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l_69174a158ce247d0bbdcfbfb63f2b9a3Certain cities have various scenes that have been established over time. For bands that get involved, it?s all fine and dandy for them.

Look no further than Oasis and The Smiths from Manchester who set the bar for others to follow. But then again, not everyone wants to crank out indie music which continually sounds stale after every release. Still, a solid fan base will lap it up.

Other towns may not have such a strong musical heritage, but they put their stamp on where there from. Leicester, for example, may not be bursting with quality artists apart from breakaway act Kasabian ? but do they really offer anything else apart from modernising Britpop ten years too late? Asides from producing tasty Walkers crisps, Leicester hasn?t been known for music. For some of you, this may change after listening to Silent Devices.

It almost sounds like an oxymoron. How can a band with the word ‘silent’ in their name produce any noise? Is it just an elaborate and rubbish joke by us because we again forgot our submission deadline? Of course not. Of course not.

Silent Devices make music that has a soft and comforting feel to it. The slow-paced sounds don?t gradually build up and turn into something fast-paced and frenzied. Instead, the peppered addition of vocal over the hazy-sounding guitars make this perfect music for lounging around to. Put it this way, if Mogwai got a little bit happier and less cynical of the world, this is what they?d sound like. That’s unlikely to happen any time soon, so please invest in this lot instead.

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