The Man Bun was the Real Star of the Golden Globes


The Golden Globes are my favorite Hollywood awards show because it’s way less stuffy than the Oscars (everyone is drunk and has a sense of humor) and it mixes my favorite film and television stars, which is cool. As my lovely fellow blogger, Megan, discussed in her blog, there was many gems at this years awards ceremony, but there was one breakout star that can not be ignored: the man bun.

As a woman who does not feel like she has much talent when it comes to rocking up-dos (I either look like I’ve given up on life or a 12-year-old when I wear my hair up), I was green with envy Sunday night when I saw so many beautiful men rocking so many glamorous up-dos.

First, there was the night’s big winner: Jared Leto. Jared Leto has been around for years (and has looked the exact same age the entire goddamn time!) and last night he finally got some recognition for his fantastic acting skills when he picked up the award for Best Supporting Actor playing a tranny in Dallas Buyer’s Club.

Aside from winning Best Supporting Actor, Jared also wins Best Man Bun of the Night, a prestigious award that I cannot fucking believe is even a thing BECAUSE YES THERE WERE MORE MAN BUNS!


This, ladies, is how a classy low bun is done!

Next, there was this guy.


I’d Google his name if I thought I’d ever need to know it again, but I doubt I will. This guy picked up the award for Best Score for the movie All is Lost (I think?). Apparently he has partied on a boat with Diddy before (who hasn’t?), but more importantly he is killing it with that messy, I give none of the fucks, up-do that looks oddly similar to how I did my friend Sarah’s hair for her boyfriend’s prom a decade ago (oh god, I’m so old). He definitely gets second best man bun of the night because this look is fun, fresh, and fearless!

Finally, we have Joaquin Phoenix who, like Jared Leto, rock a low bun to the awards last night.

lookingnormalLast night was the sanest I’ve seen Joaquin Phoenix look in a while, and I was actually a bit bummed when he didn’t win for his performance in Her (I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I enjoy the previews!). Joaquin rocked my boyfriend’s go to formal look (dress shirt, tie, cardigan), and paired it was a somewhat recent shave and a glorious man bun. It wasn’t as sleek or glamorous as the other two ban buns of the night, but he gets a total A for effort!

After such an exciting night of male up-dos at the Globes, I can’t wait to see what kind of excitement the Oscars will bring! My money is on Leto pulling out all the stops and wearing a gown. Tune in to find out!