Madonna Without Makeup

With an increasingly mounting slew of comebacks under her stylish belt that would turn ‘Halloween’ killer Michael Myers green with envy, Madonna is the ultimate Queen of Reinvention. Where she goes, the masses follow.

After taking a peek at this photo of Madonna without makeup, however, I think we’re more likely to see people following the direction from which they came. The Material Girl’s look of contempt makes her look extra-approachable, too.

For a woman who has professed to be her “own work of art,” I can only assume that the multi-faceted singer has decided to transform herself into a human canvas here and have a go at embodying road-weary trucker chic.

With the 54-year-old’s recent foray into filmmaking, Madonna was seen tackling directorial duties for ‘W.E.’, and evidently leaving makeup on the cutting room floor, on London’s streets back in August 2010. Maybe she was wearing her best mean, no-nonsense director’s face?


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