54-Year Old Madonna No Longer Intriguing, Just Crazy Old Lady

Madonna with an Obama tattoo

Did you guys know that Madonna is like, so cool? Look at this picture up here? She’s decorating her back with a message of support for Barack Obama, and, like, you know, she ironically said that Barack Obama is a Muslim. The problem is her funny joke wasn’t so funny, because she’s not a comedian, and people are stupid. Some people thought that was serious.

She then had to apologise afterwards. “I was being ironic on stage,” she said. “Yes, I know Obama is not a Muslim ? though I know that plenty of people in this country think he is. And what if he were?” (Quick tip: if you have to point out your irony afterwards, you’re not doing it right. It’d be like me making a joke, you not getting it, then me painstakingly running you through why the joke is funny after.)

The problem is that Madge has made her career based on the fact that she’s one to shy away from normality and attempt to be shocking. That works when you’re 18 or 19, and even works through your twenties. You can still lash out against society and its ridiculous norms at that age. But when you’re in your fifties, it becomes a little dispirting and sad.

Madonna dressed as a creepy candy cane cheerleader

You’ve had children, for Christ’s sake. No parent is cool. No parent is shocking. You could be a parent and say “well, I still occasionally dabble in the odd cocaine-fuelled transvestite orgy and it somehow becomes twee because we know that behind it all you have dependents and responsibilities. We know that ultimately, you have to go home at night and tuck Lourdes into bed.

But really, even when she was younger, Madonna wasn’t known for striking the right tone. Take for example the reason the entire city of Toronto thinks she’s kind of a bitch, really. The year was 1993: she was performing in Philadelphia. The Phillies were taking on the Blue Jays in the World Series, and Madonna’s natural reaction is “I will slag off Toronto.” She does, and is surprised when that backfires and Torontonians get offended.

Her publicist has to step in (again, having to explain the joke means it never was a joke in the first place), and utters the incredible words “I can’t believe that Toronto wouldn’t have a sense of humour.”

Madonna crucified

There’s the above, which I’m not really going to comment on. But yes, that is Madonna crucifying herself, just for fun.

Swearing on live television just because you can is also not cool. When she presented the Turner Prize, a modern art award in the UK, in 2001, Madge decided to drop the MF bomb. At like 7pm.

We can only imagine this was because she felt a) like she was losing touch and needed to do something ‘edgy’ to restore her place in the pantheon of provocateurs, b) she felt inadequate at being a mainstream artist and wanted to be in with the cool modern art crowd or c) she really is just a crazy old lady.

I’m going with c. I mean, have you seen her wrinkly forearms lately?!

Put ’em away grandma, and stop trying to be edgy, cool and intriguing. Just have a cup of cocoa and chill the fuck out.


  1. Sandie says

    Well I am 20 and have grown up listening to Madonna and I still find her cool and she is anything but crazy. This article was written by a man who is obviously an aegist. News flash she is still packing those stadiums so your piece means nothing and by the simple fact that you write an article about how irrelevant she is proves the opposite.

  2. Rodney says

    Wow an original peice of crap gossip. A critic tells feels his personal opinion of Madonna should be heard when its been already said a million times over the span of 30 years and amounts to nothing. Not everyone has to like Madonna, but your anger means shes pushing buttons yet again, extending what society deems acceptable for a woman of age in pop culture. You know what i saw at the sold out shows in Toronto? An audience over 25 years of age, dancing to music from past and present, having a great time. I would assume your age preference in performers is the same for men? You would also have a few choice words for any male musician over 50 as well? Somehow I doubt it.

  3. Meeks says

    Since you’re talking about M, she is cool, edgy and the most intriguing any woman can be. Honestly, do you want a singer to just shut up and sing? So why don’t you sip on that cocoa that had your juices flowing and losen your corset and chill the fuck off.

