Malin Akerman Without Makeup

Malin Akerman Looking Good

Stunning actress, Malin Akerman, has starred in many truly awful movies, such as 27 Dresses and Couples Retreat. This makes perfect sense when considering that she is, in fact,?an awful actress.?If it weren’t for her participation on the hilarious show, Children’s Hospital, and?the fact that she will happily doff her top on camera, she would have been shipped directly back to Sweden or Canada or wherever she came from long ago.

The 34-year old, who?recently and very very misguidedly was given the chance to?portray both porn star, Linda Lovelace, and rock star,?Debbie Harry, is ridiculously?gorgeous. But it’s comforting to know that?Malin Akerman without makeup looks pretty rough.

Malin Akerman Without Makeup

The first photo of Malin with a bare face is pretty hideous. In her defence, she was probably?just exercising, which caused the blotchy flushing of her face.?As a natural blond, she is afflicted with blond eyebrows and eyelashes, which basically disappear?without makeup. To top that off, she has extremely thin lips, which also vanish when unpainted. With her hair pulled severely back and no adornment, she looks pretty wretched.

In the next photo, though, Malin looks?beautiful on the beach. Not nearly her best … that bikini top doesn’t fit properly at all … but still beautiful.?She stated in an interview once that she thinks she looks like a man, and it sounds ridiculous, but you can almost see it in this photo. With her eyes obscured by sunglasses, if you chop off the hair, the boxy shape of her face and thin, pale lips could be somewhat masculine.

Malin Akerman Without Makeup

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