becca Tobin

becca tobin nude photos leaked

Glee actress Becca Tobin likes to see herself naked and she isn’t ashamed of it. When her nude photos were leaked, she took it in good stride and didn’t even get pissed. Good manners. We like.

Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel nude photos leaked

Who hasn’t fantasized about this woman at some point in time? Probably the greatest ever Victoria’s Secret angel (sorry Adriana), Candice Swanepoel is blonde, beautiful and perfect. It’s really impossible to find a bad picture of this babe – trust us, we’ve tried. Her leaked pics show her naked crotch and butt. Take a look at all the Candice Swanepoel nudes in this gallery. We’ve included some of her magazine work and paparrazi shots.

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union nude photos leaked

Gabrielle Union’s nudes were taken originally for the eyes of her husband Dwayne Wade. They were leaked as part of the iCloud hack and these pictures are great. Lots of mirror selfies, lingerie shots, boobs, butt and pillow talk. Union is beautiful and not afraid to share it!

Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahovski nude photos leaked

What makes Aussie girls so hot? We’ve seen Teresa Palmer and Emily Browning naked so far. Now you may get to see Yvonne Strahovski naked. A set of leaked photos surfaced online claiming to be that of Strahovski. See them all here and decide for yourself.

Meagan Good

Meagan Good nude photos leaked

We know her as the girlfriend of Ron Burgundy in Anchorman 2 (that was hilarious). You know Meagan Good is hot. You’ve seen her. It’s a real pity there weren’t as many nudies but what we have in this set are all real pics and sizzling hot.

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy nude photos leaked

Pin-up legend of the 90s, Jenny McCarthy has been fapped to by so many people ever since the interwebs took off. She’s done nude photoshoots in magazines so you’ve seen her naked (or not). But her leaked nudes won’t disappoint as well. Great collection of admirable selfies and third person pics showing everything; boobs, fanny and even the breasts of her nameless friends. Worth a look.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande nude photos leaked

Ariana Grande looks so young. And innocent. She’s probably one of the most searched for celebrities online because everyone and their dog wants to see her naked. We don’t really get it because she doesn’t really have an awesome figure (even though her butt is cute). But we don’t judge. Here’s some supposedly leaked pictures of Ariana. It might be her, it might not. But does it matter?

Amber Heard

Amber Heard nude photos leaked

Amber Heard is an American actress with the most seductive selfies. She’s perfectly flirting with the camera. Nobody does a come-fuck-me look better. Nobody. Period. Her leaked nudes are mostly highly skilled selfies, some of which were obviously intended for Johnny Depp. Girls, if you’re sending pictures to guys you like, learn from this woman. Click to see the complete set of leaked Amber Heard nudes.

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst nude photos leaked

We never knew Kirsten Dunst had fun bags like this. Is this real life? What is this? Look at those Chi-Chis. Wow. The only disappointing thing is that there aren’t many leaked pics of Dunst. We would definitely want to see more. She needs to do some arty-farty nude mag shoot ASAP.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski nude photos leaked

Like Lake Bell, Emily Ratajkowski has a stunning all-natural body with hooters that are perfectly designed to titillate. We couldn’t stop looking at all of Emily’s leaked photos because her knockers are just out of this world. Here is perfection. And it’s all natural. Nothing artificial in this woman and we love it.

Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice nude photos leaked

When Victoria Justice’s nudes were leaked online, she denied that they were real and said that they were fakes. Then she turned around and got upset, somewhat confirming that they were real. They sure looked real enough to us. We don’t understand why she’s upset though. She’s a beautiful, strong, independent woman that looks healthy, well-adjusted and gorgeous naked. She should be nude more often. Maybe a naked FHM photoshoot in the near future? One can only hope. Psssh… see all of Victoria’s leaked pics here.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco nude photos leaked

You’ve seen her in The Big Bang Theory. You think she’s hot. We think so too. So her tits aren’t real. But that doesn’t matter. Kaley Cuoco is still really attractive. Not all her leaked pics were nudes but you’ll see a few of them showing off her boobs. Have fun.

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere photos leaked

Let’s face it, we all had a crush on Hayden Panettiere when she was a cheerleader in Heroes. She’s still beautiful, petite and everyone’s hoping and praying for a sex-tape that will probably never show up because she’s just not that type. Don’t be sad. At least we have these photos.

Sarah Hyland

sarah hyland nude photos leaked

American actress Sarah Hyland is adorable and a major tease on Modern Family, the TV show where she plays a stereotypical teenage girl. She’s always flaunting cleavage on-screen so seeing her leaked pics gives us quite a sense of closure/satisfaction. Bear in mind that her nudes in this leaked set don’t show her face so they’re unconfirmed as of now. Still worth a look, we think.