  4. D says

    The great thing about Madonna isthat she has never cared about what you or any other so-called journalist writes about her. Her fans range from teenagers to people in their fifties as well. She has always been about defying ageism, sexism, racism, homophobia and any other kind of discrimination. It is people like you who write bitter, jealous negativity that reinforces to her fans that she is still cool. I’ll take her over any of these young girls nowadays. At least she has a mind and a platform for her beliefs.

  5. Pj says

    I for one thought it was funny. I also think she’s still cool and this silly article shows she’s still a talking point otherwise why would you write a book about her. Then again negativity in this day of age is the norm as being positive requires too much energy. Go Madonna and keep posting of the haters they will be long forgotten anyway lol.

  6. Jole says

    Loved the article!!! Time for Madonna to give it up. Both in performing and showing her ugly body and face!!

  7. roboy says

    What a cruel article with no redeeming merit. It is remarkable the crap people write and think of themselves as a journalist. Chris Star, you should get a real job, maybe even one that takes intelligence and imagination. Actually, this whole web site is kinda stupid.

  8. Pechilvr says

    This article is based on FACTS in Toronto she was booed off the stage and there are tweets and video out there where you clearly hear her ask “is the audience booing me?” She is over 50 yrs old now and being outrageous with the whole crucifix thing is like ridiculous!

  9. Jo Ann Lewis says

    I don’t think that she is a crazy old lady. She is just 54. Not to mention that she is the original, not the imitators like Lady Gaga, Nikki Minaj, they are all wanna be Madonnas. She is awesome or are y’all pissed that she supports President Obama.

  10. miranda says

    Hi, I’m from Brazil, and totally agree with you! this man is not having a good time in life…we can feel that…poor guy!!

    it doesn’t matter how old you are but what diference you make in life
    and Madona, sure, makes all the diference! any time, anywhere!

  11. Kimberlee says

    Carrie Underwood said it best: my fame does not give me the right to put my political views on my fans, they came to hear me sing” and she packs a crowd, who don’t boo and walk out.

    Good article, I’m sick of celebrities, from the left and the right, asking me to make a decision on their views, how arrogant!

  12. Amanda Kitts says

    I have always loved Madonna. I hope that tatt isn’t real. She dosen’t have to use Obama’s name to increase her fame, though. Politics are never a good subject, if you want to increase your fanbase. I do remember when either CNN or Fox news reported that he was a Muslim before he converted to some denomination of Christian; I forget which, not that it matters.

  13. AC says

    Meh. I agree. She’s ridiculous. The people that still turn out for her concerts are her fans from the 80s. They’ll eventually be showing up for each other in their orthopedics.

  14. Vince says

    This article is ridiculous. Yes, Madonna has always been an attention seeker, but she has always had meaning behind it unlike the crap we have now (*cough* Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj*). She’s traded that temporary tattoo for different words and meanings. Pussy Riot, Amanda Todd, No Fear, all meaningful. I think she looks damn good still and who cares is she promotes her beliefs? Her music has been based off those beliefs so it shouldn’t be surprising. Idiots like the author of this article think they have a right to tell women how they should look.

    It’s not just her fans from the 80s at these shows, she has the MOST successful selling tours in history. Did everyone forget she’s had three decades of hits? My girlfriend is a fan and she’s 24. You know who else gets booed? Almost everyone in the industry at some point. Lady Gaga was hit with a water bottle recently, and has been having only a third of the audience show up for her South American portion of her tour.

    This article is pure crap. “no parent will ever be cool” No one has said that to male rockstars who have had kids, which is countless. Sorry she’s still doing what she loves.

  15. patjag says

    So… you don’t like her because she’s ( wait for it… ) OLD? Really? Talent actually has a shelf life, you little boy. I have never liked Madonna, but then she’s never invited me to lunch either. So, I respected her right to perform as long as she friggin WANTS. People still buy tickets. Right? This agest crap really needs to be managed kid. Oh… I’m having a “grow the heck up” moment. Trash her clothes, her songs… but her age?? Leave her elbows alone. BTW… you time is coming kiddo. Better make aging look good while you have a minute in youth.

