Miley Cyrus is Trying Really Hard to Stay Famous

Miley Cyrus at trashed homeWe get it Miley; you’ve outgrown Disney and will stop at nothing to shed your Hannah Montana image. Tattoos, kissing girls, questionable scars, drug rumors—you’re really outdoing yourself, except for the part where it’s all pretty much old hat.

As cool as your acts of rebellion are, I just wanted to tell you that we aren’t buying it. The carefully constructed image of chaos you’re trying to pawn off on the public is interesting and all (ZOMG a pixie-cut!?!?!) but just know that the only intervention we think you need is one to cure the over-the-top love affair you have going on with yourself.

Hey, it needed to be said.

Apparently the journalistic genius that is Star alleged that insiders are “very worried about her.” However, I think we can all agree that the people she surrounds herself with could care less about Miley even if she were in dire need of an intervention. You know for a fact her parents wouldn’t turn that cash cow in even if she went full-blown Britney.

I mean, come on. Her mom fucking lunches with Kris Jenner, which probably means a we are in store for a Miley sex tape in the very near future. No word yet if she’ll agree to getting peed on.

There’s just one small problem with her newfound “I’m so hard” image: The public just isn’t dumb enough to believe that the latest contrived actions of the 19-year-old pop star are really any cause for worry. She’s self-absorbed, not out of control—there’s a big difference.

Miley and her people just release her own press then deny it. I’m not hating on her for trying to game the system, I just think her discretion of what she’ll do for attention is reaching the point of being too annoying to stay quiet about it.

The Hair Cut

Miley Cyrus new haircut

Let’s first get this straight—The haircut is boring. Pink has rocked that ‘do for years and I don’t remember it being in any headlines, probably because it wasn’t a manufactured stunt grounded in narcissism.

Gossip mags are in a tiff regarding whether it is a sign Miley needs help, apparently unaware that hair grows back and she has enough money to get extensions should she tire of it.

How can we take Miley seriously when she still duck faces in a photo to show off how hard her new cut is? Along the same lines, as Miley continues to get tattooed till her skin can’t breathe, when are we supposed to let her know that the ink she keeps getting just come off as trying too hard?

I’m all for people choosing what they want (it’s their body afterall), however priding oneself on not listening to the critics and then proceeding to tattoo messages essentially speaking to them has to make you laugh. Luckily, we can laugh as loudly as we like since she can’t hear the chuckles; the word LOVE is tattooed on her ear. Flawless. Logic.

The Drug Rumors

miley cyrus bong-photo

I’m not totally sure if we can really term it all rumors since there is a video of her taking a hit out of a bong of what she claims was salvia.


Sure, her new skinny frame exaggerates her vodka-puffy face, but it’s all part of the Cyrus PR master plan. She’s skipping over subliminal messaging to change her image and going straight for superluminal. It’s almost as if they are taking pages out of the Christina Aguilera “How to stop being Disney and start being dirrrty” book of image consulting.

Some people argue she is partying like most people her age and to “just let her live.” Others are claiming she is out of control and is headed to be Hollywood’s next casualty, or at the very least the next resident rehabber.

I’ll just throw it out there that I’m pretty sure most kids under 21 aren’t at nightclubs where bottles are $500 and people are making it snow. Kids her age are probably in college or working their ass off for minimum wage. I’m sure they are partying, but there’s one key difference: Miley’s leaked party photos only get her more press, while the regular kids her age get fired.

Miley posing in a mirror, trying to look hard with a trashed house in the background wasn’t a mistake. She could afford to have someone throw rose pedals at her feet while she walked, Coming to America-style, so I’m sure she could easily have someone cleaning up her rented apartment.

The point is that she wanted the public to see her house like that to see how hard she is. No one takes that many personal pictures without an end goal. I guarantee she took at least four or five of those to get it just perfect. The only thing is that a real rock star doesn’t need to flaunt their lifestyle because they are too busy living it. Miley fans can rest easy knowing she could never OD because she’d be too busy trying to document it.

Bride-to-be or Bi-sexual?

miley cyrus liam engaged

Just like her playing rock star isn’t fooling anyone, neither is her soon to be short-lived engagement to Liam Hemsworth.

Reports have recently come out that Miley was seen kissing another girl. Shockingly, the “insider” said she seemed to just be doing it for attention.

Stop. The. Presses.

So Miley isn’t spiraling out of control with drugs and partying, but rather crafting stunt after stunt and then planting stories to perpetuate her fame and reinvention of herself?!?!

