Nicole Scherzinger Without Makeup


Former stand out and lead singer of burlesque-pop act, “The Pussycat Dolls”, Nicole Scherzinger, is impressive not only for her talent, but her excessive hotness.

It is only because she is so sexy that she continues to thrive in an industry that seems determined to reject her various attempts at a solo recording career (for reference, look up singles “Whatever U Like”, “Supervillain”, and the abysmal “Puakenikeni”). Currently, the sex-on-legs singer serves as a judge on the popular reality show, “The Sing-Off”, alongside Ben Folds and Shawn Stockman.

So, with a career based heavily on outer beauty, Nicole Scherzinger must work hard to keep up appearances. So, one has to ask, what does Nicole Scherzinger look like without makeup on??

Nicole Scherzinger Without Makeup

The answer is: pretty much the same. Damn. What lies beneath all that unadulterated sizzle is merely more scorching hotness. Whether she is working the red carpet, dropping it like it’s hot, or taking a dip in the ocean, Ms. Scherzinger has clearly got her shit on lock. Seeing what she looks like without makeup, makes one think that she must not being wearing very much makeup in the first place. Or perhaps she is just a dazzling mirage?

Nicole Scherzinger With No Makeup

Perhaps even more disappointing is that when she is trying to be goofy and “real”, she still looks better than 75% of the American populace. In the above photo that has been splashed across the Internet, Scherzinger seems to be posing for a trendy makeup-free, “keepin’ it real” Twit pic. However, even without a killer hairstyle and outfit, she still looks great. Fabulous cheekbones and well-groomed eyebrows don’t just disappear when you take your eyeliner off, honey! ?Keepin’ it real, indeed. The fact that she probably feels so silly and unattractive in this picture, is what makes her so endearing; she feels like she’s one of the many average-looking people out there, even though she’s not. How ridiculous and sweet all at the same time.

Perhaps everyone should at least attempt to?listen?to her next single, should she ever decide to release another one; we owe it to her ridiculous level of hottitude (with or without makeup) and humility. But I guess you can do Whatever U Like.


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