Megan Fox Killed Off In Transformers 3?

f_0_meganfox_transformers_320-150x150Note to Megan Fox: Some people don’t like being called Hitler – especially when they’re your boss.

Apparently, in retaliation for her Hitler jibe, Michael Bay has decided to kill Megan Fox off in Transformers 3. If you ask us, he’s gone light on Megan – after all, this is a man who would blow up a children’s nursery if it got in between him and a badly conceptualised script.

It appears Megan Fox may have to find another franchise to cavort around in with a smug, self-satisfied look on her face. She’s reportedly going to be killed off in the upcoming Transformers sequel, imaginatively under the working title of? Transformers 3. Oh, spoilers!

It is hard to imagine the franchise going on without Megan Fox. After all, she lent so much to the films – for instance, there’s that bit where she leans over the car in the first film and, er, that bit where she leans over the motorcycle in the sequel.

If you are unfamiliar with the war of words between Fox and her Transformers director Michael Bay, then let us refresh you. Megan spoke to Wonderland Magazine and had this to say about her boss:

“He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So he?s a nightmare to work for.”

Nice. Some crew members then wrote a letter, describing poor Fox as “Dumb as a rock” and suggesting that working with her is a”tedious experience“. More was said, but you have to feel sorry for the poor girl – or you would if she didn’t walk around with the equally vacant faced Robert Patterson.

It all looks like doom and gloom for Hollywood’s favourite pair of funbags, as rumours say she might not be part of the mega-franchise much longer – insiders tell In Touch Weekly that Bay is picking up his red and yellow crayons and writing Fox out of the series in a gory (and surely explosive) death scene, so that he can replace her with a newer, hotter, younger actress.

?Michael?s pretty much discovered Megan and now he?s very quietly looking for her replacement,? the source spilled. ?He hasn?t decided if he?s going to kill her off in the next movie, but he just wants to be prepared.”

It’s okay though, Megan. You’ve got a successful movie career, two talents and a comfortable-looking ass to fall back on. Why, there’s that new film Jennifer’s Body that went straight to the bottom of the top 10 in the US. You’ll be alright, we’re sure there are plenty of directors out there dying to work with a one-note, robotic, self-absorbed actor famous for their bad relations with film crews.

Wait, we think we can hear the phone ringing. It’s McG, he wants to know if you’ll be in the next Terminator movie.

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  1. sheshawt says

    And I bet David would STILL tap that ass. I know I would, no matter how robotic and self-absorbed she is 😀

  2. G Curtis says

    She has no acting skill whatsoever. Megan Fox is a joke in the acting world, a complete lifeless joke and is a phase for little horny guys with low rate taste

  3. TOMMY P says


  4. jayde says

    don’t kill her off cuz of wat happen it won’t be the same with out her in it please don’t do it

  5. yo yo yu yo says

    i really am against the fact megan is
    gonna be dumped off transformers…it wud’n be the same
    i guess they shud both apologize and bay should let her stay
    she’s quite alrite in acting i guess..ain’t tht bad

  6. i can't believeihavetimefor this says

    err…megan fox should go. she’s bad at acting accidentally sexy or acting as if she’s painting while looking sexy. If you can’t even get that right, you need another girl. She’s ruined the two other movies for me. Megan Fox was distractingly bad at acting.

  7. Joe says

    I think Michael should include a LONG nude love scene between Megan and a transformer before he whacks her. Something X-rated that won’t make it completely into the film, but would make its way onto the internet. If he could arrange another woman in the scene, I would consider that Oscar level directing. If he needs an AD to do the scene, I would be eternally grateful….

  8. TheFriskyBigot says

    Odette Yustman after plastic surgery. The Unborn and Transformers. Pro life movement and white supremacy is the only way to become a fake A lister in anti-feminist Hollywood.

  9. Dan says

    Don’t buy into the rumor. People saying “she can’t act”, who cares?? Since when has TF ever been about acting? the CGI Robots are the action eye-candy, Megan Fox is the sexual fuel, of the movie. Shia, runs around spouting various catch phrases. That’s it. That’s the TF formula for success. Why mess with Success??