I, for one, am just waiting until she finally pulls out something original. If she’s essentially going to filibuster the popular press with her antics, can’t she make it worth our time?

Consider this a challenge, Miley. I believe in you. Show us what you got lil’ momma.

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  1. Raul Aguilar says

    I think she’s a nice girl compare to many evryone goes through stages till we find solid ground she’s one in a million and their aint many of those girls hope she finds more laughter than sorrow I’ll allways cherish her and it’s not easy haveing to work when your a kid, I think she’ll survive.Peace Miley.

  2. Marianne says

    I really feel bad for Miley. I just wish that she’d prove that she isn’t looking for attention and I wish that her actions reflected the grown-up she wants to be referred to as. Come on, Miley, you’ve worked too hard for people to ridicule you for your personal choices. Show them that they’re wrong. Please.

  3. gie says


  4. steph says

    this article was delightful to read! I normally just don’t give enough of a shit what she does but this was too good of a read to pass lol

  5. Ashton London says

    emily, hun you need a life..i’m not even that big of a fan of miley but the fact that you sat on your ass and typed up this whole “review” about someone elses successful life is disgusting. im sure miley and the rest of the celebs that you claim to know soooo much about really care about what you have to say. let the girl live and get off of her ass and yours.

  6. Q says

    I agree with you. She is trying way to hard to stay famous. That’s Kim Kardashians job not Miley’s, she has so much talent, she has nothing to prove. But you know what? Miley’s antics take away from her talent.

  7. Michael Miranda says

    I am a huge Miley fan, but still, I thought this article was pretty amusing. “Miley fans can rest easy knowing she could never OD because she’d be too busy trying to document it.” LOL! However, this article is strongly based off of biased opinion and seems as though it was written by someone dislikes her in general. What kind of mom would sell her daughter’s sex tape?! Her parents may not be as rich as their daughter, but they’d defintely still be able to afford their huge mansions and Mercedes’ even w/o her help! Achy Breaky Heart, anyone?? But I do feel as though she is trying too hard to shed her Disney image so drastically.. (the hair thing is irrelevant). There was an interview she did at 15 with ABC and she said someday she’d cut her hair just like fwd 4 years.. BAM. but whatever, as long as she keeps on making good music (and really doesn’t need an intervention) I’ll always support her

  8. anita says

    DON’T HATE!!!!!! I think she is awesome. Miley is just acting her age. People need to get over the whole Hanna Montana thing. Actually why don’t all you haters get a life and let her be cause no one cares what you have to say!

  9. Sam says

    This is a good article , I don’t think she’s an attention whore like Kim K at all I mean she doesn’t use Liam for press like what Kim K did , Kim used Kris H for more press and broke his heart and had her wedding on TV and It was fake , I saw the clips of KUWTK with Kim saying “I want the most glamorous wedding ever” I was disgusted I really believe Kim used Kris for publicty and I don’t hear any drama between Miley and Liam , I think they’re very much in love despite all that rumors about them , When her parents were filing for Divorce I think she went through a very bad time I don’t think she did it for attention that whole bong thing she made a bad choice and she was right i believe her and I think she’s an inspiration to me and she does tons of humanitarian work and Kim I never hear her doing any good things like that she would always have cameras surrounding her 24/7 and Miley doesn’t have cameras surrounding her 24/7 she actually uses Twitter which it what normal people do , I mean Miley doesn’t need a reality show and she didn’t get famous because of a sex tape, Kim did, not Miley . I didn’t see any pictures of Tish and Kris together they were arriving seperatley and I don’t really think Tish would plan a sex tape of her daughter like Kris did , I think Tish has a little more class to do such stuff like that and Miley is a great person at heart , she care about others before herself and she cares about her fans and she didn’t mean to hurt anyone when she was caught smoking a bong , Kim in the other hand just keeps betraying her fans and doesn’t give a crap about them she does the same shit on TV over and over again she is a ungrateful , disrepsectful ,selfish little cunt , I see alot of Pictures of Miley doing charity work a loads i think she has a good heart and Kim never i never see or hear anything of her doing good things like giving back because all she really cares about is more press , more money $$$$ that is rude, isn’t it and I think all of the Kardashian’s are greedy and selfish i mean just because , your famous doesn’t mean you got to have more money If were famous I would donate some to charity and some good causes and I believe Miley’s family give Miley pretty good morals and Kim has zero morals , zero , NONE sad isn’t it and i really believe people should back of Miley and leave her alone , she didn’t do anything for attention , I mean her kissing a girl , were they pictures of it NOPE and speaking of her new haircut I love it and i thought it was ridiculous when they were claming that Miley was on drugs and well on her way become the next Britney or Lindsay , DUDE she donated it to a cancer charity , do you see Mediawhores like Kim K doing it , NOPE and Liam likes her hair trust me and Miley doesn’t read or give a crap what others say about her because she’s being her self and you call that a mediawhore ??? and so what Miley supports Gay Rights , she’s straight and she can support Gay rights too and look at Josh Hutcherson he supports Gays and he’s straight and Carrie Underwood too what’s wrong with that , I love her the way she is and I really wish the press would start focusing on the good people not mediawhores like Kim K