Irina Shayk

Russian model Irina Shayk is almost always found in sexy bikini or lingerie. Because she looks good in them, duh. But sometimes she gets topless and you get to see her body like this which makes it totally worthwhile.

Olivia Munn

olivia munn leaked photos
Geek goddess Olivia Munn claimed that the nude photos leaked in March 2012 were fakes. She then went on Twitter to say that if anyone hacked her phone, one would only find pictures of babies and cats, thereby revealing how boring she is as a person. Only cats and babies? Psssh. What a granny. The leaked nudes of Olivia Munn however, do not disappoint. There are some sexy lingerie pictures and a completely nude photo which doesn’t include her face.

Christina Aguilera

christina aguiliera nude photos
Christina Aguilera went from being unattainably famous to a National Anthem forgetting, nude drunk in the space of a week. Technically, she’s semi-nude because of the pasties over her nipples but who cares, right? Leaked in December 2010, her reps claimed that the pictures who stolen from her stylist’s computer by a hacker.

Amber Rose

amber rose leaked nudes
Famous for having a dyed blonde buzz cut, big booty and dating Kanye West, Amber Rose had her nude photos leaked online by a staffer’ in 2011. Hip hop honey lovers around the world wept with joy. See the full gallery of Amber Rose nude pics over here.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is one of the few celebrities who was reportedly unfazed by the leaking of naked photos of him. This is either because he’s got a big appendage or he’s unable to form a sense of shame, as shown when he continually forgot to show remorse for smacking Rihanna in the face. Leaked by an ex-girlfriend in 2011.

Kanye West

Another penis! Apparently, Kanye West was always sending pictures of himself to the ladies before he became gigantically famous. And here he is, showing ofs his Monster. Leaked in 2010.

Leighton Meester

leighton meester leaked nude photos
Yes, there’s a Leighton Meester sex tape out there somewhere featuring the naughty Gossip Girl star having sex with her boyfriend. Bad news is nobody’s getting to see it since its blocked from release by her pesky lawyers. Good news? The nude sextape photos of Leighton Meester are naughty enough to stir up anyone’s imagination.

Blake Lively

blake lively nude photos
And now we have another Gossip Girl actress. Miss Serena van der Woodsen aka Blake Lively is a lovely specimen and these leaked naked photos are stunning, to say the least. Of course, Lively claims that the nudes are fake. If they’re fake, these are the best fakes we’ve seen so far. Likelihood of them being real? Extremely high. See all the Blake Lively nude pics here.

Case in point, some of the photos show Blake with fake star tattoos, the same tattoos she wore for the film The Town. Leaked in 2011, all of these Blake Lively nudes were taken with an iPhone, some are full-body nudes and others are close-ups of boobies and other naughty bits.

You might also want to check out our list of the top 500 sexy Blake Lively photos. Yup, non-nudes but incredibly hot stuff. Ms Lively looks amazing in tight dresses.

Kat Dennings

kat dennings leaked nude pictures
In 2010, nude photos of naturally busty Kat Dennings were leaked online. The photos showed her in her bedroom posing on her bed and in front of her webcam. Who the hell is Kat Dennings? She’s an actress of some sort. Does an American sitcom called ‘2 Broke Girls’ and acted in a couple of movies, most notably as the lead in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist opposite an annoying Michael Cera. More stunning non-nude pictures of this voluptuous woman can be seen in our awesome Kat Dennings gallery.

Jessica Alba

jessica alba leaked photos
In 2010, a hacker obtained pictures of Jessica Alba who was then pregnant with daughter Honor Marie. They aren’t exactly full-on nudes but you do get to see her pulling a shirt down to show you her nipples. See all the nudes here. Is that good enough for you, pervert?

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens, star of High School Musical, became the classic ‘teen star’ who was sullied by having a life outside the squeaky-clean bubble of Disney. Hudgens was unfortunate enough to have her photos leaked 3 times in 3 different years. Wow. You might want to check out some of the nude Vanessa Hudgens leaked photos. Totally uncensored so NSFW!


Rumor has it that Rihanna’s naked photographs were leaked online by Chris Brown after they broke up. Pierced nipples. E’nuff said.

Rihanna was very unhappy when her nude photos surfaced on the internet.

“I just felt like my whole privacy was taken before that [by the injury photo] and then, when that came out, I thought, ‘Oh great, so now there’s nothing they don’t know about me and my private life.’ It was humiliating and it was embarrassing.”

