Now The Entire Internet Mocks Justin Bieber

Let?s face it, if you were at school with Justin Bieber you?d have taped a ?Kick Me? sign to his back within about three seconds flat.

Except in MY school it would have said ?Rattle My Wrong ?Un? but that?s another matter. But we?re not in school anymore, and well-known globally annoying boy-girls must now be tormented in a more sophisticated manner, to the extent that Google and not your headmaster has had to step in to prevent Justin Bieber from being picked on.

According to reports, Biebers?s YouTube presence has been hacked, with each video clip of the Canadian appearing with a banner proclaiming him ? hilariously ? to be ?dead?.

YouTube owners Google quickly rectified the matter, whilst Bieber himself was forced to inform the world via Twitter that he was, in fact, still breathing ? much like that kid in your high school who spent all his time denying the rumours that he was a ?bender?.

This has followed recent pranks in which ?Justin Bieber Syphilis? became number one in Google Trend?s ?Hot Searches? list last month and, as reported earlier, the ?World Tour? page of his website was inundated with suggestions he should consider North Korea as a tour destination.

Hecklerspray has never actually suffered the indignity of a ?wedgy?, but we?re of the opinion that Justin Bieber is currently suffering the online equivalent. Maybe it?s time he got a real haircut.

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  1. Flangepiece says

    Try saying his surname three times – you sound like Porky Pig :) Now: cue the whining, humourless Americans…

  2. Kitsune says

    We think he is just as annoying on this side of the pond. And disturbingly creepy. And factually appalling. Please make him stop… Please make his prepubecent squawking stop. Please make the eerily creepy women that find a five year old attractive, stop. Please tell us what is wrong with us americans… because there is something very wrong with us if we have something like this kid…

  3. lishind says

    I agree. it’s boring. those people “making fun” of Bieber are only humiliating themselves by making it very clear how much time they have on their hands…