MySpace Trawl – Turisas

Turistas MySpace TrawlOnce again MySpace Trawl is here again to help you discover the most interesting and different sounding music out there, be it a group off old men beating bits of metal off generators to people doing odd things with children’s toys, it’s all good to us. 

This week, we know you'll be as excited as us when we tell you about our featured band Turisas. Hailing from Finland, Turisas are a death metal band that serves some seriously heavy audio action. It’s not the fact that Turisas have an orchestral feel to them that makes them stand out. A metal band with an accordion and violin player! What’s next? Well, we’re not sure – but fucking hell, this band rock purely because their lead singer is called Warlord. 

Yup, while record shopping the other day, we discovered a promo with the track Rasputin on it. The music was top notch, but seriously, a guy called Warlord? That really is the shit and we give him total respect. Just listen to Turistas and appreciate the sheer awesomeness of them. Anyone who saw Eurovision winners Lordi will know them, as they both toured together a few years ago.

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  1. Iain Paysant says

    The band name is consistantly misspelled through this – they are called Turisas. Only the title is accurate. BTW, they rocked supporting Lordi! That wasn’t a few years ago, it was last year.

  2. smurf says

    first off the band name is not misspelled anywhere in this…secondly they are not a death metal band they are a viking metal band. there are plenty of differences between the two