We really do feel for you Rihanna. Show your sympathy too by checking out our complete collection of Rihanna nude pics. Yes, we have all the nudes. Hurray.

Christina Hendricks

christina hendricks nude photos
In March 2012, God decided to answer the prayers of 3 billion men: nude photos of Christina Hendricks were leaked online. They were apparently stolen from Christina’s hacked cellphone. Her reps denied that the nude topless pics were her but they look rather real. Her boobs, we mean. Yes, look carefully. Stare into those massive mammaries and tell us what you think.
Christina Hendricks Naked Topless Boobs

Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene Leaked Nude Picture
Ashley Greene Leaked Nude Photos
You know Ashley Greene right? She’s a vampire in the Twilight films. Yes, a sexy dark haired vampire who can see the future. Nude pictures of Ashley Greene showed up on the internet in 2009 and they’re pretty yummy. She’s young, attractive, slender and hot.

Scarlett Johansson

scarlett johansson nude leaked photo

The most lusted after of the lot, Scarlett Johansson managed to melt the entire internet when her boobies broke free. These leaked cellphone selfies are glorious to behold and they made famous online. In case you didn’t realize, these Scarlett Johansson nude pics (yes, click it) are the best thing to ever happen to the internet.

And By Popular Demand…

Many other popular celebs didn’t get their nude pictures leaked online but they have gotten naked before; either sunbathing on the beach, totally indecent public exposure, arty nude photoshoot or some gratuitous sexy scene in a movie/TV show.

Unlike leaked/hacked nudes, there is absolutely no room for ambiguity. They either are naked or not. Every image you’ll see is 100% real and legit. No more faceless boobies. Hell yeah!

Eva Green

eva green nude pics

Probably the best French boobs of all time, Eva Green is known for all-natural body and isn’t shy about getting naked. She’s been nude in most of all movies and we have all the delicious pics here.

Alexandra Daddario

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After her awesome nude scene in True Detective, everyone is obsessed with Alexandra Daddario. And for good reason too. She has one of the most incredible racks of all time. We’re not exaggerating and you can see for yourself.

Margot Robbie

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Bet you started googling for Margot Robbie pics after you watched Wolf of Wall Street. It’s OK. We did the same too. And we’ll help you out by sharing her famous nudes right here.

Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston has been around for a while and she’s a long-time favorite of many. She hasn’t gotten nude too often but thankfully we managed to find these wonderful photos of her floating around.

Natalie Dormer

natalie dormer
Known for roles in Game of Thrones and The Tudors, English actress Natalie Dormer has quite a lot of nude pics floating around the internet from her scenes in both shows.

Cameron Diaz

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Yes, there are nudes of Cameron Diaz and we have them right here in this gallery. If you’ve been wondering what she looks like naked for a long time, you’ll be satisfied. Or maybe not.

Miranda Kerr

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Let’s get this out of the way. Miranda Kerr is a goddess. She’s so incredibly beautiful and has such a wonderfully nubile figure that we’re all eternally grateful that she decided to do a ton of nude photoshoots. See all of her nudes on this page and prepare to fall in love.

Kristen Stewart

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So she’s not exactly known for being sexy. But we found Kristen Stewart’s nude photos just out of curiosity and they’re actually not too bad. K-Stew is a cool chick and we love her. No, really. We do. She’s unique. And charming.

Natalie Portman

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Natalie Portman has gotten naked for some of her films but there’s never really any full frontal nudity or unobscured boob shot. It’s always been very coy and restrained. There are however, real legit Natalie Portman nudes out there and we found them for your viewing pleasure.

Jennifer Lopez

naked movie pics of jennifer lopez
Jenny from the block has a great body and it’s a shame she doesn’t show it off too often. Very early in her movie career, she did some love scenes with full nudity. No pesky hand-bras or weird angles. Just straight-on tits and ass. We think you’ll like them very much.

Amy Adams

Talented American actress Amy Adams is a really versatile actress. It’s a shame we don’t have too many nudes of this woman but the pictures we have over here should satisfy your urges.

Emilia Clarke

Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons. You’ve probably seen Emilia Clarke naked, as have most of the adult human population. But you might want a closer look. You know, for science and research purposes.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is sexy and sexual but she’s surprisingly shy about going fully naked. To date, there are only a couple of topless pictures and they aren’t totally nude too. As such, she remains a mightily skilled cock tease. See all her nudes over here.

