Now Rihanna Is Fighting With TLC (And Winning)

TLC vs RihannaLately, it seems like Rihanna has spent more effort fighting with fellow famous people than putting on a bra or looking sober. Just recently, she was fighting with Charlie Sheen after he called her out on Twitter for not meeting up with his porn star fiance. Rihanna did it in a much funnier, more tongue in cheek way than Sheen, which is good because one can only handle so much incoherent rambling.

But fighting with the Warlock wasn’t enough, and now Rihanna has hit back at TLC after the girls allegedly talked shit about Rihanna’s constant need to show off her nipples in public. And kudos for her, because she once again made me choke on my Franzia. While doing an interview with some Australian show called Sunrise, the topic of Rihanna’s areolas came up because what else are you supposed to talk about with 66% of the biggest girl group of the 1990s who haven’t done anything new and useful in a long time? Since they don’t have Left Eye’s tomfoolery anymore to give them press, they need to talk about other questionably sane female singers. T-Boz immediately called out Rihanna for using her tits for fame, and let the world know she is sick of seeing them.

Every time I see you, you dont have to be naked. Its easy to sell sex. Its hard for us to say anything because any time we do, they say, Oh TLC must be jealous, but I call a spade a spade.

Then Chili chimed in about how they are so much classier than that, which is funny because I can’t remember a time I haven’t seen Chili in a midriff.

We became the biggest girl selling group of all time with our clothes on and that says a lot. We could go around too with booby cakes out all day long.

I’ll say it. I could handle some Chili cakes, but T-Boz can keep her clothing on, thank you very much. Also, on the topic of selling sex didn’t these bitches sing about the Red Light district and shit?

Well, of course Rihanna found out about this immediately because she is no better than any other famous person and has her phone set up to alert her ass when her name pops up in the press. And just like with Charlie Sheen, Rihanna took to Twitter to respond to the shit talking in her best shade form. First she changed her Twitter background to a picture of the TLC ladies with no shirts on and some Lee Press-Ons covering their nips:

Rihanna Twitter Background

and then Tweeted this picture:

I can ignore the fact that Rihanna is looking a lot like Whitney “Crack is Whack” Houston in that picture because that shit is hilarious.

Now T-Boz is trying to play “Bad Media!” and say that they never said any of that shit, which I would maybe be inclined to believe but T-Boz’s 14 year old teenage girl type makes me lose all respect for anything she has to say.

If your mind went “Da fuq?” after that sperm one, what she apparently meant to say was, “Their mind was lost when their mamas rubbed too hard wiping their dad’s slow ass sperm out their cooch.” Klassy. Also, all the crazy seems to be coming from T-Boz’s fingers as she straight up massacres the English language.

So, if you believe that T-Boz was talking about another celebrity who shows off their tits all the time, just days after Rihanna showed up in a see through dress at the CFDA awards, then email me because I have a bridge in Brooklyn that Tupac and Elvis are living onto sell you.