Meet The Spartans Inexplicably Tops Weekend Box Office

Meet The Spartans Weekend Box OfficeQuick! What's less funny than Scary Movie? Date Movie! And what's less funny than Date Movie? Epic Movie! And what's less funny than Epic Movie?

Why, it's Meet The Spartans – the film that does for 300 what Epic Movie did for Superman. And Meet The Spartans is the new number one movie at the weekend box office, even though it looks about as funny as that operation where you pull parasitic guinea worms out of your leg.

Still, Meet The Spartans wasn't the only ridiculous parody to chart high in the US weekend box office – Rambo came in at number two.

Last week's box office number one was Cloverfield – a movie that had six months of ever-increasing marketing hype behind it. But the top movie at the US weekend box office this week is Meet The Spartans, a movie with approximately zero marketing hype.

So why is Meet The Spartans number one at the weekend box office? It's simple – because if you get any character from any film and make them act like they're black, the results are always hilarious. Always. Didn't you know that? No, us neither. So here's this week's US weekend box office top five…

1 Meet The Spartans (It's only a matter of time before these bottom-scraping spoof movies run out of things to parody and start spoofing themselves. Although, having said that, a spoof of Meet The Spartans would probably be funnier than Meet The Spartans itself. Throwing yourself on a nailbomb would be funnier than Meet The Spartans) $18.725,000

2 – Rambo (Reasons we want to go and see Rambo: 1 – Rambo tears a man's throat out with his fingers. 2 – Rambo shoots a man with a minigun and his body gets graphically torn apart by bullets. And they are the only two reasons) $18,150,000

3 – 27 Dresses (It goes without saying that 27 Dresses would have been higher in the weekend box office if any men had seen it at all. And if any men have seen 27 Dresses, we'll be needing your gun and your badge at the mandesk as soon as) $13,600,000 

4 – Cloverfield (Cloverfield lost 68% of its audience in a week. Maybe the only way to get that Cloverfield sequel going now is to make it a bit more like 27 Dresses next time. We'd go and see a film about a romantically selfless monster who… what are we talking about, no we wouldn't) $12,700,000

5 – Untraceable (A film about a website that kills people if enough people read it. We tried something similar once, but the victim only got away with a papercut and a nasty Chinese burn) $11,200,000

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