  16. asmythy says

    What about pseudo-writers, who cannot spell or punctuate properly? Just how important are their wrinkle-free forearms? If I understand your premise correctly, “cool” is reserved for childless twitterphile ‘txtng crwd,’ who can freely participate in cocaine-fuelled [sic] orgies? I’m assuming you’re drinking cocoa because you’re afraid you’ll get carded trying to buy beer. I suggest you have a grown-up check over your articles before you “publish” them. Perhaps your 7th-grade English teacher will suffice. I’m pretty sure she can help you pronounce “ageist,” too, like, whatever.

  17. lisa says

    WHAT AN IDIOTIC ARTICLE. she is an icon. she is super talented. her body is in incredible shape. clearly this was written by i’m guessing a whiney 20-something douchebag with an annoying Kardashian voice….get real. madonna is a legend. no one can ever do what she did for music, sexuality, and even though i am not a mother (by choice, just don’t want kids) i can tell you it is an ignorant thing to say that a mom can’t be edgy or hot or sexy or whatever. please. moms are just women who’ve given birth. they’re still who they were before the childbirth. many hot mamas are out there and madonna is one of them. grow up and stop posting total bullshit like this. she’s 54 but looks younger. she is strong. you are weak. period.

  18. Joann says

    I always thought “trolls” limited their efforts to the comment section. I guess I was wrong. This whole piece reads like something only a troll would write.

  19. Cheryl says

    Madonna has become a pathetic parody of herself. She should change it up. It’s just embarassing.

  20. Jenn says

    Horrible article. Really STOOPID. YOU are the one with a problem, Chris Starr – NOT Madonna. MADONNA IS STILL AN ARTIST WORTH WATCHING AND LISTENING TO. You ARE NOT.

  21. Vadge sucks says

    Article is spot on. She’s an ugly, old, crabby-ass, phony British accented, gap-toothed whore. This isn’t an ageist thing. I just think she treats people like an asshole and she doesn’t deserve this fame.

  22. John says

    When the fig *was* Madge intriguing? When she danced in front of burning crosses? When she shook her bosom and sang about being a virgin? When she put on a dog collar and lapped at a saucer of milk? Seriously, for 30 years I’ve been wondering why the world gives a poke what this narcissistic idiot thinks about anything, because frankly she doesn’t *think,* she just says outre things because she knows that’s what makes people talk about her and that is all narcissists crave. As for her “position” on things, you can shake a magic 8-ball and get more coherent responses to any issue. An 8-ball is also more intelligent.

  23. Winter says

    Who cares who she supports in politics? Is having make-up put Obama on her back any worse than anything that any celeb that allows their political views to be public says or does? No. She has been saying and doing things for shock value for decades. Do I go to her shows? No, I went to see her numerous times when I was younger. She is a legend in her own right and she is not going to stop when she still sells out most stadiums. This author would probably fall all over himself if she turned her eye his way- How dare he talk about her arms- she looks damn good, especially being 54 years old! She has attracted men less than 1/2 her age. Madonna has pissed off people, shocked people, and had her share of hard knocks. She IS Madonna, after all. And who is anyone to judge what kind of mother she is? Her daughter seems to be a well adjusted young lady, isn’t that a pretty good sign of decent parenting? Lourdes has never been in the news for drugs, drinking, wild partying, or any of the things a lot of celebrities’ children are doing to get into trouble.

  24. Joe Chicago says

    Her saying he’s Muslim makes sense with some of the statements he’s made and his hate of America and Israel. Or should we just agree some of the decisions and statements like the one during the 2008 campaign,

  25. Joe Chicago says

    Righ on. Nothing wrong with being 54 and dressing like a 20-something slut…except a 54 year old mother should probably dress and act like an adult and not a 54 year old stripper working the weekday lunch rush on the stripper pole. Can’t wait to see how well grounded the kid will turn out. Probably wind up on MTV’s “Teen Mom”. Ah, good role models.

  26. Joe Chicago says

    Right, let’s take guidance from Hollywood and musicians. Their worlds and problems so closely resemble our own. The rest of us try to ends meet and they spend millions on homes and $100k+ on cars.

