Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Officially Engaged – This Time We Mean It

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban EngagedIt's a done deal.  

For months now, the press has been wondering exactly what kind of relationship Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are having.  First they're getting married, then they're not getting married, then each other's stunt doubles don't count as cheating… the list goes on. The rumours have been flying like a fall flock of southbound geese.

Nicole Kidman herself said it – Keith Urban is her fiance. Now if only she could have a baby and name it something that also doesn't exist in Hebrew, she'd be totally keeping up with the Cruises.

Nicole Kidman let it slip to People Magazine that she and the Urbanator are engaged. She was hosting an event for UNIFEM (the United Nations Development Fund for Women), and she brought Urban along as a date. Her exact quote was:

"He's actually my fiance, I wouldn't be bringing my boyfriend."

Bam! There you have it. Keith Urban's spokesman, Paul Freundlich, confirmed the statement. Kidman's rep said:

"I'll leave that confirmation to Paul. That's the old-fashioned, traditional way of announcing such things."  

No specific date has been set for the wedding. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban met in January '05, and the real relationship speculation started the next July.

This all leaves us very confused. Why, just last week she said she still loves Tom Cruise, and the week before that (if memory serves correct) she was begging hecklerspray for just one slow dance. We didn't like the DJ's song of choice, so we refused her request. She looked real glum.  

Hey Kidman – next time why don't you hire someone with a little more Roxette in their catalogue.

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[story by Shawn Lindseth]