Movies From Beyond: Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Teen Wolf

Welcome along to this week’s instalment of Movies From Beyond.

For the initiated amongst you, this is the dark, damp corner of hecklerspray where we delve into the world of the B-movie, the cult favourites and the forgotten gems. We love it and so should you – if needed we can apply a Jedi mind trick to make you see things our way.

First of all, we feel it is our duty to mention One Missed Call Рwe ventured out to the local megaplex last night to check out the latest American remake of a J-horror scarefest. We left feeling robbed Рit was bland, unoriginal and really came  across like a third-rate remake of The Ring.

This week: Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Teen Wolf!

Before it ever appeared on TV, Buffy The Vampire Slayer appeared in ’92 as a movie and, whilst it is hard to get hold of DVD, we recommend you give it a go. The story is that Buffy is the chosen one, the new slayer, although she is a typical 90s 90210 wannabe. Donald Sutherland (?) takes her under his wing and trains her to beat the dark dwellers six ways from Sunday with nothing but martial arts and wooden stakes.

Yeah, it looks a bit dated now –¬† but there are some brilliant lines like “Get out of facial,” plus it features Luke Perry who actually WAS in Beverly Hills 90210.

In our opinion it is miles better than the TV series that followed and well worth watching, although remember the crosses and garlic when you do.

Released just after one of the greatest 80s Michael J Fox movies, Back To The Future, came Teen Wolf – the movie that had the man himself struggling with the fact he was a teenage werewolf. See what they did there?

He was minding his own business doing all those wholesome teen activities like playing basketball, going to school and surfing on cars whilst listening to the Beach Boys when one day he grew hair where there wasn’t hair before and became instantly more cool and popular. If you are a fan of the slightly ridiculous then this is the one for you.

You can get the double feature DVD easily (it has the really poor sequel starring Jason Bateman on there as well) however, in our opinion you should get it just for the greatest movie mistake of all time. As the end credits role at the end of the big basketball game look over to the grandstand and see the guy in the Police Academy T-shirt doing his flies up! Classic!

[story by Simon Woodley]

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