  27. jcav1029 says

    Leave it to a guy named John to see things clearly and rationally. Bravo and well said. Here’s a little irony, think back to when she laughed at Kevin Costner, in her documentary, for being soooo uncool. My how that worm has turned.

  28. namers says

    Lourdes, at 16 is instrumental in their uber successful clothing line, Material Girl. I’ve seen her son Rocco (13) on a talk show and he seems sweet and shy. Yeah, she sucks at parenting and co-parenting.

  29. natalie says

    Ha ha ha.Amanda she is not trying to increase her fame,but his!!She has so much fan base so she is trying to show them who she believes in,to help him!

  30. Angie says

    What is wrong with this piece of crap article? So, so, many things, it would be hard to list them without writing a novel. For starters, since when are pre-teens allowed to write and publish unsupervised “stories”? I’m assuming you must not be older than 12, for 54 years of age hardly seems to be the age when people should start to “chill out” and have “a cup of cocoa” while looking at one’s “wrinkly forearms”. That was just about the most idiotic, mindless, ignorant and childish pile of horse shit I have read in a long time. And yes, I’m over 35 and still able to read and navigate the Internet…shocking! Madonna is an icon though she may not be liked by everyone. She’s been in the public eye for decades and has been imitated by many. I recommend you finish Middle school before dabbling in “writing” articles again.

  31. Huston says

    The spiritual life of a nation, city, town, church or home never rises any higher than the spiritual life of women. Being spiritually bankrupted and rebellious for the simple sake of being rebellious is infantile. Madonna may still pull in people at concerts but she also like her female concert goers shows that wisdom does NOT necessarily come with age.

  32. Paul says

    100% agree, This ridiculous ignorant dumb thing use internet to post his stupid opinions just to call attention and make his name over someone else’s fame. Chris (as)S you will never be a “star” not in a zillion years deal with it.

  33. Christina says

    The writer must be a Republican as they go after Madonna for being older but edgy but I’m sure they find it fine that Rush Limbaugh say absolute nonsense at his age just to be edgy.

  34. DTT says

    Queen Madonna. Dummy journalist. I don’t like O(mg)bama, but Madonna has been the best at her art for all time. Yes, as said before, she is original and not one of these wanna be’s that are all in some way trying to be her. That picture of the arm certainly isn’t hers. That’s obvious. Complain or pay compliments. Either way she wins.

  35. vlad says

    You guys need to get this ideological label thing straight. NOBODY likes Republicans. I’m a conservative, also called a traditionalist. Dens are ways trying to insult me by ragging on Repubs, but I vote for whomever supports the Constitution, just like you guys vote for whomever is most PC. Politics isn’t about Dem vs. Repub — it’s individualism vs. collectivism. Got it? Thank you.

  36. NASTONNA says

    MADSLUTONNA She is just nasty nasty nasty. Offensive and doesn’t give 2 sh*ts about her fans. I can’t believe you guys can defend her after all the sh*ts she’s dropped on your head. Late to her own funeral and rude rude rude. Oh chris is a baby but he has a point.

  37. Ilovemadge says

    Lord, how did I get to this sick, sad little dark corner of the Internet? 54 is an old lady? Dude, I’m 20 and I think that’s crazy! Madonna is and will always be an icon, deal with it! You’ll always be just some typical unintelligent misogynist internet guy.

  38. jean-huy says

    This “journalist” doesn’t get Madonna at all. She is all about pushing the button, and she did just that! When she wore the “Boy Toy” belt, she was being ironic & pushed for sexual freedom among women! This was among many other things & many generations have identified with her. Of course, they have, in order for her to get to where she is today & kudos for her for speaking up how she feel. Even today, she is 54 and there is absolutely nothing wrong with her body! Most people would even feel lucky to have that kind of body when they are 54, but this is not the case! Even though she is 54 & she still dances her ass off on the stage among all these back up singers, night after night, to entertain her fans, now that call serious dedications.

