Lil’ Kim Legitimately Named Her Daughter Royal Reign


A while back, we all found out that bad bitch turned crazy bitch, Lil’ Kim, was going to give birth to what she was claiming to be a baby with some broke ass, no name rapper, Mr. Papers. Well, she has finally given birth to said baby and while there is no news as to whether or not it was actually a Bratz doll, we do have it’s ridiculous name.

Like Jermaine Jackson before her, Lil’ Kim decided to give her daughter a name that was both royal and fucking insane. Drum roll please (yes, I know, the name is in the title), Lil’ Kim has named her daughter: Royal Reign. You can go ahead and expect that there will be an eye roll gif somewhere in this blog.

39-year-old Lil’ Kim popped around 10am Monday morning at a hospital in New Jersey. The baby was 6 pounds, 5 ounces, which I think is pretty normal sized for a baby? I don’t know much about that shit.

I can’t say I’m surprised that Kimmy named her daughter something so fucking ridiculous. I mean, for her baby shower she registered at Tiffany’s and asked fans to buy her baby rattles that were worth hundreds of dollars, so I’m pretty sure all the plastic she’s injected into her face has finally gotten into her brain.

No word on whether or not Mr. Papers was there when she gave birth, but I’m going to go ahead and say he approves of this dumb ass name. I mean, Mr. Papers is the type of rap name a 13-year-old would come up with. “You use papers to smoke weed. I’ll call myself Mr. Papers. Yeah, that’d badass, I’ll go with that!”

Remember back when Lil’ Kim was the baddest rap bitch in the game and looked like an actual human being? At least, she kind of did.

Now, all she’s up to is looking like a messed up LaToya Jackson, throwing shade at Nicki Minaj, and having babies with foolish ass names. Get your shit together girl, you’re talented, you’re the queen bee! Bring that shit back!