Miranda Kerr Has Billionaires Fighting Over Her

Miranda KerrMiranda Kerr is one of those lucky bitches that you kind of hate because somewhere deep inside, you’d punch a puppy wearing glasses to be her.? But that doesn’t stop you from judging the shit out of her, especially when she does things like end a marriage to the adorably handsome Orlando Bloom.

Kerr has obviously gone for money over looks with her current boyfriend, billionaire James Packer. Problem is, Packer was married with children and allegedly threw it all away for a chance to learn what Victoria’s Secret really was all about.? And now it’s causing all sorts of issues.

Word on the street is that Miranda Kerr wasn’t all that faithful to Orlando Bloom when they were married.? Girlfriend would get her jollies off between shoots or runways, and Bloom stayed home with their son, using photographs of Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber as a dartboard.? Orlando does give off a bit of a total pussy vibe, but he could only bend over for so long, and after only a few years of marriage, Kerr was officially free to roam the world searching for her next man with deep pockets.

In came James Packer, an Australian media mogul who also happens to be a billionaire.? Unfortunately, he also happened to be?married with three kids, but who is going to let a little thing like marriage vows get in the way of banging a runway model?? It’s a little questionable whether he separated from his wife of 7 years before he started his relationship with Miranda, or if it was after, but either way his marriage is over and his kids now get two Christmases! Yay!

Some people are obviously not cool with this new relationship, and I am not just talking about the soon to be ex-Mrs. Packer.? Seems Packer’s best friend, fellow billionaire Gyngell is also super pissed off (and possibly jealous?) about the situation.? He was the best man at Packer’s wedding, and thinks the way James is flaunting his new fuck buddy is pretty insensitive.? So Gyngell did the mature, upper brow thing, and went to Packer’s house to knock his ass out.? And the best part is that it was all caught on film!

James Packer Fight James Packer 3 James Packer 3

Oh yea, I totally get why Kerr is with this dude.? That 33 week gestation belly is just such a turn on.?? The cops were called, and both guys were fined for being obnoxious in public.?? Gyngell not only took full responsibility for the whole thing, but his wife even made a funny on Twitter.

“Ok so they’re much better dressed and a little more discreet but I feel a kinship with Beyonce, Solange, and Jay Z today”

Girl, the blind chick who shops at Walmart dresses better than Solange.? But besides that, I like that they are finding humor in this ridiculousness.

God I really want to hate this Gerber faced bitch with big boobs, but damn.? What a life.