  10. ALCANGRY says

    G Curtis u R A ASS cuz.. Megan Is The Worlds Sexiest Single And She Acts Real Good In Any Kind Of Movie! but ifeel sorry for Megan! I hope Transformers 4 would have somone with more xp. than Megan! but thats if Michael Desides todo it!and ihope soo! but anyway im a real transformers fan! and the action i give it up for the robots specially (ironhide,starscream)

  11. Chris says

    Michael Bay took no offense to this statement. He says so himself that on set when he says time to work its time to work. His exact statement about this was that this attitude “was just part of the quirky charm that makes Megan Megan.” He was also rather upset with his crew for the letter they wrote to Megan.

  12. damien rivers says

    lol fuck funni!!!
    wot a talentless excuse for a actress, im glad she’s
    genna be killed off! i’ll go 2 c it just for that scene,
    cos to be totaly honest there not really up to the dark knight
    standard! they should focus more on acting and less on special
    effects and shining abbs!
    she’ll be in rehab in a year,
    mabey she could be in a lesbian porno with lindsy lohan?!

  13. adam says

    how stupid can he be seriously killing megan fox is so shity its not funny that just absolutly ruins transformers im not even going to bother going to see it so please rethink it and keep megan there i reallyhate it when directors kill off MAIN characters it so dum its not funny she is the mainframe of the movie and shia CANNOT live without her and you saw in the second movie that megan couldnt live without sam and it will be exactly the same as megan dying sam couldnt live without her. this is so stupidi will never ever watch it for as long as i live if this idiot makes megan die!!!

  14. DUBinwsiufbn says

    -_- transformers its about transformers! yes shes so F**** HOT but if she dies in the next one, well that will make it more real!(oh she was running away from megatron but she dint saw ironhide and got squash by him, aww but even dead she looks hot, alright..) or maybe the next transformers movie should be called MEGANFOXMERS OH YEAH!!

  15. hemi says

    I thank she did a good job in the movies. I look foreword to see her in the next one. It wouldn

  16. Jack Rivers says

    “This will ruin Transformers” Hardly she was the one thing i really hated about the movies she’s a Bond girl. There for the sole purpose of having the main character have a love interest. The odd thing she actually did any other character could have done. And to say the ratings will drop did you not see where Transformers 2 did so much worse then the first and when people watched the first they had no idea who she was. So if she were so popular why’d the second do worse ‘after’ people knew of her? They should kill her off and actually get a good actress to play the female lead like Ellan Paige.

  17. Emma says

    Transformers has been around since before some of Megan’s father’s ejaculate rolled out of Megan’s mother’s anus and somehow got in her minge instead, thereby creating the ugly little troll’s life.

    In conclusion, I think it’s safe to say killing off her crappy character would not ruin the francise. That’s what Michael Bay and the terrible writers are for.

  18. dan says

    she cant act and she doesn’t make the movie so who cares. any hot chick will do or not. get over it its Hollywood .plus i heard she was hell to work with.

  19. come on spectaters suck says

    dude im sorry but that dose not make senace, when dose megan paint ? huh her acting is good to its just that hollwood is all look sexy for the camra and i wouldnt dought if she could be right about her boss enyone shuts up for money sept for the one’s you ushly think are bad and im not saying she telling the truth, I think basicly any thang you hear on tv is basicly 50% tru and 40% false and 10% not fully discloused

  20. Someone says

    Honestly, is this some big political statement by Spielberg? Him, the director, and the actor are all legends in there own minds.. Spielberg and bay likely are little nazis to work for, with egos as big as hitler’s. What a couple of idiots…….

  21. me :)! says

    ok so to all you fuckers saying Megan cant act… get a fucking clue. Shia and Megan make the movie. their rating are going to drop and its gonna suck for them. And Megan fox can act you fucking retards. because if she couldn’t she wouldn’t have been in the movies she was in, she wouldn’t be as famous as she is, and she wouldn’t have the money she has. so before you try to bash someone, do some damn research you fucking idiots!

  22. FUCK OFF TROLL says

    Wow. I would love to see your fat ass body with a man lost inside your rolls fuck off jealous cunt!