  39. Janney says

    What a sad article from a sad person. Madonna will rock till she feels like stopping and she can really put on a good show as always. Madonna can recreate herself as her talent takes her in different directions. I would really love to hear if the author is also slamming the long-standing talents of The Rolling Stones, Sting, Clapton, etc. You get the point, don’t you. Those guys are into their 60’s and beyond. Poor sexist. Now have your hot cocoa and got to bed now. You are boring us.

  40. TooUnfazed says

    I think Madonna can do whatever the hell she wants and all her fans who fill the stadiums obviously think so, too. THAT is the statement she’s making by dressing any way she pleases, doing anything she pleases, and making sure to rub tiny teenage boys’ noses in her wrinkly parts so them boyzes don’t start getting uppity. She’s lead a far more honest and healthy life than those wrinkly, balding old farts in the old boyz bands like The Rolling Stones, Poison, and Kiss. Talking about wrinkle, folks like the author of this poor excuse for an article seem to have awesome for brains.

  41. Dick Sicario says

    He is a Muslim.
    She is no longer hot.
    They would make a great pair, but MOOchelle would beat the hell out of her ( and him ) should she find out.
    Besides Barack prefers boys. Ask anyone who frequents the bath houses in Chicago.

  42. Yam says

    so its ok to rock on if you are the rolling stones, elton john etc but not if you are a woman and a mother? Please dont’ publish this masochistic c rap!

  43. Jen K says

    I have never been a fan, so I agree shes just blah. But its not fair to say that simply because shes in her 50’s. SO that makes every single famous man irrelivant the same way then, right? Otherwise you are a chauvanistic asshole for posting this.

  44. says

    To the writer of this b.s. article – you suck! Why don’t you step out and let us see what you look like – a loser I’m sure…

    Whomever said you are a “republican” – well, a blind man can see the truth clearer than you and yours…………..

  45. Jack Ketch says

    She was NEVER intriguing. She was aways gross. Still is. Always will be. Her ego was never consistent with her mediocre talent, either. Ugh.

  46. veronica says

    100% PERCENT CORRECT. I suspect that most who parrot whatever the Dems are saying haven’t the inclination to research the facts for themselves. If they did, many would come to a saner conclusion.

  47. Lynn Rich says

    Madonna is an attention starved narcissist who can’t come to grips with the fact she is no longer relevant. Her so-called talent is mere hype that our sorry world feeds on. She is smart enough, however, to recognize that her adoring public is dazed and stupid; therefore, she preys on their idiocy by spouting ignorant rhetoric, knowing her “people” will come behind this selfish whore and clean up her mess. She is truly a disgusting parasite feeding on the diseased carcass of her fans.

    Most of you who’ve commented, by the way, are so uneducated you cannot even express yourselves in a grammatically correct way. You aren’t even credible.

  48. Carla says

    54 is also not an age to put on a cheerleader outfit (gag) and hobble around on stage looking foolish, either. Her superbowl performance was just embarrassing and painful to watch. Icon or not, her glory days are over no matter how many inept politicians she endorses on her backside. Ironically, the only person more irrelevant is the prepubescent writer of this article.

  49. LL says

    This article screams of ageism , Madonna is an Icon and she will always be relevant . Madonna is getting older. Do we need to hold that against her ? Does that mean that as you grow older you need to just sip on cocoa and not “express yourself” ? I find her antics much more interesting than the sentiments in this article , maybe the author should sip on a warm drink , at least he won’t be writing a hate letter about someone who is and will always be more successful.

  50. ussr says

    Agree with both of you except for one thing, Veronica said something about “saner” conclusion… I don’t think it’s a possibility. Just sayin…

  51. kl says

    Madonna is nasty…….period. This article is RIGHT ON. She USED to be good……..NOW she needs to sit down and just shut up. She is gross.

  52. linda says

    I am 58. I was right there at Madonna’s highest point. I liked alot of her music but her presentation always left a negative. I did not want my girl to think it was cool to show up in her underwear. Madonna’s songs were often tender and very good but the morals were none, not a lesson I wanted for any of the three kids I have. The hypocrisy? She shielded her child for how many years? Let us hear her old plays but the concerts are a no go for me at all. She wants to make more money is all. Why? She has more than most would want to spend. Greedy./ and really done.