  10. Dreeann says

    Thank You for finally saying something that just needed to be said. This girl needs rehab not an intervention. Her parents are obviously not good parents in my view, all they do is sit around and let her do all of this crap that is destroying her, while the cash rolls in. Her family is just in love with her fame and the checks. Sad but True. They know that once she snaps a photo of her chain smoking, under age drinking, washed up self the checks start comin. Hollywood is a fake all of it, everything, there is not one thing real in Hollywood. What all u guys see that are fooled by Miley and her pathetic way of saying she is hungry for fame is just as false as her teeth and engagement.

  11. Brandon says

    This article was complete crap…
    She’s isn’t trying to be hard.
    Just because she changed her hair?
    She’s not bisexual just because she kissed a girl. HELLO, girls do that, you know.

  12. Yellie says

    Ummm she did drugs. Okay. She kissed girls. Well normal teenage girls do that stuff. She cut her hair for Locks for Love… What a scum bag she is. Cut her hair. and gave it to charity. She must want attention. You are severly stupid. She doesn’t do it to try to stay famous. If she wants to stay famous she will act… not live her life. She posts on Twitter and stuff. How crazy and unlike a teenage girl. She must be sooooooo crazy! Anyone who agrees with the idiot who wrote this article is also DAF. <3 Get over your life. You writing this article and posting it on the internet about a celebrity that you don't know…. Oh didn't you write this for attention? OMG JEEZE WE GET IT… You don't like Miley Cyrus! All this writing stunt is just a cry for attention. P.s. You writing about her crying for attention is just giving HER more attention. You don't like that she's famous…? Stop giving her attention. Don't watch her shows or movies or her Twitter. Have a nice life loser <3

  13. Mae says

    I think you’re OVERTHINKING and/or OVERANALYZING what she did.In short,you’re making it BIG.Just chill ok. ;)

  14. Katy Love says

    This article is dead on. Especially the part comparing her to normal people her age. I’m only a year older than her and I work my butt of to get what I have(car, iphone, computer, college education), and I can’t be bothered to waste it by partying everyday. If I got caught in a night club drinking I could risk losing a lot and risk shame on my family. This is just my opinion, but I do believe it is all for attention and nothing else.

  15. vbie says

    Yes, Miley Cyrus is obviously an attention-seeker. She tries hard to stay famous by doing those antics, not because she is in any particular “stage” but because she just loves all the attention.

  16. cire says

    This article is shit who cares what shes doing let her live her life an people like you stay out it

  17. Jdelaney says

    You’d lose that bet.
    Seriously, she’s done with movies. Didn’t you see the last two travesties?

  18. Samantha says

    The fact that you’re writing about Miley Cyrus is trying really hard to stay famous, is sad. You’re giving her the attention! Stop giving her the attention if you have a problem with her. Let her live her life. Trust me, she isn’t trying t please any of you nasty blog writers or nasty commenters, she is just pleasing herself, family, friends and fans.

  19. Samantha says

    Sadly, I feel sorry for you. Blinded by the oh so much. Stop trying so hard to sound like you know it all. Cause you know nothing! I do think that it’s probably you that need to go to rehab, but I highly recommend you to get your lazy ass up and get a job and stop reading articles about celebrities you don’t like. Yes, you do have freedom to do or say whatever, but you should spend your time doing something better with your life. Thanks!

  20. rebecca says

    Miley doesn’t care what people say about her, she goes ahead, lives her life, and does what she wants! It’s her life! Let her live! Go Miley!

  21. rebecca says

    And Liam doesn’t really love her, he is using her 4 fame, fortune, riches, relevancy , success and attention. He is not interested in her at all.And is not happy either. Short-lived engagement indeed.

  22. Samantha says

    Oh how I feel so sad for you. Now you think Liam is like that? Well guess again, cause your guesses before was completely ridiculous. Liam already has many fame and fortune. He did NOT get it by Miley, nor will he ever. He cannot compete with her fame and fortune, therefore he loves her, for her. Just because a newcomer is dating a celebrity means they’re using them, some people actually have a heart.

