Yes Lindsay Lohan, Letterman Totally Wants to Talk About “Scary Movie 5″

Lindsay Lohan On Letterman Literally more than twenty minutes had passed without the world hearing what Lindsay Lohan had been up to lately, so she took it upon herself to correct the situation by looking confused and awkward on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Thanks, Lindsay. Looking surprisingly well for somebody who probably spent the night face-down in a dumpster, Lindsay even managed to crack a few jokes about getting David to cut the tag off her dress.

Smart move – if everyone’s focusing on the dress, no one will notice the two paintings from the green room hidden under it.

Lindsay was doing the interview as publicity for ‘Scary Movie 5′ – because obviously it’s going to be even funnier the fifth time around – and yet seemed surprised that Letterman brought up her impending spa weekend  rehab stint and what exactly she’s addicted to this week: “We didn’t discuss this in the pre-interview.”

What was she expecting? Questions about the hours of preparation she spent for her role as ‘The girl that’s supposed to be that girl from Paranormal Activity’? She knows the only reason anybody is watching her is because they want to see exactly how much of a train wreck she’s become. It’s a fair bet that she didn’t land the part in Scary Movie because of her reputation of being a trained thespian.

Aside from a few awkward moments, Lindsay seemed to have a good sense of humour about the whole thing, which is possibly a side-effect of starring alongside Charlie Sheen because you know that guy must have access to some industrial strength happy pills.

But the effects of those happy pills must have begun to wear off by the end of the interview when she broke down in tears after being praised for having “enough spine, enough sense of [herself], and enough poise” to go on Letterman and allow the world to make fun of her. Or at least, it might have been tears – there’s also a fair chance she’d broken out in a sweat after going more than ten minutes without swigging from a hip flask.

And whilst yes, it was impressive that Lindsay was able to make fun of herself on national television, and have the spine to admit she needed to go to rehab, none of this was as impressive as David Letterman himself.

He managed to introduce Lindsay as a ‘talented actress’ without so much as a smirk. Someone give that man an Oscar.

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