Michelle and Cara Officially Make All My Lesbian Fantasies Come True


I consider myself straight enough, I mean, I’m marrying a dude, but something about this whole Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne coupling thing is really making me question my sexuality. Sexy lesbians who are equal parts masculine and feminine and also dress like me making out all over the world? I’m into it.

If there were any doubts if they were a couple before (were there doubts?) I think these two have officially put those doubts to rest by showing off some genuine (AND TOPLESS) lady-love in Mexico.

The sexy lesbian couple of my dreams recently vacationed together in Cancun, Mexico and, needless to say, they weren’t afraid to show off some PDA. I mean, these two were making out everywhere!


There are two things I really love about these sexy Michelle and Cara vacation pics.

1) The fact that Michelle is constantly dressed like 2001 Britney Spears going to the gym while Cara is always dressed like an early 90’s rapper #fashionicons


and 2) What is better than a bonerific lesbian couple making out in the water while one is totally topless? Nothing. The answer is nothing.


I am so Team Cara and Michelle it is ridiculous. I think they’ve both got their own unique brand of sex appeal, neither of them seem to give a fuck which makes them super cool, they both dress pretty awesome, and now they’re a hot lesbian couple. Seriously, what’s not to love?!

Now that I’ve drooled over these two a bit, we can get down to serious business: where the fuck does Cara Delevingne get all her awesome snap back hats?! WHERE CAN I GET ONE?!

You know, the other day an 8-year-old girl told me that I dressed a lot like her aunt. She then told me that her aunt was a lesbian. I told her I get that a lot. I’m starting to understand why…