Lorde Needs To Learn When To Pipe Down

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LordeLorde has quickly been building a reputation as a holier-than-thou hipster moppet who is so not like other girls because she wears long sleeves and doesn’t care about money. Thankfully, her PR team seemed to have stepped in and told her to shut her trap. 

Much like a white, teenage Azealia Banks, Lorde has drummed up as much attention for her catty remarks towards other female popstars as she has for her music. She’s already gone after Nicki Minaj, Lana Del Rey, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift for suffering from a serious case of Not Being Lorde Syndrome, which is a brave thing to do for someone who’s still  not quite clear of being a one-hit wonder.

She has the whole world at her feet right now – a number one single at sixteen is more than impressive – but ironically for a singer, things seem to go belly-up as soon as she opens her mouth. Take her interview with GQ, for example:

“The difference between those [ex-Disney stars] and me is that I grew up completely normally and went to parties and had that experience. I am way less inclined to be like, ‘Look! I’m fucking mental!”

Yeah, Miley sure does seem like the kind of person who spent every Saturday night of her teens tucked up in bed with a Sudoku puzzle and a Golden Girls marathon. While those Disney stars do seem hellbent on showing everyone how ‘mental’ they are, at least they aren’t throwing their colleagues under the bus for the sake of showing everyone how ‘different’ they are. You’d think a self-confessed feminist would realize that it does more harm than good, right?

“I love pop music on a sonic level. But I’m a feminist and the theme of [Selena Gomez's] song [Come & Get It] is, ‘When you’re ready come and get it from me.’ I’m sick of women being portrayed this way.”

It’s awesome that more pop stars aren’t afraid to call themselves feminists – that should be everyone’s default position – but not at the expense of someone else’s reputation. Unless that person thoroughly deserves it, ahem, Robin Thicke, ahem, Rick Ross.

However, either Lorde has realized that if you want fans then you need to be at least a little charming, or her record company have stepped in to stop their young prodigy’s career from circling the drain.

“I have nothing against anyone getting naked. For me personally I just don’t think it really would complement my music in any way or help me tell a story any better. It’s not like I have a problem with dancing around in undies—I think you can use that stuff in a hugely powerful way. It just hasn’t felt necessary for me.”

‘Hugely powerful’ might be pushing it, but it’s certainly a step-up from the girl who thought she was just too indie and different to concern herself with flashing her ankles or singing about love. Watch how you step, Lorde. Your music’s good but let’s fast forward five years and see if you’re still sticking to the same morals. Even Avril Lavigne put on a basque and fishnets to try and revive her flagging career.

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  1. Chris says

    Give a 16 year old a public forum, and these are the kind of things you’ll hear.

    Tell a 16 year old to learn when to shutup… good luck.

    I don’t particularly care about her opinions. I like her music, though.

    She’s very opinionated and has the holier than thou attitude BECAUSE she’s 16, and she’s “so deep,” and knows everything. I know I was the same way. Assuming she stays in the public eye, I doubt we’ll see these kind of comments when she hits her 20′s.

  2. Navan says

    Exactly right, Chris. Lorde is 16. This is how you are when you’re 16.

    The problem for Lorde is only that the world is listening, while most of us are allowed to make our social mistakes, and to learn from them, in relative privacy.

    I suspect this columnist was just trolling for page hits with false controversy. Columnists have to eat too, I expect.

  3. Haley Thibdeau says

    She needs to go back to her home country….her “music” makes me turn the radio off every time

  4. Courtney says

    I think they are talking about her song “Royals”. That is the only song I’ve heard of hers.

  5. Gabby says

    Lorde has a big hit called royals people but otherwise we all have at least one crazy thing about us that’s her

  6. BE says

    Love her song “Royals” at least she ain’t afraid to say how she
    Feels it is her opinion everybody has one why she getting put on blast cuz I bet
    if any of us “Regular People non famous ” said something like that nobody would notice or make a big deal. … she shouldn’t have to watch what she says ….. just like ma opinion won’t Matter lol ha ha

  7. Colle says

    seriously doubt it can be considered a “hit”, I personally change the radio station when that song comes on

  8. jts says

    I like her for her music and that she doesn’t have to get naked to sell. That’s pretty cool.

  9. somedude says

    So, you’re basically telling a 16 year old to shut up about getting slutty for fame. That’s real good for the female image.

  10. some chick says

    thank you! it’s ridiculous. yes thank you Lorde for actually having self respect & having a brain.

  11. Kelly says

    The problem with her comments about Selena Gomez’s song is that it is antifeminist to tell her that there is something wrong with being DTF. She’s not grasping the entire concept of feminism.

  12. Tori says

    Just because Lorde is “only 16″, doesn’t mean she gets a free pass to call out Taylor Swift, who may I remind is already slut-shamed by the public enough. Also, calling Selena Gomez an “Anti-feminist” doesn’t make her a better one. Like Kelly said, I don’t think she understands how to use the term appropriately.

  13. Jo Blow says

    She’s 16. When did any 16-year-old girl EVER have something to say worth hearing?

    16-year-old girls are to look at and that’s about it. When one can be found that can sing, you’ve got dual appeal. Don’t expect her to have something to say on top of it.

    Give her a break.

  14. Tyranney says

    yeah , Fiona Apple and Natalie Maines destroyed their carers opening their mouths so did sinead o’connor. right now lord is a one hit wonder. look at Fred durst where is limp biskit now? being a douche bag is not in her best intrust.

  15. Holier than thou says

    If you have any understanding of music, you’ll give her credit where it’s due. She has a highly-rated, outstanding new album, and two fantastic LPs before that. She is 16, and she has accomplished more than about 90% of you can even aspire to.

    It’s even too late to call her a one-hit wonder seeing as she’s already landed Royals and Team on the radio…so nice try there.

    And I’d say about 2/3 of her comments are actually very correct. Selena Gomez’s song is pretty forthright, sexually overt, and demeaning. A lot of Taylor Swift’s music shows her as being dependent on men. Lorde has every right to point out that it offends her, and I can agree with that whole-heartedly. Otherwise, she’s 17 years old now. I am a perfectly adept college student who still says stupid things on a daily basis so hey there you go. George Bush regularly said stupid things while in office and he was a 54 year old man.

  16. teryl says

    horrible article, totally misplaced rant. wow, a girl actually expressed herself in a completely down-to-earth way, guess we better tell her to shut up! if you wanna kiss all the asses of dumbed-down, scantily clad pop stars then suit yourself, but those idiots are just PR pawns who’ve lost all their self respect. you’re calling out lorde for calling out other singers, it’s hypocrisy at its finest. moron.

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