Melissa George From Grey’s Anatomy Leaves Grey’s Anatomy

You know how everything that happens behind the scenes of Grey’s Anatomy is infinitely more interesting than anything on the actual show?

Yeah, we should probably put that rumour to bed now. As it turns out, not everything that happens offscreen on Grey’s Anatomy is interesting. Like Melissa George‘s decision to leave the show, for example.

Melissa George isn’t leaving Grey’s Anatomy because she had a fight with a co-star, or because she’s a screaming homophobe, or because she’s a prissy diva who wanted more screentime. Melissa George is leaving Grey’s Anatomy because she wants to. Frankly we expected more.

Grey’s Anatomy is possibly the gayest show on television. It’s all there – the gay cast, the gay characters, the strong female performances, the feeble indie music soundtrack, the way we’re almost completely certain that Ellen Pompeo‘s silhouette is identical to a silhouette of an upturned buttplug – and yet Grey’s Anatomy is probably the worst show on television when it comes to actually dealing with gay people in a sensible manner.

One minute a Grey’s Anatomy star is being sacked for his vocal opposition of homosexuals, the next the show’s most openly gay actor is throwing a tantrum because he’s not onscreen as much as he wants. And then there’s all the muddle with any character who’s written to appear slightly gay.

First Brooke Smith, who played a doctor who may have been a little bit gay, was fired from Grey’s Anatomy because of her character’s gayness, and now Melissa George – who played a character who was a bit gay for about 30 seconds and now either is or isn’t – is leaving the show too.

However, Melissa George probably isn’t leaving Grey’s Anatomy for that reason, though. She just seems to have realised that the show isn’t very good. Or something. Answers aren’t exactly forthcoming. E! Online reports:

Melissa George, who plays intern Sadie Harris on the ABC prime-time medical soap, is leaving the show, sources confirm… So what happened over at?Grey’s? My source says there were talks of George staying on, but her rep insists that she never intended to stay beyond the initial eight. “She was pretty vocal about that,” the rep says. An ABC rep did not comment.

Now, as everyone knows, “She was pretty vocal about that” is code for “If Melissa George had to spend one more second breathing the same air as Katherine Heigl then she wouldn’t be held responsible for pinning that awful witch down, pulling her face off and bouncing around on it like a fleshy spacehopper.”

OK, it isn’t a code for that at all. We’re just trying to spice the story up a bit. Because Melissa George leaving Grey’s Anatomy for a reason that hasn’t got anything to do with petty ego-based infighting or stupidity on the part of the producers would shake the show to it’s very core. Honestly, when things can’t even be interesting offscreen, you know that Grey’s Anatomy has had it.

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  1. Azulita says

    I know who needs to leave next? The writers. They have become so lame. Maybe they’re all new and never saw the first two years that were amazing.

    It’s almost like a high school play with a limited cast and everyone has to be in on every scene and everyone has to have sex with each other. Lame, lame, lame.

    This show had such potential…why have the writers killed it?

  2. Laughing Insanely says

    two points..

    Good for Melissa… I dont care for the storyline and the behind the scenes storyline is full of no-name actors pretending to be divas

    Second point: “REALISE” is british version of spelling …. easily mistaken ….i do it

  3. X2TZ01 says

    The show needs some new writers. Denny has to go. The whold girl on girl thing is getting old. I don’t care if you are gay, even the story line of the ones who arent gay are getting old. Move on to something else already!

  4. autismmom says

    I completely agree. I watched this show religiously for the first two years. It went downhill from there. I don’t even know when it’s on and don’t really care. Shonda Rhimes needs to get back in the saddle and take control of this show’s story line. The plot has simply become stupid. If not, they should just cancel it. Period.

  5. Ken Allard says

    I agree Denny needs to move on and the writers need to start thinking again because this show has all of a sudden turned to stupidity. So has Heroes by the way.

  6. Mandy says

    Melissa George is a terrble actress and shouldn’t be allowed to breathe the same air as Katherine Heigl!

  7. Becca says

    I think that a big reason she is leaving is because both her and the writer realize that her storyline isn’t going anywhere. It seemed like she had a romantic interest in Dr. Torres and look what happened to the last female that was romantically involved with her.

  8. ano says

    Denny must go. Alex confesses love? Please. The only thing left that is somewhat interesting is the friendship with McSteamy and Callie. I agree with all, everything is really beginning to blow. Hahn was great, how she made Christine shake in her shoes. Noone else can do that. At first I thought that Trauma doc was going to be a good thing for Christine and the show, but this Xtreme yo-yo thing going on between those two is simply too irritating.