Naya Rivera Has Been Fired And “Glee” Just Became Less Interesting

Naya RIvera Fired Let’s be honest, Glee has pretty much sucked for a while now.? It went from cute and interesting, to lame and stupid pretty quickly once kids started graduating.? The only thing that saved the show was a few of the original cast members, including my personal favorite Lord Tubbington, and the HBIC Santana.? But then those lifesaver become incredibly underutilized, and the suckness began to take control.

Just last week, there was a huge blow up on set involving the two divas, Naya Rivera and Lea Michele.? It was a battle of the cheap knock offs, and it ended up KarRiverashian storming off set.? Now it’s being said that Naya was fired, which means that a show that was already two sheep away from putting my to sleep just magically got even more uninteresting.

Lea Michele annoys me to no end both in real life and on Glee.? Maybe it’s her character’s total need for everyone to kiss her ass constantly with her fake self esteem issues, while simultaneously KNOWING that she can sanggg.? Maybe it’s because Rachel Berry is a psycho most of the time, and I don’t believe that is Lea needing to act at all.? Who knows what it is that makes some famous people just irritate me, that list is quite long.

It’s been long said that all the diva shit you’d expect from Rachel Berry, Lea Michele owns in real life on a bigger level.? There have been rumors of fights between her and almost everyone on the cast.? The feud that has really started steam rolling these last few months is the one between her and Naya Rivera, who plays Santana Lopez, aka the Puerto Rican bitch that makes my heart flutter with every nasty (and hilarious) tear down.? Depending on who you ask, of course, the person responsible for the tiff changes.

Just recently there was a huge bitch fest that occurred on set, ending with Naya leaving.? Naya’s people said Lea was being a diva bitch and holding up filming. Lea’s people (aka Lea)?said Naya just has anger issues and was losing her shit for no reason. Now, it’s come out that Rivera has not only been fired from the show, but actually written out of the last few episodes of this season that she was supposed to appear in.? Some sources are saying she was written out of the finale, but she wasn’t actually fired.? Hmm, I can smell bullshit even through the interwebz, FYI.

The. Fuck. Fox.? I know, I know.? Glee basically centered around Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson, and since the bad shit took Corey Monteith away, you can’t afford to lose your other lead.? But FUCK.? Glee sucks now.? It sucks.?And the one ray of beautiful brown butter light you had left was Santana strutting her shit in skirts almost short enough to show the world the status of her floors, knocking bitches down all around her with some well timed and brutally honest quip about bitches needing stitches and a diet.

Now who is going to put that annoying ass whiny Rachel Berry back in her place when she starts treading into asshole territory?? Everyone else puts their dicks between their legs when Barry starts acting a fool and just lets her get away with it.? Santana was the only reason many, including my hateful ass, still watched this crap.? I guess I will just have to do the next best thing and overdose on RuPaul’s Drag Race to get my fix in of bitches with way too much foundation cutting ratchet tricks down with a good insult and hair flip. Sashay, away.