No Dinner For OJ Simpson, Says Kentucky Steakhouse

OJ Simpson Restaurant Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse Louisville KentuckyOJ Simpson has been through a lot; accused of murdering his ex-wife and her friend, dragged through an endless civil trial, forced to pay millions of dollars to the victim's father – and now OJ Simpson can't even go to a restaurant for his tea.

It's been reported that the owner of a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky refused to serve OJ Simpson or his entourage any food last week because of the way that OJ Simpson has behaved in the wake of the murders he stood trial for. But OJ Simpson isn't going to take the snub lying down – he has plans to try and strip the restaurant of its liquor license, sue the owner of the restaurant and quickly pen a book entitled If I Did Eat This Steak, Here's How Much Food Poisoning I'd Have Got From The Rancid Meat That Bunch Of Jokers Use.

Is it just us or is Louisville, Kentucky the centre of the chuffing world at the moment? First Larry Birkhead flew Anna Nicole Smith's baby straight to Louisville and now restaurant owners from Louisville are refusing to serve OJ Simpson any food. Yes, these two minor facts qualify Louisville, Kentucky to be centre of the world. Don't start questioning our judgement.

Anyway, as E! Online reports, OJ Simpson and his entourage of 12 apparently sat down for a meal at the local Jeff Ruby's steakhouse last week only for Jeff Ruby himself to send them all on their way. This is Jeff Ruby's take on the matter:

"He continues to torture the lives of the families whose lives he ruined. This was the only thing I could do for the victims' families"… [Ruby] then found Simpson and told him, "I am not serving you," to which he received no reply. Ruby said Simpson approached a few minutes later and agreed to leave. As the group exited, Ruby claimed that about 50 other diners in the room "stood up and applauded." "It was the first time since 1994 he has ever shown any class,” Ruby said. 

Jeff Ruby's Simpson-refusing fury seems to in part be down to If I Did It, Here's How It Happened – the book that describes how OJ Simpson would have murdered his ex-wife and her friend if it was him that did it, which it wasn't, so shut up.

So far If I Did It, Here's How It Happened hasn't really had the effect that OJ Simpson wanted it to. The book caused such an outrage that all copies were pulped, the publisher was fired, choice chapters were leaked to magazines and Ron Goldman's dad ended up trying to sue OJ Simpson. And now the book means that OJ Simpson can't enjoy a delicious steak at his leisure either. It's almost enough to stop anyone from writing hypothetical confessions to the murder of a couple of people who actually did get murdered anyway.

But OJ Simpson seems to think that the Jeff Ruby steak shun was more down to racism than moral outrage, and his lawyers appear to be working on some kind of legal action against the restaurant – legal action admittedly let down by the fact that, prior to the murder trial, Jeff Ruby had a giant picture of OJ Simpson in his restaurant.

Claims that OJ Simpson went straight from the restaurant to a field where he stabbed a cow to death and ate it raw with his bloody fingers are unconfirmed and mostly made up.

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  1. Clarence Hanley says

    Thursday May 10th, 2007 6:28 AM

    The book, AN ODE TO SATIRE – The Untold Story of O.J. Simpson, by Clarence Gleason Hanley, is very impressive and very representative toward some understanding of your published story on Wednesday, May 9th, 2007, 10:18 PM.

    This story sets the tone with an ode, referencing how caught up and determended the media and society was and has been in this frenzy of O.J. Though the story is told in satire, it brings out a side of our jurisprudence system in a way that calls all of us into question. The book is not religious, but a word can sat a tone that is representative of all of our problems here in America and our way of life – and thinking – toward the Iraqi War for instance. Peace with war they seem to call it. The Tenth Commandment means nothing with these types.

    I think it has been a very long time since we have taken a very good look in the mirror at ourselves and our mentalities. Surely some sort of armageddon is just around the corner, if we don’t mend our ways as a people.

    The saddness, is that an item like O.J. Simpson tells so much about the way Americans are and are headed. Destruction could be a proper word. When I look around me and see so many of our politicians in a politely mean-spirited mode, when I look at our past history of race, justice, spousal abruse, etc., how we are raising our children and a host of so many other things – like the food we injest – some sort of armageddon is just a few – not light years – unsuspecting years around the corner. Ezekiel 38 tells us so, and so does Revelation. Somehow… we think we can rally along without notice and intention of these realities.

    When I consider the Iraq War, I wonder. I wonder if we are the selfish nation that we think that we are not. There is dialog that goes with that notiion, which I will not discuss in this piece, but we have internal problems that we are not reflecting on. Yes! We flush over them each and every day, but we do not internalize. Our politicians are surface, and so are we the public.

    If the media can give us an idiology to run with, we will take it to our grave until the media changes their toon. Yes! The media has each of us on a roller coaster – and so does our politicians and sad to say, most of our ministers of scripture.

