Megan Fox Shocks on the Box With Her New Locks

Megan Fox, haircut, mtv movie awardsGranted, this isn’t the biggest or best celebrity story you’re ever going to see, but who cares when it features Megan Fox and has that headline?

It can’t come as any major surprise to the ‘star’ of such ‘entertainment’ ‘classics’ as Transformers that she’s been slagged off by some in the media once more – this time for her wonderful haircut being sported at the MTV Movie Awards. After all, she is the proud owner of some of the worst tattoos ever committed to the flesh of a ‘talented’ actress.

Sorry: ‘actress’.

But it would seem that this time Megan Fox has taken things a bit too far with a greasy, slicked-back do reminiscent of oh-so-many D&D aficionados. That’s irritatingly attractive D&D aficionados, by the by, and ones who just look like they haven’t showered, as opposed to the usual fare who normally haven’t showered for four months in the hope that it will give them a +1 boost on melee combat rolls.

But Megan isn’t one to take the rampant criticism of her new follicle-sheen lightly, and thanks in no small part to the miracle that is Twitter (how did we ever live without it?) she distilled her reaction down to less than 140 easily-manageable, poorly-punctuated characters. Thusly:

?the awards were great!! sorry if you didn?t like my hair. opinions are opinions. have a great night rockers.?

Ah, the wonderful, cover-all argument used so many times on Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares of “yeah, well, that’ just like, your opinion man”. A sure sign of a strong-willed individual unafraid to take on her detractors head-on, or just the pointless jabbering of an attractive, though questionably-talented, actress?

You decide.

Grabbing an exclusive (made up) interview with the Foxy one, hecklerspray discovered the next thing on her list is a bad piercing, soon to be followed by bad clothing. This will complete her evil plan to become exactly the same as 95% of students with bad tattoos, bad hair, bad clothes and bad piercings, thus making her yet another vapid, identikit bore. We said ‘bore’.

It’s always the same when a relationship ends – the first thing to change is the hair. Then the awful tattoos. Then the physical makeup. Yes, we are claiming that Megan Fox will soon have a sex change operation.

See if she ‘Tweets’ about that one.

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  1. says

    Another horrible article written by a complete nobody. Well, at least you were able to take the time away from masturbating to Xena: Warrior Princess to actually write the article.

    It would interesting to actually see what you look like considering you are writing an article for a half assed website and don’t even have the professionalism to actually post your pic for the sake of your articles. Oh, wait, what’s this, found one.

    Haha gossip for grown ups, dude you look like you’ve barely finished puberty. You’re one of those elitist wannabes aren’t you. Predictable, stagnant writing for the sake of being noticed. What I did noticed though is that you used the word fail in the title of another article, maybe you should consider the word fail in every article. Just an opinion.

    Where do you get off questioning Megan’s acting ability when you’re writing ability is amateurish at best. It’s sub par. You haven’t proven anything to anybody and here we see another nobody throw his little opinion around on a subject that isn’t even original. Maybe you should stick to video games and sex with microwaveable bagels.

    Good day.