Lindsay Lohan Falls Over & Smashes Up Her Wrist

Lindsay Lohan Breaks Wrist falls new York milk studios brokenLindsay Lohan literally can't do anything right at the moment – if she's not flashing her genitals to photographers every couple of days, Lindsay Lohan is falling over and breaking her wrist in two places.

According to reports, Lindsay Lohan was walking around at a New York Fashion Week party when she slipped and fell, and had to be taken to a New York hospital to be treated for her broken wrist. It's an auspicious occasion, this – marking the first time that Lindsay Lohan has ever gone to hospital for the actual reason that her publicist has given. Probably.

So far this year, the most exciting thing that has happened to us is when we saw some half-price dishwasher detergent in a local branch of Aldi, but Lindsay Lohan can't have such a definitive answer as ours – more or less every single thing that has happened to Lindsay Lohan this year can officially be catagorised as 'batshit,' from having to publicly deny having sex with McFly to getting paid millions of dollars to advertise spot cream to getting a million dollars of jewellery nicked at Heathrow airport to deciding that she wants to go to Iraq to shoot some people up.

A nd that's before we've even discussed all the trips that Lindsay Lohan has made to hospital this year – so many, in fact, that we suspect that if Lindsay Lohan was in your class at school, she'd be the girl that always managed to get an ear infection just before swimming lesson every week. This year alone, Lindsay Lohan has ostensibly been to hospital for a giant asthma attack in Florida, a gashed shin from a Bryan Adams teacup, some general overheating and dehydration – which prompted a letter from Lindsay Lohan's boss telling her to stop being such a useless twat, more or less – and now she's broken her wrist after falling over at a New York fashion show, as People reports:

Lohan's publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, said the 20-year-old actress slipped and fell at the Milk Studios in New York, fracturing her wrist in two places. She was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital, and Sloane said Lindsay's mother drove in from Long Island to meet her.

Predictably, there's now going to be an investigation into the wrist-break accident by Milk Studios, who Lindsay Lohan is apparently blaming for having floors that were too slippery for her spindly legs to balance on. However, if we were Milk Studios we wouldn't immediately blame the floors for Lindsay Lohan slipping and breaking her wrist – there's always a chance that William H Macy finally got his wish and kicked Lindsay Lohan up the arse causing her to fall over and break her wrist, while Jane Fonda jumped up and down with glee

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