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson’s boobs are gorgeous. That’s all we have to say. She’s a beautiful actress that’s super sexy too. Have you seen her with nerd glasses? What a friggin turn on. We love her amazing body and you will too. Welcome to the fan club.

Olivia Wilde

There are lot of things to love about Olivia Wilde. Her eyes which scream all the naughty things she’ll do to you in the bedroom. And her cute little body. She needs to be naked more often. We demand it. You might agree after looking at these pics.

Bonus Round – One Can Only Dream…

So far you’ve seen all the leaked nudes. You also saw the non-leaked naked photos of several popular celebs. But how about the celebs that don’t have any nudes AT ALL? It seems so unfair to leave them out. What can we do to rectify this?

Let’s see how deep this rabbit hole goes..

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is gorgeous, intelligent and too good for most of the men she meets. You’ve seen her grow up in the Harry Potter movies, now you might want to see her naked because she’s pretty much not going to do it too often (if ever).

Selena Gomez

Too cute, too sexy. It’s fun to watch Selena Gomez transition from sweet Disney girl into a sex symbol. But she’s being cautious and making sure she’s not too naughty, too fast. These nude pictures of Selena Gomez should satisfy your urges for now.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is all about the boobies and this awesome specimen of a woman has a glorious pair that demands to seen. We’re looking at these pictures and like what we see so far. You probably will too. You’re welcome.

Emma Stone

Whoa. Emma Stone naked. One can only imagine. One can only dream. Or you could just have a peek at some of the lovely pictures we’ve collected so far.

Taylor Swift

American singer Taylor Swift is right at the top of most people’s lists when it comes to celebs-to-see-naked. And you won’t be disappointed. We certainly weren’t.


  1. Robert says

    Wow……..what a despicable article. Hecklerspray disses people like Chris Brown and his supposed lack of a “sense of shame,” but doesn’t see the hypocrisy in printing the very pictures it purports to be criticizing. Simply despicable!

  2. Rich Fraser says

    To be fair, I think most of the ‘dissing’ of Chris Brown comes from the fact that he beats women.

  3. Nick says

    is the opening of this article a joke? because it sounds pretty serious. i hope that the author realizes that marilyn monroe was the first playboy centerfold ever….

  4. Chloe says

    Despicable. Get over it. They’re tits and dicks. You have one or the other, shut up, it’s not a big deal. You sound Mormon, which is funny, because why would you click on ‘Top 12 Celebrity Nude Photo Leaks-Not Safe For Work’ if you didn’t want to see bitches naked? I clicked on it because I do. They’re fucking hot.

  5. kim says

    get over it, you fucking idiots. It seems you all don’t realize how useful today’s photoshops are. Some of these pics may be real, but for some, they are just photoshopped pics. Just think. Use your shrimp brains.

  6. says

    We’re a tragic generation. Get a partial plump on and snap a pic… Send it out to the world,,, so that the next generation may aspire to one day reach such lofty heights.. Yawn, sigh…..

  7. Reilley says

    As a comment in response to the opening paragraph to this site, there actually are naked photos of Marylin Monroe, you just haven’t seen them 😛

  8. mike says

    lol way to go. that pic of vanessa hudgens is underage (but still hot). that is from the first set of nudes she had sent to Zach Efron when she was 16 or 17.

  9. dusty says

    Lol was just telling my friend i started listening to paramore cuz hayley is hot and look at the tits XD

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  11. my name says

    best = rihanna. oh my damn, but she has a busted ass face and forehead
    worst = snooki. yeah she’s just all around gross

  12. insist says

    LOL most of these are soo fake Random people looking like celeb’s posing nude and getting credit. hmmm…..Who could I be, I know, Bam Margera or so people say. lol what a crock. But I will continue to beat off to these hot women.

  13. pockets says

    paris= real blakes= real ashley = real mileys = real scarletts = real vanessas= real rihannas= real these photos are clearly genuine , mileys face doesn’t showw but we all know shes a horny little bitch. and rihanna confirmed hers and who cares about the rest and that nasty hooo snooky wtf there could have been a much better fill in

  14. Andy says

    I feel I should point out that Marilyn Monroe DID pose for nude pictures. The fact that you said posed rather than leaked led me to believe that you were setting up a joke as she did POSE for the pictures for a professional photo shoot. They also caused controversy when they began circulating when she became more famous, much like the ‘celebrities’ featured here.

  15. Jasper says

    ‘Can you imagine classy icons like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn posing naked for photographs?’
    Marilyn Monroe was the first playboy bunny, jeez, everyone knows that.

  16. crazy says

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