Mercury Music Prize Betting Odds: Scritti Politti, White Bread Black Beer

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Mercury Music Prize Betting Odds: Scritti Politti, White Bread Black BeerThe 2006 Mercury Music Prize is now so close that we can almost smell the poncey fizzy water and wanky aftershaves of the Mercury Music Prize panel. As a result, we're feeling a mixture of excitement and nausea.

We're at the halfway point of our 2006 Mercury Music Prize coverage now, and by this point you'll have realised that most of the albums we've dealt with so far have been a bit on the crap side. We know, and we're sorry – they get better, honest. But what about today's shortlisted Mercury Music Prize album? Is it better, or quite a lot of bad rubbish?

Here are the Mercury Music Prize betting odds for White Bread Black Beer by Scritti Politti

Scritti Politti: White Bread Black Beer – Scritti Politti? Scritti Politti? By far the weirdest choice on this year's Mercury Music Prize shortlist, White Bread Black Beer is being called Scritti Politti's best album for 21 years. And since the music Scritti Politti were making 21 years ago sounded like the soundtrack for every single mid-1980s teen movie, that's really saying something. And, although White Bread Black Beer has scaled back some of the excesses of two decades ago, it still sounds profoundly out of step – like a phonecall direct from the eighties. Is it good? Confusing, yes. In parts, at least. Once you've got over Green Gartside's phenomenally eccentric singing. Will it win the Mercury Music Prize? In general, the Mercury Music Prize panel favours the young, not men in their mid-fifties making throwback albums, so we'd guess not. Current Mercury Music Prize betting odds – 16/1

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[story by Stuart Heritage] 

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  1. Amanda says

    HMMM. Didn’t the old guy win the prize ??? He maybe old,but he is a musical genius and opposed to the CRAP that’s out today….. ;-) Scritti Poliit is ALIVE AND WELL! GO GREEN(and he’s still sexy to boot).

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