Look! It’s Wilma Flintstone Doing A Naughty Word!

Over the years, hecklerspray has brought all sorts of immature and hilarious things to your attention.

From a foul mouthed Postman Pat and sweary Tintin, it’s stupid things like this that makes us uncontrollably laugh like morons. However, both of those naughty clips weren’t done by their creators.

However, on a trek round YouTube, we discovered this little beauty from The Flintstones – and its actually real, not dubbed! The episode involves Fred and Barney accidentally joining the army and their other halves not being overly happy about it. Wilma sums up her feelings by saying “Fred always manages to bollocks things up.”

While we realise the episode is older then us and it probably wasn’t regarded as a naughty word back then, it’s still amusing to watch cartoon characters swear. Go on, lighten up!