Michelle Rodriguez Goes Straight Again For Zac Efron


Michelle Rodriguez might potentially be my new hero. Aside from having an amazing set of abs, she’s also dated mega babe supermodel, Cara Delevingne, and has now possibly moved on to one of the biggest hunks in the world, Zac Efron.

The odd couple jetted to Sardinia on Thursday with Italian businessman, Gianluca Vacchi (whoever that is), and his girlfriend, and from the sounds and looks of it, they had quite the weekend. As much as I envy Michelle right now, I can’t help but be baffled by how fucking random this all is.

So, then unlikely duo spent the long weekend in Italy with some random middle-aged business type guy and his girlfriend. From what I can tell (via creeping pictures), they all spent a lot of time in bathing suits having fun. Some sites are alleging that the two were spotted kissing a whole bunch, but I’ll believe that shit when I see it.

Aside from frolicking around in a bikini, Michelle also took this video of Zac, the businessman, and a professional dancer, doing a dance routine to Jason DeRulo’s “Wiggle” while standing on a bar or table of some sort:

The video said that Zac was topless in this video. The video lied. And I’m sorry.

Anyway, maybe Michelle and Zac are just buds who happened to go to Italy for the weekend with another guy and his girlfriend, I mean, that could be a thing, right?

If these two are legit a thing it is 100% the weirdest Hollywood couple of all time. For one, I seriously thought she was full on gay and only liked chicks (though, I suppose Zac Efron could turn any girl for a little while). Secondly, no offence to Michelle, but Zac Efron could do better. I mean, Michelle’s got great abs, but she’s kind of like a 6/10, and Zac, well, he’s an easy 10.

I dunno, I guess after banging Lohan (which, according to her sex list, he did) Zac decided he was into banging hot messes, so, you know, whatever.