Lord Xenu Is Watching: Leah Remini Fears Leaked Scientology Files

Leah Remini

King of Queens actress Leah Remini escaped left Scientology with her family in tow after 37 years and now fears confidential files could be leaked in retaliation. One does not simply leave Scientology in a haze of bad press. Head of church David Miscavige is about ready to cut a bitch.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Karen de la Carriere, a former Scientologist who left after 35 years with the church. She explained how her private auditing sessions were used against her until her family & friends eventually cut all contact with her.

Private auditing is kind of like going to church confession and revealing your inner most secrets, only it ain’t Father George down the road you’re confessing to in a private booth. Auditing involves spilling your guts and having all the juicy deeds recorded.

‘When Leah and her family made the decision to leave the church after having been members for decades, the church immediately used disconnection against them in retaliation’ she alleged.

Fellow scientologist and friend for over 20 years Kirstie Alley seemed to stick the boot in pretty quick when it was first reported Leah had left.

She tweeted ‘When faced w malicious gossip I take a moment to experience the loss of the person I thought was my friend… Then I say fuck em..:) #RISE ’

Perhaps Leah managed to sneak in one last message stuck to a doughnut telling the whore to choke on it. Sinisterly enough, a website with the domain WhoIsLeahRemini.com popped up last week. It is believed that the purpose of which will be to publish information intended to slur her character.

Kirstie Alley

Other WhoIs.com sites purchased included WhoIsPaulHaggis.com. Paul Haggis, Oscar winning director left Scientology after 35 years and was branded a ‘status-driven screenwriter’ on the site amongst other articles and videos.

Leah Remini this week told Us Weekly she is planning on writing a tell all book about the controversial religion,

‘It will include my experiences, everything that’s taboo to talk about’ she revealed.

In between the mystery of Shelly Miscavige – wife of David Miscavige  - not being seen in seven years, anything Tom Cruise Cruise related (supposedly 2nd in rank) along with the rumored rules and punishments of the church, it’d make for one heck of a story not to be read before bed time.


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  1. Amethyst says

    now Leah will have some sort of tragic accident and die. shouldve jus wrote the book and confessed if need be! by telling whats goin to b in the book she set herself up for retaliation!

  2. dianne says

    Good for Leah. Someone needs to sue the crap out of Whois.com and as for Leah, I hope this proves Scientology wrong and gets loads of parts. And shame on any site that uses whois.com to spread visious rumors.

    Her book is going to be an instant best seller if she doesn’t disappear or die.

  3. Pam says

    No matter what smear the cult of Scientology has about Leah. I and most of the rest of the sane world will have her back. I mean look at their leader, Tom Cruise, Kirstie and even John Travolta. Turned out their fearless leader got mad at Travolta and told his henchmen to start gay rumors…and voila…gay rumors pop up. They have all become jokes. Tom has to be the craziest of all, and is probably doing the leader. Two tiny men with Napoleon complexes. Time the Feds shut them down for good.