Mike Tyson To Sings The Girl From Ipanema With His Lisp [Video]

We live in a world where, astonishingly, Mike Tyson is actively encouraged to sing. And not any old tune. We live in a world where Mike Tyson is encouraged to sing The Girl From Ipanema.

We’ve all been waiting for a boxer to go Bossa Nova haven’t we?

Better yet, is that Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist and yet, for some reason, he continues to get work in movies and television. It must be great for Desiree Washington to see him enjoying the life of a celebrity again, right? Anyway, if you want to see him sing, get over the jump.

Of course, Iron Mike has always been a treat for the ears hasn’t he? Just ask Evander Holyfield who got half of his bitten off by Tyson some years ago in a boxing match.

That’s not really what we mean. We’d like to focus on his lisp. If you don’t know the lyrics for the song, Mike sings them something like this:

“Tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goeth walking, and when thee passes each one thee patheth goeth “a-a-ah!” When thee walkth thee’s like a thamba that, thwingth tho cool and thwayth tho gentle, that when thee patheth each one thee patheth goeth “aaaaah!””

There’s also a lovely bit that goes:

“But each day when thee walkth to the thea, thee lookth thtraight ahead not at me”

Anyway, you can watch one of the most dangerous and unsettling men to ever walk the Earth look a bit stupid in a white suit on Brazilian television.



  1. says

    The truly disturbing thing is that bunch of whooping cretins! Toni Jobim and Sinatra must be rolling over in their respective graves!