  23. Robin says

    “However, I think we can all agree that the people she surrounds herself with could care less about Miley even if she were in dire need of an intervention.”

    I think what you meant to say was Could NOT care less. For as it stand in the part i quoted you make it seam like they do care.

  24. FreedomFinger says

    I don’t understand this girl.. If she can just stick with singing she can mature herself into a great singer over time by slowly shedding the Hannah image in getting better writing ect. My girls loved her songs, they grow up, they would continue listening to her. Why try the ‘flip-out’ if you are able to continue some part of what brought you to fame? Timberlake is now viewed as a decent actor for his parts in movies. I don’t even know if he even still tours right now. Jen Lopez was a dancer turned singer turned actress turned back into a signer.. I Miley could do it the other way around and go into music, solidify herself as a performer, then go back to acting once her star is bak up there.

  25. Sarah says

    You tell them to stop sitting on their lazy ass reading these articles, but didn’t YOU sit and read it? And you are correct that everyone has their own opinions so why would you shoot your mouth off about Dreeann’s? That’s a bit hypocritical, wouldn’t you agree? And she wasn’t assuming to know it all, she said “in my view” which is another way of saying in my opinion. You seem to be the one assuming by saying Dreeann needs rehab, is lazy, and doesn’t have a job. So you must know who Dreeann is because you are perfect and do not assume to know it all. Have a great day!

  26. prometheous says

    miley is trying to hard!! i mean who gives a shit if you take a picutre of yourself in a dirty house i see it all over facebook, and the “donating” your hair part, ya right miley cyrus give back to the comunity, i must be dreaming. oh and her out of controll, she dose EVERYTHING for publisety, thats why she post up all of the pictures!! she has NO reason for doing what she does but she still does it!!

    ps. she has no reason for being “in trouble” she has it all,the fame(that she got from her dad), the money, the great life, the great boyfriend(hot as well), the EVERYTHING!! this bitch just gots to grow up and stop doing EVERYTHING for fame, i mean no body want to fade away but if it happens it happens!! and this bitch just got to let it happen already!! she should of been out of the fame a long time ago!!

  27. Voltron says

    Thanks for writing this, you’ve encapsulated my feelings perfectly. I suspected or had a feeling her antics seemed a bit forced but you wrapped it up nicely. I just get bothered that people like Miley Cyrus continue to show young girls the only way to transform from a fun, innocent kid into a mature, powerful woman is to slut it up, underage drinking, and doing drugs.

  28. Hannah C says

    Rumors are rumors and that’s all there is too it. Unless you see Miley taking ecstasy or snorting coke then you can’t say she’s doing drugs. And almost every teenager has experienced weed and alcohol or has at least wanted to, so you have no room to judge her for the bong hit video otherwise you’re a hypocrite because you can’t tell me you’ve never taken smoked or have desired to at one point. And unless there are photos of her kissing this other girl, then you can’t say she’s done that either.
    If you got your facts straight, you would know that Miley Cyrus cut her hair and dyed it blonde because of Twiggy, so I laughed when you mentioned Pink. When Miley was still on Hannah Montana and was just getting in the spotlight, in an interview she mentioned that one day she knew she’d always get a Twiggy inspired haircut. It was a really big deal to her.
    She’s a nineteen year old girl in the media which is extremely difficult. She doesn’t have privacy and she has people like you who judge her for everything and won’t let her just live in peace. I’d rather be a college student working my ass off for minimum wage than be famous because look where it gets you. She’s attacked constantly for living her own life! How annoying would it be if you were just trying to live your damn life and everyone in the world was judging every move you made. She’s just discovering herself, she’s learning, making mistakes. That’s what people do.

  29. Sara says

    I just have one thing to point out.
    When you are going to insult someone, you have to proofread your article FIRST! There are no such things as “rose pedals”. Well I take that back. I’m sure that there is a bike somewhere in the world with rose colored pedals. However, I get the strange feeling that you meant “ROSE PETALS”. I would change that if I were you! Remember – pedals go on a bike and petals are on a flower! :-)

  30. Gigi says

    the fact that you “aren’t that big of a fan of miley” says it all about you dear Ashton. You attack the author for an opinion piece and then give your own rather twee, sweetly earnest, closet fan opinion which truly lacks all credibility…Go turn up your Miley tunes and watch the Hannah re-runs and leave the critical opining to someone who does it better than you do sweetie…