  53. Tim says

    People are still going to Madonna’s concerts and buying her music, so more power to her. If it is alright for 69 year old Mick Jagger to prance around the stage like he has ants in his pants, then I fail to see what law of nature Madonna’s breaking.

  54. Thinking Adult says

    I’ve liked some of her stuff, and disliked some. What interests me most about this
    thread is the arrogance of youth and the power of misogyny. Haven’t heard so
    much sexist drivel since the 2008 primaries involving Clinton’s candidacy.

    I totally agree with your second paragraph. While I agree with the positions
    taken by some of the posters, it is hard to get past the poor grammar and spelling.

  55. Julie Barnes says

    Wisdom from the snot-nosed generation? I happen to be 61 and have seen Madonna Live each time she has toured. Obviously you have never taken the opportunity to be truly entertained or are just too cheap to broaden your horizons. Music Brings The People Together. You’re the one who needs to “Chill” Mr. Happening guy. Next time, talk about what you know – which appears to be not much.

  56. steven says

    wow – an idiot and a sexist…gee, that’s deep! But that’s about the extent of what leftist, liberal, communists are capable of – name calling. The issue isn’t about sexism, homophobia, racism or any of the convenient labels people like Marko like to fling in absence of a rational or reasonable point of view. As a country we must come to grips wiht whether we are willing to continue down the path of collectivism or communism v. a free and capitalistic society…a society that has created the most influential force for freedom and liberation in all of recorded history.

  57. Rh Negative says

    The author of this article is reinforcing the sexist hollywood stereotypes of fame…you MUST BE YOUNG OR YOU’RE IRRELEVANT. what a pig. honestly. what an ass. Wonder if he thinks he will ever get older.???

  58. Carla says

    Sorry, Republicans are far too intelligent to give a rats ass about some fifty-something has-been. Only Democrats care about Madonna.

  59. brenda adams says

    Dumb article. I can think of plenty of older male republicans that you would probably think are wonderful because of their rants or stands. Sheesh.
    PS: What’s with the comments from righties here that they have correct knowledge about rights, constitution, individualism, etc.? Many of us call these folks hell-bent on building their own ‘facts’ so that it skews all the rest of their reasoning. Much is just mis-informed/agenda driven instilled by what they learned from their parents and nearby surroundings/education as they have grown up. Without educated reasoning you will find yourself being afraid, hateful, even tortured. Start over. Good luck.

  60. teno says

    When going to a concert people want to enjoy themselves. Again this is suppose to be a concert Madonna not a political convention.

  61. Madonna Sucks says

    I can’t stand Madonna. It’s a sad commentary on our popular culture that someone bereft of any real talent can become so famous. Madonna is a disgusting narcissist who thinks she’s edgy and cool by attacking the Christian faith. Try taking on Islam Madge if you really want to prove how daring you are. You’re a sad joke.

  62. Tana says

    I am a liberal. I am a woman. And yes, Madonna is an old has-been. She is neither original nor particularly talented – although she has been much imitated due to her commercial success. One doesn’t become a commercial success by bucking the trend all the time. Lockstep is required – so she’s just another music whore like all the rest – except that she is old and her voice, which was never great, is used up.

  63. Brad says

    Agree with ya Paul and Sandee, I saw her 2nd MDNA show in Seattle and it was EPIC! most artist today have nothing to offer.. She is still a amazing music artist, still in style, still has her loyal fans. The photoshophed photo’s are FAKE! Your just trying to get attention. Her age, To the writer of this story – please post a photo of yourself so we can judge you on your age and looks, What have you done that so amazing! Nothing,, Just trash new’s here…. All you getting is posts on your blog from people who admire Madonna and those who hate her cause she is a powerful, talented and amazing Woman! Haters have nothing to offer but negitive posts and envy..

