Now This Is A Royal Wedding- Sir Elton John Is Getting Married

Elton John David FurnishElton John has been with his partner, David Furnish, for over 20 years.? In famous people time, that is basically forever and a day.? Back in 2005 they were legally recognized as civil partners in the United Kingdom and quickly got on the ball to start having babies.

But now the U.K has finally started catching up with the times and has made gay marriage legal, so John and Furnish are running to the altar so they can finally become husband and husband in the eyes of the law.? It’s going to be faaaabulous.

Being just able to call each other “partners” isn’t good enough for either Sir Elton John or David Furnish, and I gotta tell you I don’t blame them one bit.? They are sick of living marriage-lite and want the full fat bodied version.? Finally their home country of the U.K has taken the whole “same sex civil union”?bullshit, shoved it, and gave the green light for husbands and husbands (and wives and wives) everywhere.? So the two of them are immediately going to head back down the aisle so they can not only up their status, but take the title for most amazing British wedding ever (Sorry Kate and William!).

David Furnish did an interview with Attitude and shared their joy and excitement over the new development.

?Elton and I will marry ? as a high-profile couple, we feel it is our duty to do it, to make?sure that everyone knows that this is something that many gay men living in this country never dreamed would happen.?Elton and I both think there is a massive difference between calling someone your partner and calling them your husband. Partner is such an impersonal word and doesn?t adequately describe the love we have for each other.?

The first time around when they got the whole civil thing done, they were simple and understated.? It was a courthouse and that was about it.? It was more about making it legal, taking a stand, not so much the white gown and Viennese hour.?? But that shit is over now, and it’s time to let the glitter fly bitches.???Yea yea, Elton and David are claiming it’s going to be a small affair, but I call bullshit.? This is not a time for small.? This is a time for debauchery and over the top baller status.? They cannot let those bitches from My Super Sweet 16 have done it better than them.

I know he’s a lot older now, but I am seriously hoping Elton pulls out his piano stomping moves from back in the day.? Along with those balling sunglasses.

Furnish also explained that part of this is to help their sons continue to grow up in a world that will hopefully keep going down the path of equality for everyone.

When Zachary and Elijah are grown up and having children of their own, they will ? hopefully ? be living in a world where everyone can be equal, when being married isn’t about whether you’re straight or gay, but simply about being human.”

It really is a pity that two drunk assholes in Las Vegas can get married by a fat stinky ass Elvis impersonator on a whim or lost bet about who is dying next on The Walking Dead, but two men who have been together since the 1980s are only now able to get on the same marital level.

Congratulations to Elton and David.? I hope their marvelous day will be as legendary as Elton himself.? 70s Elton.