Nicole Kidman Without Makeup

Something strange has been happening to Nicole Kidman’s face in recent years – and, no, it isn’t the normality that is the aging process. With every passing year, one more facial muscle is relieved of its mobility, presumably thanks to the Botox boogeyman.

When these photos of Nicole Kidman without makeup came to my attention, I was surprised to see that the Australian actress who, by the way, has very clear skin – can actually move her face, looking like she’s just been stung by a wasp and/or read reviews of the crap that was ‘Australia’.

Then again, the 45-year-old star may be trying out the 12 Steps Program for botox addicts here and, in the depths of brutal cold turkey withdrawal, she’s calling out, “Hey! I can’t take this frowning anymore! Gimme the botox!”

The second image of the ‘Moulin Rouge!’ actress without war paint was taken while she was shopping for maternity wear during her pregnancy back in 2008. Again, Nicole’s skin is clear, although she looks like she just saw Tom Cruise in the children’s wear section.

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