New Avatar Teaser Trailer: WOW! The TECHNOLOGY!

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Avatar, the new James Cameron sci-fi movie, is currently being spoken about as if it’s already a masterpiece.

This isn’t down to Avatar‘s game-changing adoption of brand new 3D technology, though, or the fact it’s been a decade in the making because most cinemas just haven’t been equipped to screen it until now. No, Avatar is supposed to be a masterpiece because it’s a Michelle Rodriguez film that doesn’t make people want to deliberately hurt themselves.

And now we can see the very first fruits of James Cameron’s Avatar – the Avatar teaser trailer has just been premiered on the internet.

So what does this teaster trailer teach us about Avatar? Well, it’s early days but we think we’re correct in assuming that James Cameron + bleeding edge computer animated motion capture technology + a rumoured production budget of close to $300 million = a MTV2 alternative rock video from 1993. With something that sounds worryingly like a Robson and Jerome soundtrack. This film is going to rule.

UPDATE – OK, there goes our credibility. Turns out this is a fake trailer after all. But the real one had better feature hundreds of library clips of clocks and plants, too, or else we’re going to get punchy.

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  1. Kellogg Knackerman says

    “This ‘teaser’ has been floating around the internet for a year. It’s a fake”

    Thank God for that!

    It looks wank.

  2. smarT says

    This is a fake genius. Serves you right for the Rodriguez diss. Have you not seen Girlfight? Battle in Seattle? Come on.

    Anyway AVATAR will blow away all notions of what filmmaking is supposed to be and open a whole new world on what it can be.

  3. gir says

    “Anyway AVATAR will blow away all notions of what filmmaking is supposed to be and open a whole new world on what it can be.”


  4. STP says

    New Heckler Spray AVATAR News: WOW! The Loss of Credibility!

    LOL! Trying to write a news piece based on a year old fan made trailer.

    No news here, just another geek in his basement playing wannabee journalist.

    Do your research scooter!

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