Marilyn Manson Without Makeup

During his howling heyday as a shock-rocker who gleefully made God- and rock music-fearing Christians thumb their beloved Bibles even harder, Marilyn Manson courted controversy with wild abandon and full makeup.

With a stage name inspired in part by Marilyn Monroe, well, what would Marilyn (the JFK-chasing one – not the former Rose McGowan-chasing one) say if she saw Marilyn Manson without makeup, making albinos look comparatively ruddy?

If Bible Belt America thought Marilyn was a frightening sight before, then they ought to stop blessing themselves for one moment to see the deathly-looking? ‘Disposable Teens’ singer in the above photo. He looks like someone who could organize funeral arrangements for you.

You could be excused for mistaking the man in the second photo for a random guy making his way home from Lollapalooza but, nope, Marilyn strikes again. Apart from a smidgen of black eyeliner, the 43-year-old’s face is bare otherwise, making him virtually unrecognizable. The man in the background was obviously amused though.


  1. Christina says

    He has make up on in every one of those pictures. Foundation and eyeliner for sure! Get something worth writing about!

  2. kaylee faith says

    i still think marilyn manson is awesome hes a good singer and i love his music no matter what he looks like hes still awesome

  3. kiterunner says

    Lmao-especially at da 2nd 1. He looks like the mother of dis classmate of mine. Anddd you could have chosen better pictures of him.

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