Lindsay Lohan Goes All Political And Stuff

Lindsay Lohan Political Bobby Movie VeniceThere has probably never been such a powerful spokesperson for a generation than Lindsay Lohan, who has gained her powerful voice by making films about girls who hilariously fall over into piles of mud.

Well, in Lindsay Lohan's head that's true anyway. In reality Lindsay Lohan is a slightly annoying actress who seems to take herself way too seriously even though she only makes films that are destined to be shown on rainy bank holiday afternoons. However, Lindsay Lohan's new movie, Bobby, is about a man who was – you know – political and stuff, so Lindsay Lohan is using it as an excuse to yammer on about how really bloody she is all the time.

You think you know Lindsay Lohan? You think that Lindsay Lohan is the starlet who maybe has it off with McFly, does pretend lesbian pole-dances with Kate Moss and is generally so annoying that even mild-mannered William H Macy wants to kick her ass? Well, guess again bucko – Lindsay Lohan is dead political. You see, Herbie: Fully Loaded wasn't a crap film about a magic car, it was a symbolic statement of how America's involvement in the Middle East is causing the price of oil to rise. Similarly, Freaky Friday was a furious rant about gender equality, not a shitty remake of an already-lame Disney film.

OK, maybe not. But Lindsay Lohan's new grown-up movie Bobby is political – it's all about the 1968 assassination of Bobby Kennedy. And, although the premiere of Bobby at the Venice Film Festival was overshadowed by the news that Bobby director Emilio Estevez had just got engaged, Lindsay Lohan was desperate to prove how she's turned over a new leaf after the bollocking she got from her producer by following up her ridiculous "lemme go shoot Iraqis" interview with a short statement telling the world how important it is that everyone, you know, like, votes, and stuff:

"For people of my generation, I think it's important to bring awareness of a great leader… I feel I have always been somewhat politically engaged. I strongly encourage people of my age and generation to have a say and to vote, and to involve themselves in what's going on in the world, because they are living in it. I've always been like that but I keep it to myself. It's safer that way."

Safer? What? Also, Lindsay, a word to the wise – blabbing on about something during a red carpet premiere is almost the exact opposite of keeping it to yourself. Perhaps you should try practicing keeping more stuff to yourself, by maybe never making another film or CD again.

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