Now Avril Lavigne Rips Off Peaches?

Avril Lavigne Rip Off Rubinoos Girlfriend Peaches I’m The KindaAvril Lavigne is slap-bang in the middle of the biggest critical thumping of her life at the moment, thanks to The Rubinoos claiming that one of their songs was stolen by Avril Lavigne for her super annoyo-hit Girlfriend – but that's not the end.

Because now it seems as if Avril Lavigne has been borrowing bits of other songs to use as her own, also. Following the claim by The Rubinoos that the "Hey! Hey! You! You!" hook from Avril's Girlfriend was stolen from the "Hey! Hey! You! You!" hook from their I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend, it's now emerged that Avril Lavigne's I Don't Have To Try seems to be a carbon copy of I'm The Kinda by bearded sex-kraken Peaches. Avril Lavigne has yet to respond to this new ripping-off claim, but the question remains – if Avril Lavigne does keep ripping off other people's songs, then why can't she make any of them sound any good?

Up until last week, nobody had really heard of The Rubinoos, and those that had were probably scared off by the genuinely awful artwork for their Twist Pop Sin album on iTunes, but thanks to all the flap about how much their song I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend sounds like Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne, The Rubinoos are now bigger than The Beatles, Beethoven and Jesus Christ combined.

The plagiarism fuss over Girlfriend has got so out of control that Avril Lavigne herself was forced to briefly stop gobbing spittle at photographers and drinking excessively to jump on her computer and rattle off a quick denial that she'd ever ripped anyone off, adding that she'd never even heard of The Rubinoos, let alone I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend. However, that's not something that Avril Lavigne can really say about I'm The Kinda, a track from Peaches' 2003 album Fatherfucker, especially since July's issue of InStyle magazine sees Avril naming it as one of her five favourite songs. But then, anyone who owns Avril Lavigne's album The Best Damn Thing knew that anyway, since her song I Don't Have To Try is more or less identical. reports:

Just days after an American group filed a lawsuit against her, Avril Lavigne is again being accused of ripping off a song. The opening of “I Don’t Have to Try” from Lavigne’s latest CD, The Best Damn Thing, is being compared to a portion of “I’m The Kinda” by Canadian artist Peaches on some blogs and on YouTube. "It's just utter rubbish," says Terry McBride, president of Nettwerk Music Group, Lavigne's Vancouver-based management company. "I'm quite sure the beats are different."

Oh, different, huh? It just so happens that YouTube has gone crazy with videos comparing I Don't Have To Try by Avril Lavigne to I'm The Kinda by Peaches. Look, here's one now…

While it looks like Peaches isn't going to follow The Rubinoos into suing Avril Lavigne, this new plagiarism claim is the last thing she needs at the moment – and it'll only get worse on Friday when the world finally discovers the similarities between Avril Lavigne's Sk8ter Boi and Jewish Piyyut Shoshanet Ya'akov.

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  1. Internet Pedant says

    Her lack of originality can be explained by my research. You see, in reality (as we know it), Avril Lavigne… does not exist!

    My theory is that she is some kind of amalgum; condensed from the unrequited lustful hankerings of “Half Life 2” t-shirt wearing 30-something male geeks and ink vapours released every time a young woman gets a bum tattoo.

    As Prof. Quatermass would have said, “In a way, WE ALL are Avril Lavigne. [Music hits crescendo, fade to black]

  2. Lisa says

    this is so stupid!!!! she only stole the “hey hey you you” part! i dont get it!!!! Were allowed to copy song TITLES but were not allowed to copy just a few small
    words? the rest of the song is all avril. the rest of the song is what people pay attention to. not the small parts. those rubinoos must have been dropped on their
    heads because they pretty much sued her for no reason!!! they probably want to sue her so they can get money because since they’re not famous anymore
    they are running out of money so they found a way to make some money. now i hope people agree with me that they are suing her for pretty much no reason
    at all. I REST MY CASE. AVRIL LAVIGNE IS INNOCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yatti says

    Wow… It actually does sound close… Anyways doesn’t matter though, who really listens to avril lavigne? Their is sooo much more out there.. Oh and “they” are most likely guilty, still proving a point about copyright though..

  4. tiff says

    okay this is the stupidest thing ive ever come across in my life, she didn’t copy the songs, the only thing is that they may be inspired by these songs but she didn’t “steal” or copy them there’s a big difference i think these ppl sueing her and making these dumb accusations should stop trying to get money cause their old washups now, give the girl a break she writes amazing songs that are hers and no one elses. and internet pendent get a life ur lame. ppl should just shut their mouths and stop digging at something thats not there

  5. Snooze says

    The Rubinoos? Avril might not have copied from them directly, but she sure as hell knew about the cover by The Party that spun non-stop on Disney radio throughout the 90s, not to mention Lush’s great cover of the tune… pay the people who wrote your songs, darlin’

  6. gosoxky says

    It seems that avril has a few enemy’s out there….She does’nt steal ideas any more than Bob Dylan did whwn he was 22……Problem is she’s a lot better looking….And that seems to bother some people

  7. NTHAAN says

    This is RETARTED the only similarites with the Rubinnos song and Girlfriend is “Hey Hey You You” and with peaches does it really matter if it sounds a bit the same maybe cause she liked the song she liked the beat or somthing and accidently thought of it while making I don’t have to try an that part is like 30 secs of the song and i’m not even going to start about Chantel Krevasik and Avril Um just because it’s the same song name that doesn’t matter + Avril doesn’t write the whole song she gets help with the lyrics and beat like all signers! from cowriters ! And come on now something about sk8ter boi! Come on if she copied all those songs she would be screwed someone would of noticed skater Boi by now!

  8. cirss says

    Get Off My Cloud by the Rolling Stones has the same “Hey hey you you” thing, so yeah… uhm take that. Why can’t this idiot just do a cover of a Peaces song instead of molding it into her own crap? Peaches would beat the shit out of her, or try to fuck her.

  9. ysl says

    I cant believe all that story. If Avril copy Peaches,how come can she be favourited. I trust her…! it’s just a bitch lyrics. i dont think that cause much matter,but the important is the song. whose song is favourited than whose! I got that idea,maybe just da kind of jealous!

  10. Keith says


  11. jessica says

    avril lavigne is still a better singer so it does not matter if she took a song from another sing because she sings it better anyways

  12. THE MACHINE says

    Naughty Bad Avril!!

    Damn!! Who do I want- I cannot decide- Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, or Avril!!

  13. Bob Sox says

    Several of the people defending Avril can’t seem to write a coherent sentence. Coincidence? Maybe they need someone to write their posts for them!

  14. u saidit says

    lol, she is just lucky Chantel Kreviazuk has class and already made a fortune in the music business. Avril just openly stole some of her stuff.