Nia Long Without Makeup


nia long no makeup

For all his laughable mishaps over the years, Kanye West is smart enough to make use of fellow celebs who, unlike him, aren’t susceptible to drowning in their own egoism from time to time. He used a fat pay check to lure pretty ‘Boyz n the Hood’ actress Nia Long to feature in his video for 2006 hit ‘Touch The Sky’.

You may not be used to seeing Nia Long without makeup and, judging by the vaguely shell-shocked look on her freshly scrubbed face in the first photo, Nia may not be used to it either.

Ordinarily, the 41-year-old star isn’t prone to caking on makeup, so the disparity between makeup-wearing Nia and makeup-free Nia isn’t as gulf-like as seen in the unnerving case of Pamela Anderson, for instance. She just looks like a misplaced member of Salt-N-Pepa here.

You can see in the second picture of the beautifully bare-faced ‘Soul Food’ protagonist that she’s thinking, “I learned a valuable lesson then – never, ever give Kanye West your phone number.”


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    Are you kidding me! Nia is pretty with or without make-up. She is just stunning and what straight man would not walk a mile to get next to her, I’d walk a few hundred miles if need be. I just love that woman – all of her, in make-up or not.

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