Looky! Famous Ladies! In Bikinis!

We once went on a beach body diet, you know. It worked, too – after six weeks we looked exactly like a beach. Still do. It’s uncanny.

But we digress. We’re about to link to a gallery of famous women in bikinis, thanks to OSOYOU. You know exactly what you’re going to get here – if you’re female you can alternate between envy and glee as you flick between celebrities who look good in their bikinis and celebrities who look like messy old fartbags.

And, if you’re male, you can look at the pictures and decide whether or not you’d like to have sex with the celebrities before deciding that, yes, you’d probably have sex with all of them. Even Amy Winehouse. Then you can go and cry. For this is how all men work. Anyway, pictures! Let’s go!

Celebs In Bikinis – OSOYOU


  1. mithaearon says

    fuckity fuck fuck just saw the Amy Winohouse picture, thats me never being able to have sex ever again… or eat…or sleep….or even close my eyes.