  64. Tracy says

    I think whoever wrote this is completely biased about women in the arts. He’s argueably very jealous he isn’t her, because she’s a multi-millionaire and he isn’t.
    That’s why he has to take stabs at her.
    I’d like to see the back of his arms, I bet he has scabs and dry elbows. I bet he even has a beer gut, and a plumber’s but. I bet he sits and eats doughnuts while he writes this. Fat, sloppy pig.
    And who are you to say women over 50 are not beautiful, competent, successful, and can’t keep doing what they do best? Better than your stupid writing, HA! I know ladies over 80 who are sexier than you, old man. Get with it. My grandma could whip your ass.

  65. Mary says

    If Madonna is too old and too irrelevant, then where in the grand scheme of things would this author’s place be in the food chain? I’m thinking underneath the sludge that is the bottom and covered with crap. My guess is the writer has never seen Madonna perform and just likes making fun of older women’s arms because they aren’t old yet and just very, very stupid. Whoever wrote this trash is a loser.

  66. GeorgeW says

    By the comments on this site, I see we have a great number of aging libtards.

    Madonna, is just a pitiful old has been. And not even a has been, she never was.

    If you liked her brand of cr@ppy pop, you were probably 14 or 15 years old
    at the time.

    She’s a phony and creepy old lady and very soon will probably collecting cats
    and smelling like pinesol.

    I’m so glad she moved out of the US, now she’s someone else’s problem, she
    should have put lying n1gger on her back instead of Obama .

  67. CDE says

    “Idiot.” Is the only comeback you got to say whenever someone is right? Quit copying and pasting the same comment dumbfuck. Or are you acting like George Bush is still in office jackass repub?

  68. CDE says

    Now you want to fly the old N-word card out….Ok….Let me correct you on your grammar since you want to be such a wise @ss. First of all, this isn’t the Jim Crow Era where you can fly out that word whenever you want to. Second, You’re just mad because there’s a black guy as the new president. Thirdly, I think you only trolled on this comment section to put out your pathetic little attempts to show your ignorant, immature, self-centered, opinions out just like the author of this article. Next time kid, Learn your age and act like a man, not a child who is waiting on daddy to come back from the war.

  69. RangerDan says

    I see the political trolls have f^ucked up another comment section. Between The Ignorant American Taliban Conservanazis, and the blind liberals we’re continuously bombarded with stupid hyperbole and boring third grade insults. Go away jackasses, your message is perverted.

  70. GeorgeW says

    George Bush? The only jackass we have to worry about
    now is the communist Obama and his pack of liars.

  71. Dee says

    I agree with the writer! I am am just as old as Madonna, and it’s time to start coming into your own as you age gracfully, not make a complete ass out of yourself like she has, she is an idiot, I don’t think she has an education or any class either.

  72. Dee says

    I also feel sorry for Madonna she seems like she is having a crisis, and can’t deal with being old.

  73. Josie says

    Republicans really love Sarah(the bird brained,half term, dunce)Palin. The GOP picked that twit as a Vice Presidential candidate. Republicans also keep sending Michele Bachmann, “a crazed deer in the headlights nut job” back to congress. Democrats are far too intelligent to elect bobbleheaded fluffs in skirts to run this country.

  74. kevin says

    hey dubya what liars tell me exactly what liars the potus has said…be specific… and dont tell me you heard this on the faux news station be specific!

  75. Barbara C says

    Ageism much? It seems that the ONLY negative issues here are with Madonna’s age. What are you, twelve? She’s talented, energetic, beautiful, extremely fit, and relevant. If you didn’t know how old she was, you wouldn’t even have an issue with her.
    I hope in twenty years you remember your comments that denigrated her just for her age; you’ll feel like an idiot.

  76. The Milkman says

    Madonna’s music does, has, and will always suck. Pop music that is done with lip-syncing and selling yourself as a sex object is not art, IMO. On the other, “Weird” Al Yankovich’s version of “Like a virgin” titled “Like a surgeon” is epic. “Cuting for the very first time”. Genius. If you are over the age of 10 and like Madonna, you are pathetic.