    Motive… What are these peoples motives. Is it a selfish one. Is it money for their – already filled – coffers. Is it power they each seek. Where is the widom for those who live in a land of ‘milk and honey’ – some will call it. Could God have taken this land from the Native Indians and given it to ones so callous toward human nature, land, people, and wisdom. Perhaps we had been scavenger hunters in settling America and even Saddam. If we were using our heads, or if we could just realize history, that when nature goes so awry there has to be a balance. In Noah’s day, the balance was the Ark.

    I will close this piece by saying todays balance is to learn to love your neighbor as yourself. God also says to love your enemy. It’s taking time for Americans to do that. An Ode to Satire is a very good read. It is the Untold Story of O.J. Simpson – READ IT. It is about the Simpson trial only. We need to start some where.



  3. Internet Pedant says

    @ Clarence Hanley: Yes, but, er…. he did it, didn’t he?

    Perhaps your next book could be about someone a little less… stabby?

  4. says

    Ruby is RIGHT! His business, his right to refuse service. Not because simpson is black but because simpson is a rich black that got away with murder. when you are rich enough, you can buy off enough people to get away with murder. Oregon supports Ruby.

  5. Clarence Hanley says

    I argue you not, but the book holds more wisdom than one will indicate in a single message. Internet Pedant, as you know, our land of milk and honey is growing more sour by the minute. This land is left to our talking points, action, and our wisdom. We will not get that from our leaders – and you know that. We all need time to think. We are to polarize and mean-spirited. Not you, but surely you are looking around your neck of the woods. My God I say, what can we do.

  6. Jim Batley says

    I am wondering if restaurant owner Jeff Ruby is related to nightclub owner Jack Ruby, who took even stronger action against a notorious (alleged) murderer in Dallas a few years back.

  7. sheri says

    Yeah! I wish more people would refuse OJ; however, the man should be in prison and not on the street. People could really piss him off and he may go off again some day, and kill some other innocent victims. I still feel very bad for his children.

  8. says

    Clarence Hanley:

    Your post looked like it was supposed to make sense, like it was going somewhere, but then rambled about and changed subjects too often to follow without a stiff drink first (preferably several stiff drinks). Let’s follow your train of thought:

    Book about O.J. –> Iraq War –> Self-Consciousness –> World Destruction –> O.J. –> Politicians –> Random shit –> Bible –> Iraq –> Media –> Motives –> Native Americans –> Noah’s Ark –> Book about O.J.

    How anyone could relate O.J. Simpson to Noah’s Ark is beyond me – it was like the game Seven Steps to Kevin Bacon. “Here’s a tough one: in seven steps or less, relate Noah’s Ark to O.J. Simpson!” That post reminds me of when my brother was addicted to meth, stayed up for five days in a row, and babbled one long, incomprehensible sentence for three hours straight that simultaneously went everywhere and nowhere. Sure, he was technically speaking English words, but the end product didn’t make a lot of sense. I will at least admit that beat him in that you used periods, in an effort to distinguish between sentences.

    My head hurts.

  9. Clarenc Hanley says

    To Viking Lumberjack, I say right on. Perhaps a 360 circle, or an around the world message will be necessary before we all get an understanding about the course we are on. Perhaps that drink, or several of them will be necessary for both of us, before we get the real message.

    Viking Lumberjack, my argument is not with you. It is with my country that I love and its leaders. In fact, I love the world and all of its people. My argument is with the course we are all on. These days, we are so polarized that I think it will be impossible for us to make a 360 back to some normacy and perhaps peace. I really think Senator McCain has part of it right. We will all follow that bad guy back to the gates of hell. The question is why. Why should we.

    Remember this, I only mentioned the Iraqi War, Media, Motives, Native Americans, Noah’s Ark and O.J. because it all has something to do with the course we are on – and our American mentality. We will both have to be sober to get to the nuts and bolts of this matter – but we can. In other words, we both need to be sober and matching our wits with thoughtful wisdom. In addition, I mentioned Noahs Ark, because… it was then, and only then, when God could not take any more of our mess – that he brought an end to our types. That was what Noahs Ark and world destruction was all about. As for as the politicians are concern. I think they are the ones most likely to take us closer to that destruction and we will all be following them there. That is what we do. We follow.

    Viking Lumberjack, believe me O.J. is just one pea in the pod.

    In any event, read my book and let’s talk again sometime. The book is about that silly 8-9 month trial – so I did the book in satire. Believe me, we are both on the same page. My book is not about any of the things you allued to. I needed to say those things because we all seem to be headed in opposite directions in civil, domestic, and world pursuits. My book is about healing. I simply needed to speak about those matters in this piece. I got your message loud and clear – random shit… smile.

  10. says

    Clarence is john Lennon and the pope in the mothership with you??? Could you tell them to turn off the 700 club and that you forgot to take your pills.