Silly Nicole Kidman Still Loves Telephathic Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman DuJour coverOscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman divulged some interesting information?about her marriage and subsequent break-up with creepy superstar/Scientologist Tom Cruise in DuJour magazine’s Winter issue. The most?noteworthy revelation is that Nicole did actually love Tom and didn’t want the marriage to end.

I always assumed that?Nicole and Tom’s?relationship was exactly the same as I assumed Tom’s relationship with Katie Holmes was … despite being minor stars themselves when the relationship began, Nicole and later Katie were starstruck and flattered by the attention of?someone of his stature (not height-wise, but prominence-wise), but then gradually they?realized that he was kind of awful. Based on Nicole’s interview, however, it seems that?wasn’t the case?… for her anyway.

Nicole?and Tom met on the filming Days of Thunder in 1989 and?got married very shortly afterwards,?when she was 23 years old and he was 28. About her feelings for Tom, she tells DuJour: “I was totally smitten–I fell madly, passionately in love.”

They each made movies … some good, mostly bad … including Eyes Wide Shut in which you get to see Nicole peeing. In 2000, Tom filed for divorce on the grounds of “irreconcillable differences.” Five years after the split, Nicole told?Ladies? Home Journal about the?relationship:

?[Tom] was lovely to me and I loved him. I still love him.”

Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman with Their Children

One issue which is widely believed to have caused a major rift in their relationship was Tom’s devotion to the absurd, fantasy-land religion, Scientology. By all accounts, Nicole never?fully bought into Scientology, having been raised in what she calls a “close-knit” Catholic family. Despite this major ideological divide, Nicole maintains that she worshipped Tom, telling DuJour:

“I would have gone to the ends of the earth for him.”

Sadly, the ends of the earth mean nothing to a Scientologist?who aspires to Operating Thetan Level ?XII. During their marriage, Nicole and Tom adopted two kids, Isabella and Conor, who were homeschooled and raised to be lunatics anxiously awaiting their glorious ascent into Xenu’s?army or whatever the fuck?Scientologists believe. Following their parents’ divorce, the kids chose to stay with Tom in L.A., while Nicole moved to her home country, Australia.

In 2002, Nicole won an Oscar for her portrayal of Virginia Woolf in The Hours, and a few years later, met and married country singer, Keith Urban. After Tom left her, Nicole tells DuJour “It took [her] a very long time to heal. It was a shock to the system. … I wanted to fall in love again, but I wasn’t sure I could.”

Nicole has not been photographed with Bella and Connor, now 19 and 17 years old respectively and both still living in L.A., for several years. In 2010, Nicole said “I’d love them to live with [Keith and me], but what can you do?” Nicole and Keith have two daughters of their own, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. While that statement about wanting her older kids live with her sounds flippant and insincere, you have to think they’re all better off. Growing up around country music has got to be damaging enough without the added influence of Scientology wackiness.

My basic opinion of Nicole Kidman is that her taste in men is questionable. I find it difficult to buy into women who pretend to be into men shorter than they are. And Nicole has gone?overboard with the Botox to the point that her face is pretty fucked-up looking … not Meg Ryan or Courteney Cox level fucked-up, but pretty fucked up.?That said, she has always seemed very sweet. And, while it’s sad to hear about her heartbreak,?she’s way better off without that awful Tom Cruise.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, and kids


  1. NotBuyingItInNashville says

    Keith only married Nicole for the fame status and money she could bring him. Nicole married a drug addict partier in an attempt to get back at Tom. When Katie had Suri all of a sudden barren Nicole finds herself fertile and with child. Ask her about the paparazzo beating she had her goons orchestrate when they photographed something she didn’t want known.

  2. RC says

    Get your facts straight, NotBuyingIt.

    Nicole found out she was pregnant — & suffered a miscarriage — a few weeks after Tom dumped her back in 2000, shortly after their 10th wedding anniversary. She also suffered an ectopic pregnancy early on in in that marriage.

    Katie gave birth to Suri, Tom’s first biological child, in April 2006. Nicole married Keith in June 2006 then gave birth to their first child in July 2008.

    Nicole has said publicy that she’s endured repeated fertility treatments & multiple miscarriages in her lifetime. So you are clearly talking out your ass by calling her ‘barren’. Nicole & Keith used IVF to conceive their 1st child, then hired a surrogate for their 2nd daughter.

    And exactly how would marrying a drug addict “get back” at Tom? Neither Tom nor Nicole were ever into drugs, so I imagine dating a cokehead was the last thing Nicole ever thought she’d do. Keith ended up in rehab not long after they married, but there haven’t been any reports of him falling off the wagon since then. And a woman who wants to one-up her ex for dumping her does so by marrying someone richer, more powerful in his field & better looking than her previous husband. Keith is none of those things. So there’s no reason not to believe that Nicole married Keith for the same reason she married Tom — because she fell in love with him & believed his feelings were mutual.

    Unlike during her years with Tom, you rarely see Nicole & Keith together at Hollywood events. Keith hasn’t made a single move since marrying Nicole, so he clearly isn’t riding her coattails to advance himself in Hollywood. He makes plenty $$ on his own selling records, so he didn’t need Nicole’s cash. And because she has 2 children from her previous marriage, I’m sure Nicole insisted on a pre-nup this time around.

    Nicole Kidman comes from a strong, solid family that taught her to value marriage & take it seriously, unlike a lot of folks in Hollywood. I’ll bet my last dollar that Tom will announce his engagement to Wife #4 sometime in 2013. But I think Keith & Nicole are a lovematch that will last until one of them dies, because they take their marriage seriously & have both learned from their past mistakes.

  3. An says

    Tom Cruise divorced Nicole Kidman because he had fallen for Penelope Cruz, while filming “Vanilla Sky”. There were rumours about this shortly after he announced his intention to divorce but it was denied by both Cruise’s and Cruz’s reps. Of course come July of that year after the divorce was finalized, they went public with their relationship.

  4. farah says

    When Nicole did face cover on magazines it came with interviews. They always questioned her about her past marriage with tom. She is telling the truth. But that doesn’t mean she still loves him. She loves Keith now that for sure. Please don’t twist her story. Why do people now like to hear exaggerated and untrue stories? Are we that low now?