    MILKMAN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111

  77. John S. says

    I agree with you 100%. You sound like a complete musical genius. You are probably wicked cool.

  78. The Milkman says

    She is terrible. The issue is not that she isn’t fit, it’s that is void of talent. Unless you consider being a whore a talent. Checkmate……..

  79. ejray59 says

    While I’ve not enjoyed all her videos, I have enjoyed most of her music. From the beginning she has continually tried to push boundaries, yes to become more known and sell more records. Who wouldn’t? So what if she’s still doing it at 54? Most musicians continue as long as they can: although men seem to not have as difficult a time with audiences dealing with the aging.

    Keep racist political ideals out of this discussion. It’s basically a question of Madonna: like her or not, she is here to stay.

  80. gman says

    Entertainment at its finest
    world class entertainer,
    Obama a ongoing class comedy act
    God help us all

  81. M_In_O_Town says

    There’s a lot of days where I want to say “F popular culture” because of the outright attack and subtle violence against “old people”. The internet in general is almost nothing but angry people lashing from behind a keyboard that they wouldn’t dare say out loud in a public place. YOU “Madonna sucks” are the sad joke.

  82. M_In_O_Town says

    Mr. Milkman is obviously a covert Lady Gaga fan.

    Chess board overturned.

  83. JBDragon says

    There was nothing wrong with Sarah Palin other then a lot of B.S. thrown out by the Democrats. Would have been a hell of a lot better then OBAMA by a mile. At least she ran a state as Governor, Obama hasn’t done crap and it shows. He acts like a little baby when he can’t get what he wants. The Media has been playing nice to his all these years. If they had only done their Job and gone after him like they did Sarah, hell gone after him 1/10th as much of Sarah. The Democrats are a bunch of Morons and don’t seem to know basic Math when they are running this country into the ground. Not following the constitution. The Republicans aren’t much better. These days you so called Democrats would have never voted for John F. Kennedy! You would have thought he was a Republican!!!

    You really are a clueless moron. The Public Education that’s been dumbing down the public all these years.

  84. GeorgeW says

    This “commenter” must be a libtard.

    Babbling moron.

    Madonna is an old useless hack.

    She always was and always will be a side note in music history,
    better known for her Playboy spread than anything else.

  85. Brandon says

    OMG so many haters in the media, ya’ll just mad cause she still got and she still doing better than everyone else out there. Gaga has nothing on her and no matter what you jackasses say Madonna will still be on top because she is a REAL artist. Who ever wrote this crap article is a moron and a fat hater.

  86. Brandon says

    I wonder if this moron would have said this about Rod Stewart, Bono, Eminem, Elton John, The Rollingstones, Aerosmith, Snoop Dog (Lion), Bruce Springsteen, George Michael, Billy Joel, Berry Manilo, ect ect. and none of those dudes are as successful as she is. Shut up hater.

  87. Korey says

    Lets be honest,Madonna is a workaholic! I love her but I wonder what she could have done differently. She had a spark of spirituality a decade ago,and presented herself
    as a author of kids books. What if she choose to evolve into a different type of Icon?
    I know her music is still good and dancing is great at her age,but what did this concert
    really represent ? All the gun toting in the first act? What was that about? The Darkness
    of the violence? But it wasnt really a clear message.. then why have it in the show?
    It was almost like she was trying to be ganster and this was a cool thing to do,and this
    I believe is the issue and this is why she appears to be a aging rock star ,taking the
    spot light once again..and in the same fashion she did in the early eighties!
    Where is the transformation of Madonna,or is she just reinventing and old image of herself?

  88. sky says

    Clearly intelligence speaks louder then negativity. You chose your words wisely and your message shines! It also does not surprise me that someone would want to take the name of a powerful woman and call her crazy as the word in itself carries historic intention to oppress, shame and silence. It’s unwise and it reveals a very shallow perspective. I am wishing the author wisdom and some clarity…maybe a dash of happiness also!:)