Lindsay Lohan Denies Boobs Embargo

Lindsay Lohan boobsNot wanting to appear on anything less than amicable terms with her breasts, actress Lindsay Lohan wants you to understand just how enamoured she is too.

Yapping to OK Magazine like an overanxious terrier, Lohan exclaimed:

"I like my breasts the size and shape they are naturally."

And if you still do not believe that Lindsay Lohan's boobs are real, she is going to tell you in another roundabout way:

"I am comfortable in my own skin."

Which is more than we can say about Disney, who reportedly zapped Lindsay Lohan's boobs down to pellets with a computer  for that awful film about the talking car.

So there you have it, Lindsay Lohan is comfortable in her own skin, whether skinny and blonde or a bit fat and redhead, Lindsay Lohan knows how to get the boys talking. By boys we of course mean men, and by talking we of course mean wanking.

Some people think Lindsay Lohan has an eating disorder too. May as well, we suppose, it is this year's drug addiction and fun-run beneficiary rolled into one, after all.

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[story by Chris Laverty] 


  1. Dwight says

    she enhanced her chest some time between 2003 and 2005.
    She lies about this just like she lies about everything. Assume when she opens her mouth either a lie or a pill will fall out – usually both.