Madonna Is Just Like A Terrorist, Says Madonna

Madonna is famous for having an opinion about everything, from ripping off Abba songs to wearing horrific crack-revealing leotards. But her latest is a doozy – Madonna says that she’s like a terrorist.

But don’t worry – Madonna isn’t like a terrorist because she blows up pubs or murders hostages – although her last CD did want to make us throw ourselves out of a window – Madonna is, in fact, like a hostage because she quite often has arguments about where she wants to go on holiday. Confused? You’d do well to read on, then…

There’s more to Madonna (CDs) than meets the eye. She isn’t just the Mariah
, horse-falling-off ancient popstar that everyone
thinks she is – she’s also a hardcore holiday terrorist. That’s what
she’s told Harper’s Bazaar magazine, anyway. In the latest edition of
the publication, Madonna decides to tell the world all about her
holiday arguments with her husband Guy Ritchie:

"He loves the sea
and fishing and being on a boat, outdoors, nature stuff. I’d rather go
to India and check out all the temples or go to Bhutan. We’ve had this
discussion, and he’s got to start doing more of the holidays like I do."

go along with that, especially if all the holidays stopped him from
making any more shit-awful films. But that’s not the interesting part.
Madonna then goes on to say:

"What’s the difference between a pop star and a terrorist? You can negotiate with a terrorist."

Next week – Madonna compares herself to a genocidal dictator because Guy Ritchie always hogs the remote control and never wipes his feet after coming in from the garden.

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[story by Stuart Heritage]