Lisa Kudrow Without Makeup

Arguably best known for her role as the kooky Phoebe Buffay in TV show ‘Friends’, and now starring in the acclaimed web series ‘Web Therapy’, Lisa Kudrow usually looks preened and camera-ready.

Well, I changed my mind about that when I saw this November 2007 photo of Lisa Kudrow without makeup, where she adopted her most serious face yet to picket in support of the Writers Guild of America out in sunny California.

If this pic is anything to go by, the funny-boned 49-year-old definitely gave her funny bone a day off that day, most likely thinking, “Show them [the Writers Guild] the money!” instead of “Show me the makeup!”

The second photo of a makeup-free Kudrow (exact date and location unknown) also caught the award-winning actress at a serious moment. Given Kudrow’s talents and enduring success, the ‘Analyze That’ actress can be excused for not analyzing the contents of a makeup box.

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