Narcissistic Rihanna Needs To Lay Off The Selfies


Rihanna genuinely seems like one of those pop stars or celebrities that doesn’t care what you think. So what if you photograph her smoking a massive joint in public? She doesn’t care.

So what if you end up taking a topless photo of her while she’s changing in the classic paparazzi long-lens perveathon? She’ll shrug it off and get on with her day. But for her sake, she needs to do one thing, because she has an addiction. And it’s a one which is common to many people nowadays.

She’s way too attached to social media.

That’s right, I said it. Rihanna should have an internet time out.

The latest such example of her overwillingness to overshare via social media means was just this past weekend, where she bombarded Twitter users and followers of hers with not one, not two, but five photographs of her behind the scenes at a magazine shoot.


That’s all well and good, but imagine that she’s not Rihanna. Imagine she’s me or you. Now imagine the reaction that we’d get if we posted five relatively inane selfies online in short succession. We’d get a mountain of unfollows.

Admittedly, a few people defriending Rihanna might not have that much of an impact – she does have 27.9 million followers, after all – but still, there’s a precedent here. You have to be careful not to annoy people on Twitter.

The whole site works on the basis that if you share a decent amount of interesting stuff, people will continue to follow you, and new people will flock to your profile. I’m arguing here that there are only so many bootylicious selfies or downblouse shots that I can take before I get sick of it and end up following someone else like @GuyFieri.

Rihanna selfie

I’m aware that may just be me. Other people may have different opinions, but I do believe you have to be super careful around Twitter, because followers are fickle. Give them a little bit of a good thing and they’re fine. Flood their feed and they’ll become disillusioned and disenchanted.

It’s not the first time that such a thing has happened, either. Ri-Ri’s not afraid of the old selfie. In fact, she does it more than teenaged girls do.

Let’s just be thankful that she hasn’t yet found out about Snapchat. Can you imagine the boredom we’d all have of her Snapchatting naked pictures of herself to random people? Jeez…let it go already.


  1. Dinnyq says

    If you know she doesn’t care what’s the point of you writing this? She will continue taking selfies and her fans will continue to fawn over her. You don’t give to look. They’re harmless!

  2. Mangosta says

    I suppose it would be an exercise in futility similar to trying to teach a hamster to play Jenga to point out that you don’t ‘give’ to read this either. You twerp.

  3. Lauren says

    Completely agree. I had to unfollow her on Instagram/Twitter because I couldn’t stand how vain and vacuous she is. You’re also right in saying she couldn’t care less… which annoys me more.

    Her arrogance is ASTOUNDING.