Nicki Minaj And Rihanna To Save The World With Vague Lesbianism

Rihanna is amazing in every single way. Just deal with it. We’ve tried to think of negatives concerning her, but ultimately, can’t. And she’s teamed up with the cartoon doodle of a human, Nicki Minaj.

You know Nicki Minaj, right? She’s the one who looks a bit like a blow-up doll, as imagined by a Manga animator who has been having wet-dreams after watching Barbarella.

Well, the two have teamed-up, in what must be some people’s ideal hook-up (musically, sexually, whatever) and of course, some people’s idea of pure, undiluted hell. Either way, they’re both tag-teaming, grabbing each other’s arses which, of course, is set to save the world. No, seriously.

So, Rihanna and Minaj are working together on the MC’s next single ‘Fly’ and, over the weekend, Rihanna tweeted a photo of the two on-set pulling stoopid faces while in full costume for the video. Nothing really to report there, right?

As you can see in the snap below (which Rihanna tweeted), the ‘Rubeboy’ singer is showing off bright red hair and pouting like a Geordie in a nightclub while Nicki has gigantic eyelashes and an afro quiff alongside the kind of bra that could quite easily have your eye out.

Just swell. But you want to know about vague lesbianism, don’t you? Mucky git.

RiRi tweeted:

“Me and Nikki in our new crib, lol! Gettin busy on set of FLY!!! Its so hard to keep my hands off!”

D’aw! You girls! What are you like? We’ll tell you what they’re like – Rihanna can’t spell Nicki Minaj, as the rapper pointed out eloquently:

“Lol. If we’re gonna liv 2gthr and hook up u gotta learn how 2 spell my name! Lmaooooooo”

Of course, with Minaj being openly bisexual, this will no doubt leave some of you dirty buggers picturing the pair all naked and doing the sex. Shame really because, while Rihanna seemingly can’t keep her hands off Minaj…

“I love Ri Ri! I mean, when she’s not grabbing my ass, she’s a sweet girl”

…the pair are actually trying to save the world. That’s right. Our failing species is going to get salvation for Rihanna and Nicki Minaj’s new promotional video for a song about flies.

Says Minaj:

“We’re going to save the world in more ways than one with the video, and that’s all I can say about that.”

So start showing some stinkin’ respect for these two, okay? They’re modern day superheroes (with the costumes and everything) with… er… nice racks.

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  1. Bobby says

    The only way these two will save the world is because of all the wasted sperm cells shot off onto bedsheets and tissues that could have potentially been humans just as stupid as these girls’ fans.

  2. T-Cake says

    If the world’s saving grace is going to be a pair of lesbians, I’m perfectly okay with these two leading the charge. Good looks and a background in hip-hop pretty much top off the classic superhero resume.